05 Oct '06 - Flick Flacks

Yesterday some P6s were making flic flacs. We found out about Flic Flacs on the 5/6P AllStars blog We asked them how to make them and they told us on their blog .
Here is a movie of one of our Flic Flacs.

click here to download
Jodie, Melissa and Nicole


That certainly looks interesting. I wonder how it jumps so high?

Mrs campbell-Morgan - 05 October '06 - 17:16

WOW, your video of the flic-flac jumping is great! Did you have lots of fun with your flic-flacs? We tried your electricity activity and you tried our flic-flacs, how cool!

5/6PAllStars (URL) - 11 October '06 - 12:42

Hi! Yeah, playing with the Flic Flacs was really fun!!!It is cool that you tried our Electricity activity.Did the Electricity activity work?

Jodie - 11 October '06 - 14:22

Good video. Very expressive!!

Mrs Burke - 15 October '06 - 22:56

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