04 03 05 + 17 - 15 Keepers

We have been writing some poems for the The Keepers Poetry Project there are too many for the main entry so....


I keep teddies.
I try to keep them in.
But my sister usually pulls them back out!

Megan M

I keep loads of secrets .
When my friends hear they fall out .
But we usually make up by the next day!

Megan M

I keep going to dancing.
My feet usually flop in.
Although they are supposed to be turned out!

Megan M

I keep the hairsprays.
I keep them in.
Then the spray jet runs out!


I keep fear.
I keep the joys out.
I let the unpleasantness seep in.


I keep my patience.
I keep my anger in.
But sometimes it runs out.


I keep the bag.
I keep the doll out.
Often goes skittering in!


I keep a bin.
I keep the rubbish in.
Everyday I empty it out.


I keep the horses.
I keep the horses in.
but sometimes I lead them out!

Meghan S

I keep a goldfish.
I keep the fish in.
Never should it jump out!


I keep the reflections,
I keep pretty and ugly in,
But I all was want to let them out.

Emma Barker

I keep a computer.
I keep the documents in.
Sometimes I open them out.


I keep an xbox.
I keep a game in.
Unless I want to swap them out.


I keep the peace.
I keep the bad men in.
Occasionally they barge out!


I keep water dragons.
I keep them in.
Sometimes they scuttle out!


I keep the fire,
I keep it sealed in,
Often it rushes out.


I keep a sticker.
I keep it in.
Never should it peel out!


I keep the dreams.
I keep the bad once in.
Often I let the the good once out!


I keep the keys.
I keep the prisoners in,
Almost none ever get out!!!!!!


I keep the space.
I keep the trespassers out,
They rarely sneak in!


I keep the rabbit.
I keep the fleas out.
Sometimes they crawl back in!


I keep football stickers.
I keep them in.
Then I take my doublers out!

Christopher J

I keep my attendance.
I keep me in.
occasionally I pop out!

Emma D

I keep the books.
I keep poems in.
Some times they must be sold out!


I keep warm.
I keep the cold out.
I close all the windows!


I keep the glass case.
I keep my glasses in.
often they come breaking out!


I keep the box.
I keep skates in.
but often they go skating back out!


I keep the car.
I keep the dust out.
Hopefully it doesn't creep back in!


I keep the jail.
I keep the criminals in.
Commonly they sneak back out!


I keep a locket.
I keep a picture in.
If you want to see it I will bring it out!


I keep a house.
I keep the burgallars out.
Never have they came in!


I keep my life.
I keep my soul in.
In years it will come out!


I keep the good dreams.
I keep them in.
Usually they skip out.

Christopher D

What great poems! I really enjoyed the range here. I noticed that Aleisha’s water dragons was the one I kept going back to. Well done to all!
Greg Morris - 16 03 05 - 16:12

I agree with Greg – a great collection. The one that sticks for me though was Lucy’s patience running out – I love that idea – puts strong image in my mind.
Why don’t you paste a different one every couple of days into the main page with the same invite to click on the banner for more?
I wish I’d had a blog when first asked to write the collection Keepers comes from – I could have just posted the idea and waited for everyone to give me brilliant poems back.
Congrats to all the writers.
Phil (original Keeper).
phil whitehead (URL) - 16 03 05 - 21:16

Having read your poetry on The Listeners, I knew that your Keepers would be excellent and I was not disappointed. Many thanks for all your work.
Peter Ford (URL) - 16 03 05 - 22:42

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