A poety blog from Primary Six.
Poems written during a writing week in June 2005

Elephant photo by Mark Schweizer from Stock.XCHNG

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A poety blog from the children in Sandaig Primary.


01 Jun - 30 Jun 2005


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+ 50 - 32 | § The Elephant - Lucy

Elephant the sheer size of you;
Your body loose and round.
Able to protect your territory,
Able to stand your ground.

Your trunk old and wrinkled;
Either a vertical drop or climb.
Is a shedded snakeskin,
Spurting water all the time.


+ 50 - 35 | § The Elephant Cry - Megan

Great grey animal
Roaming through Africa
Looking for somewhere new

Your skin an elastic band
Wrapped around a shrinking grape
Your tusks a white witches curling nails
Your ears a flapping grey cape (more)

+ 36 - 48 | § The elephant - Mark

The tusks are as
sharp as a sword and
as thick as a table leg.

Stamp stamp stamp
comes the elephant
down the street.


+ 39 - 44 | § The Elephant -Darren

Floppy ears;
Flapping like a wing,
Ready to fan.

Huge grey elephant
wandering in the


+ 52 - 30 | § Elephant Song - Jordan

Your floppy veiny ears as hot as coal,
to cool him down .

I saw you in Africa
killing the trees


+ 55 - 40 | § THE ELEPHANT SONG- Christopher

Behind the loudness of your cry,
Elephant, I saw you running.
Elephant running for your life,
From those poachers far away.


+ 44 - 32 | § Elephants - Charmaine

Elephant elephant with its trunk,
Elephant elephant with its tusks,
Elephant elephant with its tail.

His skin is all wrinkly,
His skin is like a scruched up like a bit of paper,
His skin is overlaping and old.


+ 50 - 41 | § The elephant - Jack

The elephants trunk is long,
And used like a hand,
Shaped like a slinky.

Elephant, elephant, elephant,
Marching down the road
Elephant, elephant, elephant,
Waiting on his load.


+ 47 - 33 | § The song of the elephant - Emma D

A trunk:
like a slinky,
ready to spray him.

Huge mountain in the green,
Elephant I heard you calling.


+ 40 - 43 | § Song of the Elephant - Stephanie

In the heat of the day,
An elephant tries to cool.

Its trunk which is as long as a tree,
And crinkled up like an old paper bag.


+ 48 - 45 | § the elephants appearance - Ryan

Skin as loose as hair
Skin tough as bear
Skin wrinkled as dead skin.

Tusks as sharp as pins
Tusks long as metre sticks.


+ 45 - 41 | § Elephant - Amy

Elephant look at your skin,
It is like an old paper bag.

Trunk like a snake sliding
Up to the sky to warn others
That hunters have come,



+ 37 - 46 | § Elephant - Lisa


His trunk is as long,
As a slimy snake.
And it is ready to spray.

Down the hill.
Makes him chill.

His tusks are as
White as milk,
And as sharp
As a, sharks tooth.

Down the hill.
Makes him chill.

His head is as big as
A football, and as wrinkled
like a creased jumper.

Down the hill.
Makes him chill.

His skin is as
Brown as a sewers,
And as wrinkled like
A creased jumper.


+ 47 - 42 | § elephant - Martin


Elephant with your beady eyes and your big ears you look nice big eared elephant you look cool.

Elephant with your big feet you could crush a bush.


+ 48 - 41 | § Elapearence - David

Its size is.
As big as a jet.
Like a huge monster!

It will jump into the pool.
make it happy make it cool.


+ 49 - 40 | § elephant - THOMAS

Your pure white tusks,
Shine in the night,
What a sight.

Stomping stomping stomping
Stamping stamping stamping


+ 45 - 39 | § The elephant song - Chantelle

Your floppy veiny ears.
Flopping around as hot as coal in a coal fire.

Elephant I saw you in Africa, eating hay with your slinky trunk.
Your trunk as long as 20 trees with a breeze. (more)

+ 53 - 42 | § The Elephant Song - Emma B

In you plain of green,
I see you strolling.
Your trunk facing the sky,
Warning beware.

In your kingdom Savannah
I heard you calling
And warning.


+ 42 - 60 | § ELEPHANT - Kieran

A trunk like a trumpet that rolls up
Like a snail.
Like a running tap.

The sound of a trumpet
Blowing in
The day
I see an elephant running away.


+ 44 - 47 | § The elephant song - Meghan s

Elephant I saw you charging where you lived before.

When I saw your eyes they shined like stars in your eyes.