22 Aug '08 - Feelings

Primary Seven J have been thinking about adjectives and feelings this week. today they made a quick movie from still photos of them acting out some of the feelings. They used some of the adjectives in their bio poems too you can read some of the poems on the Sandaig Poets blog. We used music from the Sandaig Jukebox that one of the class made in GarageBand last session as the sound track.


Hello Sandaig,
We really enjoyed your amazing and interesting, video on feelings!
We also liked your bio poems they were really cool, funny and interesting. :mrgreen:
We hope that you enjoy blogging for the rest of the year. :lol:
Hope to keep in touch through out the year.

Bye, Kesaia & Lilly

Kesaia & Lilly (URL) - 27 August '08 - 05:36

Hello Sandaig,
Humans sure have evolved alot! We’ve made up so many emotions and feelings. It’s amazing to see how far humans have evolved!

Ramiz, Allstars

Ramiz (URL) - 01 September '08 - 05:58

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