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Katie &Erika (Rainforest Poem): Cool
Neha Ramsarup (Lee Spooky poem): thankx 4 your scary poems
Megan M. (Diamante Poem by:…): GREAT poem! I love the comparison of cats and dogs.…
Josh (Diamante Poem by:…): thanks for helping me
applesauce (Diamante Poem by:…): thanks for doing my homework!


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The Sandaig blogs have been running since 2004, it is now time to move to a newer system for the schools blogging. We have installed wordpress and are going to use that for most of the blogging at Sandaig from now on.

The new blog address is:
Where you will find the sort of posts you use to find on the old Sandaig otter's blog, the poetry blog, Sandaig TV and all the other blogs. The only exceptions are the Head Teacher's blog, which is staying right were it is: HT News and the Eco blog which will move to http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk/eco.
If you link to the Sandaig blogs you may like to update your links. The older blogs will stay here for reference but comments will be closed in the near future.

Links: Archive |EntryLauren and ryan 's ww2 cinquains

Air raid
Dynamite bomb
Ship is dead in Scotland
Children are dead in NewYork City
Good by

by Ryan

Boom bang!
Ding Lang!
Marching together!
Bombs are falling!
Air raids!

by Lauren

Links: Archive |EntryJohn and Edward's ww2 cinquains

Air raid
Bombing houses
Riding in the dark night
Scaring people in the black night
Bang boom

By John

Air Raids
Prepare for bombs
During world war two raids
Germans bomb through the dark dark night
Air raids

By Edward

Links: Archive |EntryJohn's WWII cinquain

Air raids
Anderson base
Anderson shelter bomb
We donít like people force you to
Bad bombs


Links: Archive |EntryNatasha's ww2 cinquain

Airrade, fearsome
People die, wonder why
Wee children scream out aloud

by Natasha

Links: Archive |EntryIain and Abbie's WWII cinquains

Big Planes
Bombard Begins
Children Screaming Every Where
Germans shouting Gunfire Ringing
Bang Bang


Air raids
Bombs are falling
Killing people, not nice
Killing people we love, canít bare


Links: Archive |EntryDaniel and Scott' ww2 cinquains

The blitz

Air raids
Bombs bashing down
To many bombs twirling down
Terrifying for little kidsAir raid
Bad bombs
By Scott
air raid
Bombs falling down

Evacuate kit


Links: Archive |EntryRyan and Lee's ww2 cinquains

Bomb bang
Kids screaming loud
Get in to the shelter
Planes fly across the great red sky
Bomb bang

Air raids
Sun rise
Walking down town
Then you here the bombing
Kids screaming in there home shelters
Boom bang
By Ryan

Links: Archive |EntryDale and hayley's WWII Cinquains

Air Raid
In the dark night
Can you hear the loud sound?
Run to the Anderson shelter
Bang bop

By Hayley



Links: Archive |EntryJack and Candis's WW2 Cinquains

Boom! , bang!
Kids scream in house
Planes fly in the night sky
Thousands of bombs crash on the ground
Air raids

By Jack

Air raids
Bombs crashing in
Wreaking your fancy house
Get in your Anderson shelter

By Candis

Links: Archive |EntryStephanie and Brandon's WWII cinquain

Boom bang!
Everything gone
I survived the bombs
I was scared and didnít sleep ever
Bang boom

By Brandon

The blitz
People dying
No stopping the Germans
Too many terrifying screams
Help us

By Stephanie

Links: Archive |EntryHolly and Cameron's ww2 Cinquains

Air Raids
Children crying
Not knowing what to do
Being prepared for anything
Be safe

By Holly

Bang bang
Plans flying help
Plans flying above us
Banging booming running help us

By Cameron

Links: Archive |EntryMegan and Andrew`s cinquains

Air raids

Swoosh! Bang!
Bombs falling down
Everything all black now
You canít see anything now
By Megan M

Bang boom
Bombs falling down
Flying in the dark night
Killing people in the dark night
Air raid

By Andrew

Links: Archive |EntryMy poem

I have a wish to have a pet
It lives with me not with a vet,
It never gets sick it is cool itís the monkey police officer and it rules.
It saves my life and plays with me and it keeps me very very happy.
It may kill someone when itís mad with me after the argument and we are back to friends weíll go shopping and thatís the END.

by kimberly

Links: Archive |EntryGiraffe poem

I wish I had a big giraffe to get my washing done,
First it would turn it on with its little feet,
Open the door with its big tail,
Grab the clothes as if it was a treat.
Then it would flip it up and slide them down his back
Shut the door then the water would attack.
He would open the door again and grab the clothes out of the washing machine
Then he would slide them down his back and stop them with his tail.
Then it would hang them up on a line as red as a laser beam.

Links: Archive |EntryMonkey cleaner

I wish I had an ugly monkey.
I would get my windows dashing.

Then the monkey is washing he windows and itís looking very smashing.

A bucket of water on his brown fury tail,
On his right hand a blue riband.

Then Iíll use my evil eyes to see faint mistakes Iíll really hope thereís none or else heíll not get his bun when heís done, or have so much fun!

By Shaun

Links: Archive |EntryI wish i had a kangaroo

I wish I had a kangaroo,
To take my bins down stairs.
So I can sit back and relax,
And maybe eat some pears.

It would use its tail,
to shut the door behind.
It would get fed whatever it wanted,
Just for being really kind.

Its pouch would carry the lot,
Iíd hide it from my mum and dad.
So then I wouldnít get caught,
and the wouldnít be very mad.

I could sit in itís pouch,
All day long.
Then at 5,
We can play ping pong.

At the end of the day,
when the work is done.
We can celebrate,
with a burger and bun.

Links: Archive |Entrygiraffe on your widows

The giraffe on your window

I wish I had a spotty giraffe to make my windows clean,

Tail to hold the bucket and a neck as long as a stream.

To reach the high and low windows o that giraffe is a dream.

That big long Tounge to get the dirt in the corner
O I really Adour her.

That giraffe I would never keep in a hutch
But sorry giraffe the door is on the latch.

By Declan

Links: Archive |EntryLemur Poem

Lemur poem

I wish I had a fancy lemur.
To get my messy room done.

It would make my bed with its tail.
Iím sure it would never fail.

With its tongue it would clean my TV.
Make it all shinny and gleaming.

Hang up my clothes with its paw. Then tidy my papers away.
It would be so very cute everyday.

Get my remote control and tidy it away any day.
With its third paw it could wash any dirt clean today.

And the hardest job of all goes to the fourth paw, making sure the lemur doesnít fall at all.

We would have so much fun together.
Maybe I would offer it an really nice iced bun.

By ZoŽ

Links: Archive |EntryTiger

Tiger poem
I wish I had a tiger, to tidy my room It would hold the brush with its tail,
And scare my sister out with the face of doom.
It would be cool, to hear it wail,
Give me rides around my house,
And creep around like a mouse!
By Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryDog poem


I wish Iíd had a Dog
Iíd get him to make my bed,
And he will Hoover my floor.
While I got fed.
I would get him to wash my window.
He folds my clothes and put them away,
Opens my curtains and blinds.
I would not give him away.
He will put the rubbish in the bin.
He will sparkle up my room.
He will clean out my wardrobe
And then I will give him a groom.
By Michael

Links: Archive |Entryelephant poem

I wish I had an elephant who would make my life more fun.

It would clean my dadís filthy car and scrub it all day long,
It might even do some more but hopefully itís done.

I am really glad to have him to do it all day long.

He even does the washing up, oh how he is so great.

I canít believe he does it in 1 tinsy wincey day.

And while he does all that he even dose roar.

He will hold my bags until I do my filthy dirty chores.

By kiera

Links: Archive |Entrymy wish to have an otter

My wish to have an otter!
Is to take it fishing with me!
Iíd call him Mr Potter!
But he doesnít live in the sea!
He could catch the fish, scratch them!
Even patch them up!
And when he falls asleep at night he looks like a little pup!

By Kami

Links: Archive |EntryOctopus poem - Gillian

I wish I had an octopus,
To get the garden done.
To help me do the weeding,
And make it much more fun.

To tidy up the garden,
Using all its powers.
Watering the plants,
And planting all new flowers.

When finished cleaning the garden,
And plenty of time to spare.
He could wash out side the windows,
Before resting on a chair.

Now his chores are finished,
He can put his slippers on.
Sit back and relax,
And admire his pretty lawn.

He then goes into run a bath,
Before he makes a bite.
He eats his food and has a drink,
And then he says ďGood NightĒ

By Gillian

Links: Archive |Entrycolour poem by Gillian

My Colour

My colour is sweet as a pony

My colour is juicy as ice

My colour is bright as a winterís eve

My colour is cold as frost bite

My colour tastes like fresh snow falling from heaven

My colour smells like fresh carnations

My colour sounds like doves singing in the night

My colour feels like a snowman standing in the garden

My colour looks like angel wings flying over head

My colour makes me sleep

My colour is white.

By Gillian P7J

Links: Archive |Entrycolour poem by Jamie

My colour

My colour is like blue berries on a hot day

My colour is the colour of the sky

My colour is the colour of some fish

My colour is blue

My colour tastes like juicy blue berries

My colour smells like the nice wavy blue waves

My colour sounds like beautiful blue waves

My colour feels like swimming in the blue sea

My colour sounds like the sea

My colour makes me happy

My colour is blue

By Jamie