These are the sites I read in my feedreader, I just exported them all and converted the export to html.
The only feeds that are missing are the useful to me but no one else ones, comments on my flickr stream, links for me etc.

Here is the OPML file if you want a closer look. (2007-08-09)


Edu blogs

Primary School Blogs


  • Apple -Widgets Mac OS X downloads provided by Apple.
  • Daring Fireball Mac and web curmudgeonry/nerdery. By John Gruber.
  • Mac Geekery - Get your geek on. Mac Geekery is a community-developed site for moderate to advanced geekery with the Macintosh. Anyone can publish their tips for the world to see. Have one? Publish it. Have a question that would make a good tip? Ask it. Need technical support for your Mac? Post it.
  • macosxhints RSS feed
  • Macworld News, Reviews, Features and more from Macworld, The Mac Product Experts.
  • RSS For Posts All the great free mac software available for your Mac.
  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) (1) The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)



Web Tech

Wiki Forums etc