22 Nov '06 - Primary 4 Assembly

On Friday Primary 4 had an assembly. We were talking about Glasgow to the rest of the school.
Differnt people talked about different parts of Glasgow and different times.
We talked about St. Mungo who founded a church in Glasgow. That is how Glasgow started off. We talked about Glasgow's coat of arms, The tree that never grew, the fish that never swam, the bird that never flew and the bell that never rang, we sang a song about the coat of arms. We sang a song about the river clyde.
At the start we held up the letters to spell Glasgow. Later on we held up the famous Glasgow's miles better sign. We held up the names of famous Glasgow streets.
When we talked about the time when lots of ships were built in Glasgow. Two people held up a blue curtain and Rhys and Jamie held up ships to make it look like ships sailing on the sea.

Our teacher ,Mr Macfadyen, played the keyboard while we sang.
We really enjoyed doing the assembly the rest of the school gave us a big cheer.
Some of the primary seven's videoed or assembly. We might have some of the video on the school website.
Bobbi and Robert.


I went to school in Glasgow a long time ago and learned all about these things too. It’s great that this is still being taught now (although the ‘Glasgow’s miles better’ wasn’t around then ….. but what a fantastic ‘logo’ !!)

Mrs Vass (URL) - 22 November '06 - 23:42

I was born in Glasgow but went to school just outside the city, so I missed out on learning about the coat of arms. However, I was wondering if any of the class know what St Mungo was also known as.

Mr Noble, Hillside School - 23 November '06 - 22:46

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