26 11 07 Planet Health

We made a banner. The banner was called Planet Health. It had a planet with rockets flying towards it. The rockets told us about healthy things we could be doing.
We made the banner by painting the background and the planet and then we made the rockets out of card and sticky paper. The stars were made from glitter on the wet paint. Next we stuck the rockets to our banner. The letters were cut out of felt.
You can see the banner at the Bridge in Easterhouse. We hope you like it.


I think that our banner looks really good in this photograph. What do you think? We will need to look on the web and see if it has gone up in The Bridge.:-)
Mrs Moore - 27 11 07 - 11:28

I think your banner looks super! Well done P3 and Mrs Moore.
Mrs Howard - 05 12 07 - 15:46

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