A blog following the Dragon's Dream Project.

The project started with the Keepers poem for National Poetry Day October 2005 written at Sandaig, this was blogged about by Ewan here where Carol from South Cobb in the USA picked it up and ran with it.


Dragon image by Robin Hutton used under the Creative Commons license 2.0

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Links: Archive |EntryNoggle the Dream Dragon Display

noggle on the wall

With the help of Mrs Stewart and her industrial staple gun, we have made a display telling the whole Sandaig Keepers to Dream Dragon story.
You can see a more detailed picture over at Class Displays: Noggle the Dream Dragon (the picture zooms and is draggable in a google maps type of way.

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Movies Scenes 2 to 7

Well, we finally have acted out some of the Dream Dragon Script.
The production is pretty lo-fi, no costumes or scenery, only a few props. Focusing on the performances and how to stage it. The children are shooting the video taking turns at being cameraperson, director and gofor.
They came up with some pretty imaginative suggestions for how to frame and stage scenes. I've uploaded a quicktime movies of scenes 2 to 7 to the internet archive. I hope we will get a chance to record the other scenes next week, but as the end of term nears time is short.
dream dragon still
Scene 2(4.5 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 3(3.0 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 4 (1.9 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 5 (1.8 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 6(3.0 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 7 part 1 (1.0 MB)

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 2

We have filmed the first six scenes of the Dream Dragon at Sandaig.
I've uploaded a quickTime movie of Scene 2 to the Internet Archive:
Dream Dragon Scene 2 4.9MB

I hope to publish more movies over the weekend or next week.

Links: Archive |EntryThe dream dragon play

Today we have been filming the play of the dream dragon. We have about 10 scenes in the play. We have been filming scene by scene. We have been practicing our lines and doing the actions and movements, them we have would have a practise and after the practise we would film it. We got the scrip and the equipment from Carol Fuller in America. We also got the script from Carol Fuller. We are looking forward to acting out our scenes. We hope to be finishing the play by this Friday.

by Jennifer and Amy

Links: Archive |EntryNoggle The Dream Dragon Progress Report

Mr Johnston our primary six teacher has recently got two boxes over from America. Primary six pupils are doing a play on The Dream Dragon. Everyone was very excited to see what was in the boxes.


Links: Archive |EntryNoggle Arrives

At the end of today we had a parcel delivered. noggle has arrived. Notime to blog about it but we were very excited.

Many thanks to Carol for putting this fantastic box together...
...have a look at what is inside... (more)

Links: Archive |EntryWe have a Script

This arrived in the mail today:

dream dragon script icon

Great, rehearsals will start this week!

Links: Archive |EntryDragon on its way

Carol wrote at the end of December:
We have Noggle in his shipping box along with the weaving wall and the puzzle pieces. I am finishing up the packing of the rest of the puppets, but not before I do one last photo of all of them. We have grown quite fond of them actually!

The tape is ready(rough cut). We ran out of time and couldn't get it edited with the music etc. I hope you and your students enjoy seeing "The making of The Dream Dragon" sorta movie.

You know how it is at the end of the term, it seems everything happens at once. We finish up our first term on thursday.

Gwen's students wrote around 54 Keeper's Poems. We are sending some of those to you. We have a project that your students can do as well with their poems using a castle. I am sending the materials along for them to do as an enrichment. I also want to include a poetry workshop unit which is different projects your students can do-- from bottle poetry to teaching Haikus using a maze.

I may have to hire a UPS plane, I want to share so much.

I probably won't mail until after the Christmas rush. I will let you know of course and I can give you some kind of arrival date.

I wish all of you a joyous holiday.

Well I am enjoying my break, but this make me keen to get back to work!

Links: Archive |EntryNoggle

noggle and ms fuller

Carol Writes
Noggle, The Dream Dragon came to life today. He is a wonderful hand puppet with a working mouth(teeth included), a bright red(fiery) tongue, and shimmery skin! The students have been so busy with their puppets, script, etc...that I decided to create him myself. I really hope your students like him as much as our students did when they saw him. We did the final shoot of the scenes. Most of our students are involved with End of Course Testing, so on Friday, we will shoot the last town centre scene where all the children find out what the puzzle pieces spell out that Noggle left behind when he "collected" their dream poetry.

Unfortunately, we had to workshop the scenes individually, because of so many of our students being absent. With the cold weather setting in here in the South, sore throats become really rampant. Hopefully, when we edit, there will be good transitions from scene to scene. I also decided to keep everything simple as far as sets, lights, because of not knowing your facilities. Of course, if your children perform the play, you can embellish and sparkle it up.

The script you will get is going to be slightly different from the workshopped scenes. I tied all of the scenes together with the Narrator's lines to keep the story moving forward and flowing smoothly. You will hear somewhat different lines on the tape as to what is on the script.

So, we are coming to the end of a wonderful endeavor. Our students have learned, shared, and found new friends with each other as a result of The Keepers Poetry. They are excited and feel such a sense of pride in sending THE DREAM DRAGON to your students. Hopefully, Noggle will be able to inspire future poets at Sandaig. Our students will never forget him...nor will Gwen and I.

Links: Archive |EntryUpdate

Carol writes:
The script is finished and ready to be printed for the actors to dress rehearse with on Tuesday which we will film to continue to show the project's progress from day one.

All the puppets are complete and the students did a run-through on Friday(Dec. 2) to see how to incorporate them into their scenes. So cute.

On Wednesday, we are going to film the play with lights, sound effects and fog! Then, we will package everything and off it will come to you and your children.

Wonderful, we are really looking forward to opening the package.

Links: Archive |EntryDragon Update from USA

Carol writes:
The puppets are near completion. You and your children will be amazed at the the wide assortment of what each keepers poetry group have created. Some of the puppets are animals, there's a soccer(football), a hair blow dryer, and so much more. Our students have used everything from paper plates to fabric to foam-rubber with colors galore.

The majority of the puppets are hand-held to make it easier for your children to use in the play. Gwen and I decided to let them create the number of puppets they would need to perform their scenes. So, some scenes may have only one puppet and others may have three. This is where the importance of allowing ownership of a project comes in. It helps to truly engage each one and brings a sense of total accomplishment to the project.

The script is almost complete as well. There are three scenes left to tie in to the whole.

Noggle, The Dream Dragon is going to be brought to life this weekend. He is a lovely green sparkly color.

Links: Archive |EntryProgress at Cobb

Carol Writes:
Gwen Sewell"s English students and now, my drama students are both involved in the playwriting process and are collaborating like you wouldn't believe in making the scenes come alive. Yesterday was the completion of the rough drafts and today, Gwen and I had them do some more polishing and they performed the scenes for each other. We will spend Friday in more rewrites and after our Thanksgiving break, we will be make the puppets, including Noggle, the Dream Dragon. We also have on board, Jennifer Bone, who is our Media Specialist Head. When I told her about the project, she got truly excited and is going to be our Puppet Master. "the ripples in the water from one pebble..."

We have also enlisted the English students to become actors, so you will see all of our students in the play. Many of the English students are amazed at discovering their new acting talents. They are so learning from each other.

What we see our students learning has exceeded our expectations and they are beginning to understand what I told them at the beginning about how they can quietly touch the world and get touched back.