This is a blog for children in Sandaig Primary School to write about the World Cup.
Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

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Links: Archive |EntryBrazil v Australia

Fifa Ranking
Brazil are rated by fifa 1st place.
The fifa ranking for Australia is 44th place.

On Sunday 18 June Brazil played Australia.
It was a great match but in the end Brazil won 2-0.
Australia played well but got beat.
The two scorers were Adriano and Fred.

Rhys and Brian

Links: Archive |EntryHenrik Larsson

Henrik Larsson is the best player of all time. He plays for Sweden in the World Cup. He plays for Barcelona Football Club. He use to play for Celtic Football Club until 2004. He went to Barcelona and he still plays for them the now.

Links: Archive |EntryLee's trophy

On Sunday 18 June Lee went to his football presentation it was fathers day and his mums birthday and he won a trophy that looks like the world cup and I am sure he is happy for winning a cup at this his football presentation.

By Lee (Shannon helped)

Links: Archive |Entryfacts about the world cup

Facts about players and games
The best player in the world is Ronaldiniho. He is worth eighty million pounds. he plays for Brazil. On Thursday England won two nill against Trinidad and Tobago. Peter Crouch scored first and then Steven Gerard scored the second goal it ended two nill.
Jens Lehmann
Been capped 30 times age 32 and heís a goalkeeper for Germany and Arsenal
Gianlugi Buffon
Been capped 58 times age 28 plays in goals for Italy and Juventus
Mark Schwarzer
Been capped 36 times plays in goals for Australia and Middlesborough
Been capped 58 times age 32 plays in goals for Brazil and Millan
Iker Cassilas
Been capped 57 times age 25 plays in goals for Spain and real Madrid
Dwight yorke
Been capped 52 times aged 34 plays upfront for Trinidad and Tobago
Henrik Larsson
Been capped 88 times age 34 plays upfront for Sweden and Barcelona
David Becham
Been capped 87 times age 31 plays midfield for England and Real Madrid
Athur Boruc
Been capped 15 times plays in goals for Poland and Celtic

Links: Archive |EntryTop Players

We found facts about three players from different teams in the world cup. The facts are about Ronaldinao, Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney.

speed 82% shooting 90% tricks: :96% value:£80million match rating100%
he lives in brazil he plays as a midfielder he is the best player in brazil.

Thierry Henry
Speed:91% shooting:95% tricks:94% value: £60 million match rating: 98%
He lives in France he plays up front for France and arsenal.

Wayne Rooney
Speed: 84% Shooting: 96% Tricks:89% Value: £50 million Match Rating: 96%
Wayne is number 9 for his squad (home team). He also plays for Man Unt.He is 21 years old.

Links: Archive |EntryRonaldinho Interview

Sandaig: So Ronaldinho how do you feel about beating Croatia?
Rnaldinho: happy you know Kaka scored a great goal for us, but it will be hard for us if we go through because the host Germany are doing great.
Sandaig: but you usually win every time youíve won five times all ready .
Ronaldinho: we do have good players but everybody has a chance in the world cup
Sandaig: Who do you think will win?
Ronaldinho: I think Brazil because we have players like Adriano, Kaka and our big strong defender Lucio.

Links: Archive |EntryCapitan Colin

Colin win the cup for England
Just kidding, Sandaig have signed Robinho, Ronaldihno and Adriano, and our manager is Sven Goran Eriksson.

Brad lee

Links: Archive |EntryBeckam vs two teams

Today England are playing Trinidad and Tobago at five pm.
Ecuador are playing Costa Rica, If Ecuador win Poland canít get through to the final stages but if Costa Rica win Poland are still in it.
Tomorrow we will have more details of the game

Links: Archive |Entryworld cup test

This is a wee test....