This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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The link dump will contain links for Sandaig Children.

TeachMeet Animation - Ross High Made by teachers, can children do better?
Otter Webcam
Otter Webcam from IOSF - International Otter Survival Fund
The K'NEX Computer
The K'NEX Computer
Hapland an amusing game with some blood!
Play and Design Game on Gridclub
Plupon Cool game try to click on balls to add to 10 or 20. Nice visual effects.
PlanetArkive Animal Facts
The Highwayman
TeachersFirst: The Highwayman
Another snowflake
Make-a-Flake - A snowflake maker by Barkley Evergreen & Partners Interactive
Snowflake Designer
Snowflake Designer - 6 Sides (Advanced Options) !
Daily life in the industrial revolution
Daily life in the industrial revolution
fairtrade chocolate
fairtrade chocolate video by Dingwall primary in the Highlands. Primary 6m should be interested in this.


More links soon...


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Links: Archive |EntryMoving Blogs

The Sandaig blogs have been running since 2004, it is now time to move to a newer system for the schools blogging. We have installed wordpress and are going to use that for most of the blogging at Sandaig from now on.

The new blog address is:
Where you will find the sort of posts you use to find on the old Sandaig otter's blog, the poetry blog, Sandaig TV and all the other blogs. The only exceptions are the Head Teacher's blog, which is staying right were it is: HT News and the Eco blog which will move to http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk/eco.
If you link to the Sandaig blogs you may like to update your links. The older blogs will stay here for reference but comments will be closed in the near future.

Links: Archive |EntryEnd of year Bubbles

Every year we have a summer sing along at Sandaig.

It is also a chance for P7 to get their t-shirts signed.

The best bit is the bubbles at Sandaig. It's a fab way to end the year.

Happy holidays everyone and see you next year for some more blogs...

Links: Archive |Entryscottish parlament

p6 enjoyed a fun visit to the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 25th June.
They were taken on a tour of the gorgeous building and met some interesting people including Jack McConnell, a past First Minister .

Links: Archive |EntryGerm Watch - Food Safety Week

This is a picture of one of our pupils receiving his award for A Food Safety competition. He had to design a Bacterial Bug.

Links: Archive |EntryPersonal Project


P5 have been doing personal projects for the end of the year. Someone made an exploding volcano. Watch the video to see it explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......


Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 1 assembly on Active Learning.

Watch Primary 1s assembly on Active learning!

Links: Archive |EntryP2w and 2/1 at the outdoor gym!

Primary 2w and 2/1 went to Barlanark's outdoor gym for P.E today! Watch the video of the fun.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 3, 4/3 assembly

Watch Primary 3, and 4/3s assembly on 'The Pied Piper'.

Links: Archive |EntryBuddies

We are working on the laptops together. P7 work with there buddies in p1 every Friday.

by p6

Links: Archive |EntryPlants

We now have a green house in our garden and we have been watering the plants and they are doing well.
It is hard working because of all this heat.
We have to keep a close eye on them because the soil is getting dry.
Look out for more updates

By Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryTrees in the garden

Links: Archive |EntryDigging Hard!

T J digging and working hard.

Working hard!

Links: Archive |EntryPlanting Seedlings

We are working hard planting the seedlings.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Committee 2008-09

Here is the new Eco Committee 2008-09

Links: Archive |EntryThe Garden

The whole school have been doing work in the garden and has made a great improvement. We have been planting seeds, herbs, digging the grass and so far its looking great!
Check for updates soon.

By Amy Beth

Links: Archive |EntryMary's meals

The back pack journey begins!

Links: Archive |EntryBack pack appeal!

Sandaig have been making up back packs to send to Mary's Meals back pack appeal in Malawi.
Look at the link below to see why Sandaig wanted to help.
More photos and video coming soon.

Links: Archive |EntryBroomlee day 3 and 4

Hi Sandaig,

Again we've had a brilliant day. Mrs Smith tired out the archery and Mr Mckean climbed to the top of the pole climb. We thought we'd leave you some comments from us. You can also check out our lastest pics here. See you all soon.

Today we did pole climbing, and we all reached the target we set for our self.

We also did archery we had drawn pictures of teachers faces and hade to pop them all

We did something called Mohawk walk we had to go across a wire with lots of obstacles. If 1 person fell of we all had to start again.

We also did the flying fox, it was 25 ft high and you had to jump off it. When you were going down you had to shout something silly.

Today we went on the pole climb and it was very scary but we all met our target and it was very high.

This morning we did something called the tree climb. We had to climb a tall tree and reach the bell.

Today Tijssenís group went on a water fight we had to put yellow waterproof jackets and we needed cones and u had to put water in the cups and put on a blind fold and pick up cups with water in them and throw them at people and hit them and it was very very good.
Leigh and Megan