This is a blog for the Sandaig Primary School Snakes and Ladders project.
Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

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Links: Archive |EntrySnakes And Ladders The Video

During the Snakes and Ladders Project the children took hundreds of photos and shot a lot of video. They have now finished editing a the video of the project. Well done to James. Liam, Toni and Sam.

Links: Archive |EntryThe Final

Today was the big game of SNAKES AND LADDERS. We were all put in our house’s Arran, Bute, Mull and Skye. Who was winner we will tell you now could it be Mull or maybe Bute and the winner is …… Skye. Lewis won for Skye.
Everyone had a great time! There were loads of important visitors came to watch the live game of snakes and ladders. Dominic and his girlfriend came (Michael’s son).
There was 4 kids filming the event and some others taking pictures.
The board was 4 by 4 long. The snakes were made of balloons and newspaper. The balloons were the face and the newspaper was the body and the ladders were made of cardboard.
At the end we sang a song called Give it All You've Got then Dominic gave the 4 children cds.
Miss McArthur gave every child in the school a certificate for taken part in Snakes and Ladders activity and helping to identify our school values of:
Respect, Caring, Cooperation, Manners and Attitude.
Laauren and James

Links: Archive |EntryThe big thing

After we made SNAKES AND LADDERS board we did a big board which was 4m by 4m. We had four team houses Bute, Skye, Mull, Arran first we had a tournament until we had one person from each house and today was the big day for making some noise also on that day their was some visitors to see our game. Everyone has a good time and enjoyed the SNAKES AND LADDERS and hope to do a lot of activities. At the end of game there is only one winner and that was Skye and the player was Lewis. Hope you enjoy our SNAKES AND LADDERS thanks


Links: Archive |EntrySnakes and ladders story

Today Michael came in to tell us a story about weetom and tom and Uncle Dan made snakes and ladders boards.
Tomorrow people how are doing it are from the 4 different houses Mule, Skye, Butte and Aran. some people will be playing snakes and ladders in the hall.
The 4
By Rhys

Links: Archive |EntryReplay

Today we had a story from Micheal it was about snakes and ladders. First it was primary 5 to primary 7 then it was the younger ones It was like the last time only he put more detail in it. It was about weetom and Uncle Dan making a snakes and ladders board because they were bored. Everyone had a great time and can’t wait for Micheal to come back in and tell us an other story. Tomorrow is the big SNAKES AND LADDERS game in their houses Butte, Arran, Skye, Mull. Who will win?
Lauren and Amanda

Links: Archive |Entrystory teller

Today we had the story teller in and his name is Micheal. He was the one that gave us the idea on making our own snakes and ladders project he told us the snakes and ladders story again its really funny and we always enjoy his stories.Tommorow we will be doing a great big tournement of snakes and ladders it should be great fun and I cant wait till tommorow.

by Amy S

Links: Archive |EntryOur Story!

Today we had our storyteller in because we have been working on snakes and ladders boards. Our storyteller Michael was just reminding us about the story p5s and up were there. The story was about wee tom and his uncle Dan. They were to make a snakes and ladders board so we decided to as well and I think it was a very good idea! And I hope we can do it again.

By Carlie

Links: Archive |EntrySnakes and Ladders Week 1 roundup

I think everyone at Sandaig would agree that we had a great week with the Snakes and Ladders project. The children made and played with 100 snakes and ladders boards, working in cooperative cross stage and age groups.

I am especially pleased with the 6 primary seven bloggers, who took hundreds of photos and kept the Snakes and Ladders blog up-to-date over this week. The worked independently and did a great job. They also took a full part in the making and playing, in fact most of them were too busy avoiding being knocked out of the house competition to have time to blog this afternoon.

The project is not over, we will have a huge game of snakes and ladders later in the year. keep checking the Snakes and Ladders blog for news. After the holiday we will announce the winners of each house competition. I hope to add a lot more of the children's photos to the Snakes and Ladders Gallery in the next couple of days.

Links: Archive |Entrytourament/snakes and ladders

Today we are doing a snakes and ladders tourament in our team houses are Arran, Bute, Mull and Skye.
We are looking for one winner from each house to go to the big board in November. It is going very well from one to two I am very excited to see who are the winners of each houses.

Links: Archive |Entrywe need our values

Today we were doing our snakes and ladders project, here are some of the values we put on our board. There were positive ones and negative these were the reasons why you would go down a snake and up a ladder here are some examples.
You’re a great friend, you shared today, you gave a rude answer go down the snake. Hopefully people will start sharing and will behave
This project was to help people communicate together than and to help each other. This project should be a success.

Amy S

Links: Archive |EntryAll Done!

Today we contiued our snakes and ladders boards.We stayed in the same groups as yesterday. We took more photo`s much more, about 100 approx. I didn`t get to play my game when it was done because I was taking so much. The snakes and ladders boards took alot of time to make but finally got done. It was much harder this time because we were workin with younger children but we finally got around. So we all enjoyed it especially me so there you go ALL DONE!

Links: Archive |Entryworking together

Today were finishing off our snakes and ladders project hopefully this should bring the school together a bit more, this project involves the school working together as a big team, today is the last day of the project and the children have fairly enjoyed it as you can see from the pictures.
Every one is working as hard and faster than ever and the school is excited about their finished boards. Its coming to an end of the project and every one has really enjoyed it.

Links: Archive |EntryWhole school

Today the whole school started their snakes and ladders boards. The primary 6 and 7 children helped the younger children. We started to plan them, we had to think of 5 positive, also 5 negative and 4 special ones to move forward spaces or backwards. We also wrote the numbers 1-100. We were put in different groups and went to other classes. In the course of this week we will be making the boards. Everyone thought that it was fantastic and can’t wait to play them.
Lauren and Amanda

Links: Archive |EntryWhat's going on

After last week when the primary 7 and 6 made their board it is now the rest of the schools turn to make snakes and ladders boards.
Tomorrow primary 1 to 5 will be talking to Mrs Burke about values and then they are going to be working with the 7 and 6 experts to plan their board.
On Wednesday and Thursday they will make their boards and on Friday this school will make a large board of snakes and ladders for the school to play in the gym hall. We will keep you informed.
Lauren, James and Amanda

Links: Archive |EntryMy Board

Today my group finished their board.
We made value to go on are board and then stuck them on.
My group made some ladders going high.
The group I was in did the values in different shapes.
We enjoyed it.

Links: Archive |EntryMy Group's Board!

This is my groups board.My name is Carlie and my group was Calum, Joshua and Megan D.
We spent alot of time on it and it came out very good as you can see. There was other groups and we were all mixed with p6's. Yesterday we had untill after playtime and then we came back in from lunchtime and had till 1 oclock till 2 oclock and today we had the same time. I wanted a yellow board but my group wanted red especially Megan because she said its closer to pink! But the red came out just as good. After everybody finished they played there game but I had to go around and take pictures of people with there boards but I'm sure my group enjoyed playing the game we worked together at. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryFinishing touch

We have all being doing our snakes and ladders and all are nearly finished by the looks of it. Here is one that we did.
People said it was fantastic, fun and they enjoyed it.


Links: Archive |EntryFinished

That's our board finished now it was easy to make and lots of fun. We made 5 ladders and 5 snakes and other stuff.
Karen says: my group made pencil people and got to decorate them.
Hayley says they were very fun to make but a bit tricky because you get glue stuck all over your hands.
Everyone enjoyed making snakes and ladders boards.

Links: Archive |EntrySticking stuff on

We all started sticking on snakes and ladders after drawing and cutting them out. We had different types of materials to make the snakes and ladders out of paper or cardboard. Everyone is started doing the cutting and sticking out with numbers
snakes and ladders but we wrote some points about what we can in the school.

Links: Archive |EntryMaterials

On Wednesday p6M, p6S/J, p7T and p7S had discussion about Snakes and Ladders. Then we all split into groups of 4 two p6’s and two p 7’s we made a rough copy then started our boards.
We used art straws and tissue paper and card and paper.


Links: Archive |EntryPlanning the board

After talking Miss Burke we got into groups and went to different classrooms to start our snakes and ladders board. We did positive and negative things on the board with the teacher who had us. Our teacher gave us a planning sheet with squares on it like a snakes and ladders board to get an idea on how we were going to do it.
After we had planned our boards it was time to start on the real board. We had to write numbers from 1-100 before we could use materials. We started to make ladders and snakes.

Links: Archive |EntryMaking the boards

On Wednesday 5 of October p6 p7 got together and made a snakes and ladders board.
At first we had to think of 7 positive values and 7 negative ones.
After that we had to plan our board.
Finally we started to make the snakes and ladders board.
You got to chooce youre colour for the board.
People went to different classes and worked with different people.


Links: Archive |EntrySnakes n Ladders!!!

This morning Miss Burke spoke to us about our valuable possessions. The reason she brought it up is because p6M p6S + p7S p7T are working on a snakes and ladders board. The idea was to work together and to co-operate with other people from other classes.
So we mixed the classes in groups. We got given bright coloured boards, foam square plates, sequins etc. We all decided negative and positive values e.g you dropped litter move back 2 spaces. The big reason why we started the snakes and ladders is because Michael the storyteller was telling us a story about wee-tom making his own snakes and ladders so there you. Most of us enjoyed doing it!
The p7 's will be working with the rest of the school like p5,p4,p3 etc.
We all had a great TIME!
by Carlie

Links: Archive |EntryTesting...

Testing the Snakes and Ladders blog

Links: Archive |Entryweetom and the Snakes and Ladders Game

The ComicLife team did a great job this afternoon, they took photos of Michael telling us the story and then produced this Comic in less than an hour!

weetom snakes and ladders

We hope weetom is not too upset about the CAPITALs in his name, we did not find out how to do small letters in Comiclife.