France by Kayleigh

We received postcards from France. The capital city of France is Paris, France is famous for its: Food such as: Gourmet food, Wine and cheese, Snails, Frog Legs, croissants, éclairs, baguette and steak frites. France Is also famous for its landmark such as: Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, Le Louvre museum,  The Eiffel Tower, Château de Versailles and Arc de Triomphe. People in France also like playing sport the sports they play are: Football, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming and Cycling.  In France the Currency used is: Euros, The weather is France is different from Scotland the weather In France Is: In the northern half of the country rain is common, with the south generally receiving more sun. On balance, the French climate is one of the most temperate in Europe. The Miles from France to Scotland is: 2500 miles. Also Some Famous people lived or live in France such as: Claude Monet was a famous French painter, a founder of Impressionism, and a master of plain-air landscape painting.  People in France speak French and some people may speak English. The population is France is: 60,656,178 and the animals that live in France Is: Blue headed wag-tails, swallowtail Butterfly, and most of the same animals that live in most other places like cats and dogs.

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