30 Jun '07 - Bubbles, Sandals and Shades

We ended the school year with our traditional bubbles and sandals and shades sing-a-long. Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday and wishing the primary sevens a fond farewell.
View can see the photos on the Bubbles and Songs gallery.

Have a great holiday!


Thanks for sharing your photos :)
It seems everyone enjoys celebrating the end of the school year in special ways. Lots of happy people in your photos. Take care and enjoy your holidays Sandaig!

AllStars (URL) - 02 July '07 - 14:14

Hello Sandaig, Was the last day fun?
How is Sandy?

Sahron from Allstars

Sharon (URL) - 03 August '07 - 01:55

Found your blog while browsing the web. Nice website. Keep up the good work.

Sam (URL) - 12 August '07 - 11:52

i loved the last day but it was so sad everybody was sad about leaving

kayleigh (ex pupil) - 14 August '07 - 20:31

Hi everyone, Just had a look at the pictures of my last day at Sandaig(boo hoo),it was alot of fun though. I am finding high school very tiring but great fun.I will come in and see you all soon.love Kimberley-Jayne.

Kimberley-Jayne Paul - 10 September '07 - 20:23

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