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Flight & Arrival

08 02 08 - 02:35

Wow, what a lot of comments, thanks Sandaig.
I had a good flight and did indeed have a meal, I could not get a photo out of the plane as I was sitting at the wing. I watched movies, read and finally arrived in Atlanta.

Mrs Fuller and her son Patrick picked me up at the airport and took me to her house.

Tomorrow I am going to Sammy McClure Middle school to met the children there. I am really looking forward to it and I think I migh be able to find out a bit more about tornados.
By the time it is 9:00 am here it will be 2:00 in the afternoon in Scotland and you will be nearly finished school for the week. I hope I can talk to you tomorrow on Flash Meeting. I hope to get slightly more interesting photos than the one of my lunch. But it was dark by the time I got out of the airport tonight.
four comments

that look’s nice
lee mcf - 08 02 08 - 14:24

Hi Mr Johnston hope you enjoyed your meal it dosent look the nicest of meal’s but it was good that you had a safe flight please keep commenting.
David flood - 08 02 08 - 14:29

mr johnston not a very nice meal
megan - 08 02 08 - 14:30

hi mr johnston hope uyou had a good meal.
shannon - 08 02 08 - 14:31

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