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Dutch bears

Hi this is Georgia and Atlanta we are having a great time but we will have a better time in Holland! The children from De rank school are coming tomorrow to visit us and we will visit them. We have links to the places we will be going. We will leave comments each day on the Netherlands 08 Blog ]>
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The Adventures of Rhett he Adventures of Rhett. Rhett is one of the wee otters we sent over to keep her company.

Have a look at what Rhett has been getting up to! ]>
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Otters Arrive

Mrs Fuller has sent us a photo of her new friend. A wee while ago we sent McClure Middle School a couple of otters. One is staying with Mrs Fuller, the other with Mrs Turner. They have called them Rhett and Scarlett, you can see Rhett in the photo with Mrs Fuller.

We have a couple of teddies at Sandaig from Mrs Fuller, Atlanta and Georgia, hopefully the teddies and otters can chat here on the blog.

Mr Johnston and Primary 6 S/J ]>
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Bears From the USA

Yesterday was our first day back with Mr Johnston he was in America. Here we are with two teddies from Mrs Fuller in the USA. He was in Georgia Atlanta he was in McClure Middle School. We had been writing allot of poems which Mr Johnston took over to America for the children to finish them off then Mr Johnston took them back here so that our class could write a wee bit more.
We are wrapping the world in poetry.
You can see some of our on line poems on the Solutions blog.

Dale and Brandon ]>
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Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta ]>
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Sightseeing Sunday

See The pictures ]>
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Carol's Students

The Woodruff Arts Center will be putting video of the whole event online where you will be able to get a better idea of how well the students performed. ]>
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Woodruff Salutes Carol Fuller

Yesterday I went with Carol to the award ceremony and had a great day. You can read more about Carol here and about the Woodruff arts Center. The day started meeting some of the students Carol had worked with, some who worked on the Dream Dragon, they very quickly rehearsed their presentation as Carol had decided to have children on stage rather than go with the traditional powerpoint. The Students worked quickly and with great concentration to polished their performance.
The four educators that were being honoured spoke in turn talking about their use of Arts in Education. We had a supersized view of noggle the Dream Dragon on Sandaigs Wall during carol's introduction. This was followed by a symposium where the recipients of the awards discussed the state of arts in education in Georgia. I didn't take notes but this quote from the Woodruff Center sums up the debate:
Studies show the significant impact of the arts on your students’ academic performance.
The same studies proving the value of the arts to grades and test scores also tell us that young people exposed to the arts in school are more self-disciplined, socially conscious, and empathetic and tolerant of others. Put simply, art-rich schools are not only more likely to create better students; they also have a greater chance of creating better people.

After the symposium there was a reception, a trip round the High Museum of Art Altanta, dinner and finally we went to the Atlanta Symphony.
Amazingly at dinner i was sitting with someone who had just been to Jordanhill for the Storyline conference and Toby whose post on twitter I had read! Small world.
I'll put more photos from the day on the site later on and perhaps some video of Carol's students performing. ]>
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Sounds of Atlanta
The Emperor's New Clothes a fragment of a drama rehersal.

Poem Written and Read by McClure Student

Poem started in Sandaig Continued in McClure and read in McClure.

The first two mp3 were recorded with the rest of the class listening, you could have heard a pin drop, I was really impressed by the way the students listened to their peers. The third was recorded while the rest of the class were writing on the round the world poems all around the room.

Hopefully I will have the combined efforts of the two schools out as a podcast sometime next week. maybe some video too. ]>
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A Great Day

I am Back at Mrs Fuller's house after a wonderful day at McClure Middle School. I spent the day in Mrs Fuller's Drams Classes and Mrs Tudor English classes.
I watched the drama students working on scenes from the Play 'The Emperor's New clothes'. I was really impressed with the way the students works and acted as audience for each other. I chatted with them about some of the similarities and differences between Scotland and the USA. Some of the Drama students took me to the English class were the students worked on more poetry, adding to the poems I brought over from Sandaig. We pinned the Sandaig poems onto the wall and the student got to work. The drama students improvised performances of the poem and the English students acted as an audience. I recorded quite a few of them to add to the audio recorded in Sandaig, so you will be able to hear them soon. I also took a pile of photos and some video to take back to Sandaig. ]>
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Tornado Drill

After some Sandaig children warning me about watching out for tornados. Imagine my surprise when there was a tornado drill in McClure today. I was Mrs Fuller's class in a Mobile Classroom (Like a Scottish School hut) so the children went into the main building and curled up in the corridors. Children in the main school classrooms stayed in their classrooms and went under their desks. I was very impressed by how orderly the children were and how quiet it was. ]>
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At School

I've just arrived here and managed to log onto the flahmeeting, I am waiting for Sandaig.
I didn't come on the bus;-)
You might like the dinning room:

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Flight & Arrival

Wow, what a lot of comments, thanks Sandaig.
I had a good flight and did indeed have a meal, I could not get a photo out of the plane as I was sitting at the wing. I watched movies, read and finally arrived in Atlanta.

Mrs Fuller and her son Patrick picked me up at the airport and took me to her house.

Tomorrow I am going to Sammy McClure Middle school to met the children there. I am really looking forward to it and I think I migh be able to find out a bit more about tornados.
By the time it is 9:00 am here it will be 2:00 in the afternoon in Scotland and you will be nearly finished school for the week. I hope I can talk to you tomorrow on Flash Meeting. I hope to get slightly more interesting photos than the one of my lunch. But it was dark by the time I got out of the airport tonight. ]>
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I am now in Gatwick, and have a couple more hours to wait for my flight. Sandaig Children should just have come into school and be starting work.
I am sitting here in a comfy seat and browsing the internet. In a minute I'll go and browse the shops.

work hard today Primary 6 SJ! ]>
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