09 05 06 + 17 - 27 bio poem by Kimberley-Jayne


Funny, mad, fishing crazy, whatever in the brain.

Grandaughter of Helen, daughter of Jane and Steven,

Lover of hairdressing, playing with my dog and playing on my computer,

Who feels super when I do something good, happy when I bite my dads ear, angry with my dog (buddy)when he does something bad,

Who needs my dinner, my bed and fishing,

Who gives love, laughter and happiness,

Who fears spiders, hospitals and allergies,

Who would like to see China, France and America,

Who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, Europe, the World.


Dear Kimberley-Jayne,

Guess what? My middle name is Jane(note the difference in spelling). I really liked how you described what you feared because spiders give me the creeps as well. I hope you get to come to America one day.

Mrs. Fuller
carol fuller - 11 05 06 - 01:13

Hi Carol,
Thank you for your comment and thank you for telling me that your middle name is Jane. I have been to Disney Land in Florida and I am going there again next year in the summer holidays.
bye from Kimberley-Jayne
Kimberley-Jayne - 15 05 06 - 14:29

Hey it’s daniel from Muirfield School in Scotland and we love your poem hope you write more bye for now Muirfield school
Daniel - 01 06 06 - 12:23

Dear Kimberly-Jayne,

I got to go to Disney the first time ever in April of this year on a band, orchestra, chorus, school field trip. I am just a “big kid” who loved all of the wonderful rides. Do you know that where I live in Georgia is only 6 hours away by a bus. Two if you go down by plane. Today is our first day of summer holiday. I don’t have to go back to school until August 9th. One funny thing that happened at Disney is a duck flew into the arm of one of the teachers who was on the trip with us, fell stunned to the ground, was almost stepped on, then, picked itself up and flew back to the lake. Now, the teacher’s new nickname is “Duckie Doug.” That would be a fun poem to write about.

carol fuller - 01 06 06 - 20:11

Hi Carol,
That is a very funny story when I read it to my family they all thought it was really funny too. Hope you are enjoying your holidays we finish our school on the 27th of June and I am really looking foward to it.I am going to try and think about a funny poem for your story and I will post it on the weblog for you to see. Bye for now from Kimberley-Jayne. xx
Kimberley-Jayne Paul - 02 06 06 - 23:41

Hi Carol, I have thought of a bio poem for the teacher Duckie Doug here it is and I hope you like it:
Lover of fun and laughter,
Who feels happy,
Who needs protection from flying ducks,
Who gives support and friendship,
Who fears nothing,
Who had a duck fly into his arms,
Who lives in America,
Hope you are having a great holiday, bye for now, Kimberley-Jayne Paul xxx
Kimberley-Jayne - 06 06 06 - 19:38


This is absolute brilliant!! I am going to send this to “Duckie Doug” and he will LOVE it. Thank you so much. You are such a creative student and I am happy to know you. I will let you know what Doug says about your poem. I had a wonderful time over the weekend in our North Georgia Mountains. It rained, which I liked, the sun shone, which I liked. I went antique-ing. I almost bought an old enamel bread box from around World War II that someone had brought to the States from Westminster to sell. But, it cost around 100 pounds so, I really couldn’t afford it. Thanks, again for Doug’s poem.

carol fuller - 08 06 06 - 01:33

Hi Carol,
It’s Kimberley-Jayne, Thank you for your comment and I hope that Doug does like his poem. If it is not too much trouble could you please post some of the pictures of the mountains that you seen in a comment as it would be lovely too see them. I was telling my Gran about you almost buying an enamel bread box and how much it was going too cost and she said that in her time they only cost 1 shilling in old money (but I have no idea how much that is). Thank you again for your comment I really do appreciate them. Love from Kimberley-Jaynexxl-)
Kimberley-Jayne - 08 06 06 - 17:33

Dear Kimberley-Jayne,

Tell your Gran I wish they still cost a shilling. Tell her isn’t it interesting how people are looking for the old in what was once new. I am still seriously thinking about going back to Hiawasse and buying that bread box. To me, I love the connections to the past. I have a old bread board that I purchased at the same Antique store. I think about who was the family that used it? What was their lives like? What laughter was shared as the fresh homemade bread was cut on that board? O.K. here’s a thought…let’s write a poem together with me, you, and your, Gran. We can call it “The Bread Box.” I can write three lines, you can write three, and your Gran can add three. You can post it for us on the site, if it is all right with Mr. Johnston.
I am putting together a picture album to send to Mr. Johnston. It will include pics from my Mountain trip, a few Disney pics, and a pic of my family and our little dog, Sassy.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol (The Fairy Blogmother!!!) Thank you Mr. Johnston.
carol fuller - 11 06 06 - 15:23

Hi Carol, My Gran and I have been thinking about the poem and this is what we have come up with just now:
A long, long time ago
in times of trouble and strife
an old bread box stood.

In the corner of the kitchen
all the kids would run
to be the first to cut the fresh bread
and have a piece that was nice and warm.

Hope you like it and we look foward to you adding your part on. There is a song that we did at school once and it is an old song about bread, it is called the Jeely Piece song I will ask Mr Johnston if I can send it to you as it is really funny. Love Kimberley-Jayne.xxxx l-)
Kimberley-Jayne - 17 06 06 - 11:47

Here’s mine!

Now, through lost years and thousands of miles
The lid is lifted again, by a different hand.
Holding memories now, instead of bread.
Three unseen friends share a slice of words…all nice and warm!

Kimberley-Jayne, you and your Gran did a wonderful job with the beginning of our poem. I hope you like my verse as much as I love yours. Tell your Gran thanks for joining in and our poem makes me want to go back to the Mountains all the more to buy that bread box which I think I am really going to do this week. I know you are getting ready for your summer break. I hope you will have fun.

Carol Fuller - 18 06 06 - 21:40

Hi Carol,
I really like the way you ended the poem and I really like the bit that said three unseen friends share a slice of words all nice and warm. I think it is sweet. Thank you for sending the pictures to Mr Johnston for me. I think they are very beautiful and the ones in Disney brought loads of memories back. Thank you for the pictures and the end of the poem.
Kimberley-Jayne l-)
Kimberley-Jayne - 21 06 06 - 11:18

Dear Kimberley-Jayne,

You are so welcome. It was great fun writing with you and your Gran. Have a great holiday!

Keep in touch,
carol fuller - 21 06 06 - 15:56

Hello Kimberly,

I read your poem, “Duckie Doug”. Fantastic! I really like it a lot. I showed my family and when we go back to school I will show my students. I am with my family (my wife and 3 kids: Chloe (15), Nathan (10) and Sophia (7) on a trip to visit my brothers and sisters. They live in New Jersey and in Chicago but tonight we are staying in Cleveland, Ohio. We stopped in Washington, DC where I saw some ducks but they were behind a fence. They didn’t fly into me so I took a picture and sent it to my friend that was with me and the ducks at Disney World.

Have fun,

Duckie Doug
Doug Golden - 23 06 06 - 00:28

Hi Doug,
Thank you for your comment.It was really nice of you to take the time out of your holiday to do it. Guess what I am the same age as your son Nathan. Your trip sounds really exciting, I have only ever been to Florida but maybe one day I will get to visit all the other places in America as I think it is the most exciting place in the world. My friend Emily used to live in Jersey in England, but I think New Jersey would be loads better.I hope you and your family have a great holiday and please look out for any flying ducks (ha ha ). Best wishes to you all from Kimberley-Jayne(h)
Kimberley-Jayne - 23 06 06 - 21:56

Hello Kimberley-Jayne (and everyone else!)
Just a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed your poem and blogging conversation! I hope you keep a blog going when you get to Secondary school. Well done, and best wishes to you.
Neil Winton (URL) - 06 12 06 - 23:31

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