21 Sep '06 - Mr Johnston meets the Interactive Chatting Teddies

I met the Interactive Chatting Teddies at the Scottish learning festival!
See you on Wednesday primary six, have a great weekend.


What are interactive chatting teddies? Do we want one in our class? Can you bring one home for us?

primary 6SJ - 21 September '06 - 13:13

Izat you?

Steve Hooker (URL) - 21 September '06 - 13:59

Me and two pals, that I met online. These guys are two of the best bloggers in Scotland.

John - 21 September '06 - 14:07

hi that looks really interesting i want tot know more about the interactive chattey bears

charmaine - 27 September '06 - 12:44

Hi Charmaine,
Have a look at the Teddies blog The Teddies work with two schools infant classes doing lots of ICT.
It is one of my favourite blogs.

John Johnston (URL) - 27 September '06 - 17:49

do these chatty teddys go all over the world? because I would love to see them.

charmaine - 01 October '06 - 10:41

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