This is the weblog for the Netherlands trip 2007 by Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

We are also going to try and record the trip from a phone: Sandaig's Netherlands Moblog


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I took this photo on the recent Holland trip. I've entered it in the Born to Shine Competition to try an win another phone.
All we need to is to get more comments on the Born to Shine Competition - blog entry than other photos. Don't comment here get over to the competition blog entry and leave a comment.

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Well I had a great trip.

Thanks to all of the parents and friends for the 180 comments posted to the blog in the last 6 days!

Apologies to one or two parents who had trouble posting a comment. Unfortunately we need to put fairly tough spam filters in place to keep unpleasant comments from being published, sometime some genuine comments get caught in the trap:(

The blogging was very haphazard, volunteers took tons of photos and wrote comments on the bus, I just selected a few of the photos to post to the galleries, We had to work quickly so the children's writing might have a typo or two and my photo selection may not be too representative.
Here are links to all the galleries so far:
De Rank School
and the photos from our Netherlands Moblog.

There maybe a few more to come and hopefully the children will publish some reactions next week.

Thanks to my colleagues who put up with my endless talking about wifi connections (or its lack) and thanks to the children for giving the teachers such a great trip I'll see them at school next week.

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Heading back up the road on the bus, finally got a connection to upload the children's notes for today:
Hi Everyone today we are going to the thyme park and then after that we are all starting to travel home. I thing we are all looking

forward to the thyme park. Bye from Kimberley.

Hi Mum, Dad, Gran , Buddy, Bell and Timothy

we are on the way to the thyme park as I am writing this. After we starting to travel home. I am looking fowerd to seeing you. Bye from Kimberley

Mum, Dad, Alexander, Smokey, Fluffy, Shannon, Gran, Pap, Auntie Jackie, Uncle Stuart, Zack, Skye and everyone else
hello yesterday we went to De Rank School and it was very fun we went on a quest round the area and went to a windmill did wind mill paintings played in their school and more.
De rank is a funny school because half is in one village and half is in another and they are so different. in the first school we gave our gifts to them and they gave us a wee gift then we got a quest and and then they gave us lunch.
After that we went to the second school and we got in to two groups half stayed at the school half went to a wind mill (we would swap later) then when you got to the windmill you would get split up into two groups because the windmill was quite small. if you where waiting to go into the wind mill you would paint a picture of a windmill. If you were still at school you would play a whole lot of games after all that that the other school gave us dinner chips and hot dogs(Alexander I think you would have loved it but I ate all my hotdog) after dinner we had to go and now I have to go because I am on my way to the theme park

bye bye love Kayleigh

Hi Everyone
I am missing you loads and can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Right now we are on our way to the theme park which will be great fun. After the theme park we will be travelling home to Glasgaw. We are on the bus overnight but we are only on boat for 50 minutes. Thank you for the comments you done for me. Hope everyone is ok and Max isn't looking for me to much. Hope he is not been on my bed sleeping. Love you all so much and will see you tomorrow
From Lauren xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Hi mum, Nana, Papa, Lisa, Lucy, and Buster
I missing you all very much I can,t wait to see you tomorrow has Buster been a good boy and has he been missing me because I have missed him very much. I will see you all tomorrow.
bye Rebecca xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mum,Dad,Mark, Gran, Granda, Kaya, Auntie Fiona, Uncle Paul
Today we are going to the theme park can't wait.
Missing you lots can't wait to come home its been really good can't wait to see you all. Wish you where here. I have had great fun, Yesterday we went to De Rank school that was great fun we meet a lot of people me and Chantelle were in group together it was really good fun can't wait to see you loves you lots love Alana.

hi Mum, Dad, David, Gran, Auntie Leeann, Uncle Steve and Wee Steve and the rest
hi everyone missing you loads and loads I could go on all day.
I can't wait till I get home tomorrow I've got every one a presents even Angie n Stacey, I had enough so I just got them something.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the school bring David. I am hoping you all like your presents phone and tell my Gran Trisha I miss her loads and that I can't wait to see her and i'll be down the day I come back or on sunday . Well im off to the theme park so I'll have fun see you all later Chantelle love you all loads Bye Byexx.

HI mum, dad and wee William
I am having loads of fun here ion Holland and we have been doing lots this week and we are now on our way to the theme park. I have bought quite a lot of presents and I have been missing you and William and dad I am I am looking forward to coming home and seeing you all.
On Wednesday we went to the Zoo and we saw lots of funny looking animals there then after that we went to Anne Frank house and we saw were she stayed and what she did when she was hiding. on Thursday we went to the schools Westzann and Assendelft I'm not to sure how to spell the names of the schools and we had some lunch and a B&Q with them and we had great fun.
Today Friday today I am sitting on the bus typing this to you and I am looking forward to going on all the rides.
I am looking forward to coming home and seeing you all again but I shall be sad to leave Holland and its theme park
LOL!! see you soon !! SAM!!!

Today we went to the THEME PARK it was BRILL and we went on the Rides it was COOL. I went on the water logs it was scary. I didn't get wet though. We won some prizes like teddies and toy cars. Hi Dad Mum Ian Megan missing u all see u tomorrow.

Thanks for the comment mum I'm missing you and Boab and Bailey I'm having great fun how are you. LOVE YOUS LOADS JAY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

here mum its me cya soon missing you x from nicole h. :p

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Guess who?

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Today we are visiting De Rank school, in the morning we were in Assendelf where we went on a quest around the local area following clues to solve a puzzle.
This afternoon we visited Westzann and went to a windmill and did some painting.
Pictures in the De Rank Gallery.

Links: Archive |EntryOn the bus Thursday Morning

Hello Everyone,
Today we are going to the two Dutch school's to give them our presents which is very exciting so today we will meet a new friend. Bye from Kimberley

Hi Mum, Dad, Gran, Buddy, Bell, Timothy

Today we are going to see all the Dutch children and we are going to give them our presents so I will meet a new friend. We will be with the Dutch children all day which will be great.
Bye from Kimberley xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi mum, Dad, Gary,
Yestrday we went to the zoo it was fun I have never seen a baby gorilla before. A viper jumped at me lucky it was behind glass. Gary I got you your top but it is not a football strip. Nemo was great Gary you were right I did get in a bubble. Keep the room tidy .Bye from scotty xxx.

Hi mum, gran, grandad, Lisa, Lucy and Buster

Yesterday we went to the zoo there was loads of animals like lions, tigers, monkeys, fish and giraffes. then we went to volendam I got some things I got my grandad four model boats and a lighthouse for u mum. Mum I am missing u so much and nana and buster. How is buster is he a pain in the bum. Say hello to everyone for me.
Bye from Rebecca xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi mum,dad, David, gran, Madison and Joey and the rest
Last night we went to bowling down the road from our hotel it was great in my team was me,Alana, Kayleigh, Natasha and David from the church we had lots of fun. All the teachers got all of us juice there was these lights that if you where wearing white you would glow up we stayed there for about 1 hour. Hi everyone back at school missing you Demi loads cant wait to see you from Chantelle.
Missing all of my family lots see you all soon. BBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE love cCantelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Wednesday, the zoo and Volendam
We had an outdoor day today and the first really good weather, not too hot, but dry and bright.
In the morning we visited Artis Zoo and in the afternoon we went to the Traditional Dutch village of Volendam.
As usual we took lots of photos: the Zoo and Volendam

Here are some notes that the children typed up on the bus:
Yesterday we were meant to go to the trampolines and the crazy golf but they were shut and we went to the beach and then it started to pour down. So we went back to the hotel and we went downstairs to play games it was fun. By Natasha

Hi Mum, Dad, Gran, Buddy, Bell and Timothy

How are you feeling I hope you are feeling well or even great. I am feeling great and the places we have be to are great as well so please do not worry about me. I am missing you loads and I can not wait to see you. Bye from Kimberley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Everyone
Today we are going to the zoo to see all the lovely animals then after that we are going to a small fishing village and the people who stay there are dressed in the traditional Duch clothing and we are going to stand on a dike and we will see why people say that Holland is bellow sea leave. Bye from Kimberley

Daniel: hi mum I am having fun we were at the zoo it is so much fun. we are going shopping I will buy you something. The weather is terrible it has been raining since we've got here, today is good it has not rained today. 2 days ago we went to AJAX Stadium I could not by ANYTHING I ran out of Money and I only had 6.25 I didnt have enough money. DAD who scored the goals for Clyde and EAST HULL. The boat was nice. I did by you a clog. I am in a room with Andrew.

hi mum and dad we went to the zoo this morning and now we're just coming back from a long shopping trip and when we get back to then hotel have dinner we're going bowling and some people can't wait check out the website and see me eating a piece of fish that Mr. Torrence took a photo of.
from james

hi Amy, mum,dad and Sam I am having so much fun in Holland I wish Amy and Sam were here because I know Amy and Sam will love it even though Amy's been here. I loved it when we went to Anne Frank's house and the nemo science centre. I loved the zoo today and the shopping and if you go on the website you will see me and Keiran. B in front of lemur's it's fun in Holland.
bye from Emily

Hi Mum,and dad and Flash. John Here,
today we went to the zoo it was fun and hot there was loads of animals such as lioness, ducks, bulls and lemers.
we saw bison and spiders. See you soon. HI everyone as I said Sandaig went to the zoo it was hot
and then we went to Volendam it was awesome so now we are going for 10 pin bowling see you soon!

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Unfortunately I've have managed to lose a few really nice audio reports we recorded over the last couple of days.
But I did manage to save Kieran's bit about Sunday, click the icon to listen to the mp3:

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Hi everybody yesterday we were at the ice zoo we had great fun the temperture was -10 degres we saw ice
animals eg penguins, gorrilas, poler bears and zebras. Everybody went down the slide on a slege.
The now we are going to Anne Frank's hide out all of us are doing a quiz except for me and Gemma it is quite hard. We will see you soon bye we are missing you lots Gemma & Toni.

Today we went to the science centre called Nemo. There was pulleys. Pulleys are things with seats and a bit of rope then you had to pull the rope and the seat moved up. There was giant bubbles and you could go inside them it was great. We also went up to the roof and bought ice-cream slush puppies and cola.
Hi mum Ian dad gran grampa and Megan I am having a great time I am missing all of you. cant wait to see you. love you Natasha xxx.

Hi Mum, Dad, Gran and all my pet's

We have went to Anna Frank hide out and it was great. I don't know how she could stay there for about 2 years and we seen her really diary. After that we went to the nemo since centre and that was great as well. I am missing you load's but I am have a great times at the same time.See you on Saturday at 8:00. Bye for now.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi mum,dad

Today we have been to Anne Frank's House we saw her first diary it was very intresting. The house included a picture of the queen Anne had stuck to her wall, the bookcase which hid the secret stairs. There are statues as well. Then we went to the science center it was fun and educational the exibits were nice, funny and educational. The whole bus is singing!
missing you lots bye James

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Links: Archive |EntryTuesday Amsterdam

Today we went to Amsterdam, visiting Anne Franks House in the Morning and the Nemo Science Centre in the afternoon. The day's photos are in the Tuesday's Gallery page. Hopefully most of the children are there. It is hard trying to sort out a few photos from the hundreds the children are snapping!

Some of the children typed some more notes and recorded some audio I hope to get that posted on Wednesday evening.

We are really enjoying hearing from our families back home, thanks for all the comments.

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Last night we finished off the day with a wee trip to the beach:

Photos on the Beach Gallery

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A busy day today, first we visited Holland in miniature, then when to the clog factory:

Before heading to Ajax:

And finally our hotel.

Here are a couple of notes from the children, typed on the bus:
We went to the clog makers.There was millions of clogs everywere.He made a pair of clogs and told us the wood had to be wet and that they would have to dry out for 2 weeks.After that we could go and buy clog things.It was really fun!(p.s SEE YOU ALL LATER )

by nicole

Today we went to the Aiax football stadium. We saw some photos of the Aiax football players. We saw some Trophies that the football team won. We got a tour of all the important rooms it was very intresting. We looked at the museum there was all diffrent pictures Trophies and loads more.
Hi mum and dad missing u xx. BY Natasha.

More photos on the Monday Gallery and the Netherlands mobile photos.

All having a great time!

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The children were really pleased to get the comments from yesterday, I'll read them the new ones in a while.
We had a chance to type up a few notes on the bus today:
Yesterday on the bus everybody was very excited and were very loud, we were all really wanted to go on the ferry we had films to watch to keep us entertained which was a good idea! We all stopped for something to eat and went back to travelling a little bit later we reached the ferry and it was like a hotel on water! Then we came to the cabin, I chose to share a room with Shannon, Jennifer, Ashleigh and me! After we got settled we went down stairs and it was a girls paradise there was nothing but perfume and jewellery! I bought a lovely gift for my little sister Bobbi, but I'm not going to say what I got because she might be reading this! And I got a lovely gift a lovely little teddy dog! but before we went shopping we had a buffet which was ok! So there you have it! now bibi!


Yesterday most primary 7's went to Holland,we got a big coach that says Scotland on it. it was quite sad having to say goodbye but we knew we would have fun later on. We it was time to go on the bus our suitcases got taking away and we could only take our overnight bag with us. Our overnight bag which had clothes for tomorrow, toiletries, pack lunch money, and whatever we where told we may need. So we where on our way to ferry on the bus we where looking out and got told facts which will be in a quiz. We stopped off at 2 places first of all for a snack. We stopped off at Gretna Green and we found out that people used to run away and get married in the blacksmiths shop (we saw the outside of it)then we stopped of at a service station for our lunch.
At last we got to the ferry, when we finaly got on it was strange I thought you would feel the boat move but you don't so we went up to our room and fixed our things then we went to dinner it was realy nice. We now went shopping and bought loads. We then went to our room put our stuff away then we went out onto the deck. it was nice but I personaly didn't like looking on to the sea so I sat in it was about half nine but we found out that holand a 1 hour in front of us so it was realy half 10.
After the deck we got up to our room at quarter to 11(holand time) we got half an hour to an hour to stay up and in that time we had to fix our beds and things,but now we are off the ferry and we are going to Ajax stadium so see you later


Its brad here and I'm doing fine just listeing to the Re-Up and I'm just about to go to Ajax stadium.

brad w

Yesterday was the 6th of may thats the day we started traveling to hull to get the ferry but before that we stopped in Gretrna Green we had our snack and we also stopped later but I don't know where it was. When we got to Hull we got sorted on the ferry and went for dinner for my starter I got minestrone soup for my main meal I had basmati rice with mushroom balti and chips then we went to the shops and then we went outside then we went to bed our cabin was very noisy because we were very hyper to and I'm to bye bye tally fine mum

Amy S.

Hi Mum, Dad, Gran, Buddy, Bell and Timothy

I love you all and I am missing you loads but at the same time I am having a good time. See you all soon.

love from Kimberley xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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We got off to a great start, I've just uploaded some photos to Sunday Photos and the children are settling down for the night.

We have also been posting photos to the Netherlands mobile photos during the day.

Posted from the Ship via our mobile!

Links: Archive |EntrySandaig to The Netherlands 2007

The time for the trip to Holland is getting closer. On the previous trip we posted pictures and text from holland on a day-to-day basis on the Netherlands 2005 weblog. Allowing parents and friends to follow our progress and leave comments for the children.
We hope to do the same this year, but it may be a little more difficult as the hotel we are staying in does not have an internet connection. We will try to work round this by grabbing wifi when we can and posting from De Rank Primary when we visit them.

If we do manage to post regularly I am sure the children would be very please to get some comments back from their parents and friends. It is easy to comment, just click on the link that says No comments or one comment (or however many comments) and type in a comment. You do not need to leave your email or url unless you want to. You need to make sure you answer the silly question Where do fish swim, in the sea or sky, one word answer, which prevents robots leaving adverts.

I am not completely sure of the plans for the trip but last time we went to many exciting places, here are some links to whet your appetite:
Madurodam Holland in miniture.
Ratterman the clogmaker
Ajax Stadium
De Rank Primary
Anne Frank House
Nemo Science Museum
Artis Zoo
Efteling Theme Park
you can also get a flavour of the trip from the Netherlands 2005 blog and the Photos that were uploaded from our Holland 2005 Trip

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One, two three....