This is a video weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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The Sandaig blogs have been running since 2004, it is now time to move to a newer system for the schools blogging. We have installed wordpress and are going to use that for most of the blogging at Sandaig from now on.

The new blog address is:
Where you will find the sort of posts you use to find on the old Sandaig otter's blog, the poetry blog, Sandaig TV and all the other blogs. The only exceptions are the Head Teacher's blog, which is staying right were it is: HT News and the Eco blog which will move to http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk/eco.
If you link to the Sandaig blogs you may like to update your links. The older blogs will stay here for reference but comments will be closed in the near future.

Links: Archive |EntryMend The Manger

Links: Archive |EntryGarden Lunes

Primary 6 sj have been writing lunes inspired by the Sandaig Garden. A lune is a simple form of poem with 3 words in the first line, 5 in the second and 3 in the last. We decorated the garden paving slabs with the poems, took photos, recorded our voices and made this movie.
Credits: Poems Primary 6sj
Audio Recording: Abbie
Video Editing mentoring: Brandon
Background music: David (garageband)
This is the first cut of the movie, we may make some changes if we have time next week.

Links: Archive |Entryhealthweek 2008

Links: Archive |EntryThe Gay Gordons

For the AllStars.


Links: Archive |EntryPrimary Six at the Bridge

Yesterday the primary sixes went to the Bridge. There they met the primary sixes from St. Stephen's primary and had a great time. I took quite a few photos and some wee videos with a digital camera. The children were too busy to take many photos but they took a few. This afternoon we made some comics about the trip and Kris, Robert, Courtney, Charlene, Jamie, Melissa, Nicole, Shaun and Stephen edited the video. This is it, make sure you watch to the end to see some great break dancing.

Hopefully there will some written reports post to Sandaig Otters and the Primary Six SJ blogs tomorrow.

Links: Archive |EntryArt Exibition

Filmed by Charlene, Caroline and Nicole, Edited by Amy, Jamie and Lauren.

Links: Archive |EntryRobots Movie

Filmed by Jamie and Edited by Jamie and Nicole.

Links: Archive |EntrySandaig Christmas

Four primary Seven pupils have been working hard in their spare time to finish this movie. The girls took photos and shot video footage of Christmas activity around the school. The photos were made into slideshows with commentary and video footage was edited in on iMovie.

Links: Archive |EntryFischy Music

In November last year we had a visit from Fischy Music.
Primary six and some of primary 5 helped the Fischy folk to teach lots of great songs to the whole school.
A team from primary 6 filmed the whole process and groups of primary six edited the video.

Thanks to Suzanne and Sandy for a great day!

Links: Archive |EntrySnakes And Ladders The Video

During the Snakes and Ladders Project the children took hundreds of photos and shot a lot of video. They have now finished editing a the video of the project. Well done to James. Liam, Toni and Sam.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 4 Assembly

On Friday 17 November Primary 4 presented their assembly to the rest of the school. They blogged about it just after that: Primary 4 Assembly .
A group of Primary Sevens filmed the whole thing and Mr Macfadyen edited the video, here it is:

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 7

Dream Dragon scene 7
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 6

Dream Dragon scene 6
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 5

Dream Dragon scene 5
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 4

Dream Dragon scene 4
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 3

Dream Dragon scene 3
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Movies Scene 2

Movies from the 2006 Dream Dragon project. Movies filmed by Primary Six.
click on the pictures to view the movies.

Dream Dragon scene 2
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryBridge Movies

For National Construction Week (NCW) 2005 Primary Six and Seven went to the Glasgow Science Centre to build a bridge. You can see some movies edited by the children by clicking on the images below.

Bridge Movie 1
click here to download

Bridge Movie 2
click here to download

Bridge Movie 3
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryChinese New Year

Back in 2005 to celebrate Chinese New Year on February 9th P3M made lion masks and learnt a special lion dance.

Chinese New Year

click here to download

P3N made a dragon costume for three people and practiced a dance accompanied by Chinese style music using drums and cymbals.
Both dances were performed at the whole school assembly that Miss Murdoch and Miss Neilson gave about traditional Chinese New Year celebrations and customs. Everyone enjoyed them immensely. Chinese people do lion dances at New Year because they believe it scares away any evil spirits or bad luck. This means they will have good luck for the coming year.
According to the Chinese calendar 2005 is the year of the rooster. Anyone born in this year is believed to be a pioneer in spirit. They are devoted to work and quest after knowledge.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The video was filmed and Edited by Emma, Lauren and Steven from Primary Six