This is the weblog of the the younger children in Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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The Sandaig blogs have been running since 2004, it is now time to move to a newer system for the schools blogging. We have installed wordpress and are going to use that for most of the blogging at Sandaig from now on.

The new blog address is:
Where you will find the sort of posts you use to find on the old Sandaig otter's blog, the poetry blog, Sandaig TV and all the other blogs. The only exceptions are the Head Teacher's blog, which is staying right were it is: HT News and the Eco blog which will move to http://www.sandaigprimary.co.uk/eco.
If you link to the Sandaig blogs you may like to update your links. The older blogs will stay here for reference but comments will be closed in the near future.

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Links: Archive |EntryFaries in Danger

Primary One have been visiting the Enchanted Forest.
We helped Brambleberry to save the faries and hedgehogs.
This video is about the terrible storm in the Enchanted Forest.
Look out for more news on the enchanted Forest soon.

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Links: Archive |EntryPlanet Health

We made a banner. The banner was called Planet Health. It had a planet with rockets flying towards it. The rockets told us about healthy things we could be doing.
We made the banner by painting the background and the planet and then we made the rockets out of card and sticky paper. The stars were made from glitter on the wet paint. Next we stuck the rockets to our banner. The letters were cut out of felt.
You can see the banner at the Bridge in Easterhouse. We hope you like it.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 3 Halloween

At Halloween we had a party. At the party we dressed up. There was a cat, a robot, scream, a bat, batman, two wearwolves, a vampire and lots more.
WE went to the gym to show our costumes. We played some games, we had to dance and go to a corner when the music stopped. This is called spooky corners. We dooked for apples. We played music hats were you have to site on a hat when the music stops.
After the games we went into the class and got something to eat. We all had a spooky wookie time!

Links: Archive |EntryWe've got a problem.

Primary 3 made wheelie bins for their families on Hilltree Street. Then we filled them up with all the rubbish that our families made. The wheelie bins are full.
Now we've got a problem. Our families on the street got letters from the council saying that if their wheelie bins are full then we will be charged 100. We are trying to think what we are going to do so that the wheelie bins are not so full.
Can you help us?

Links: Archive |EntryHilltree Street

We have been busy on Hilltree Street! Autumn has arrived and we have some lovely Autumn trees beside our houses.
Our families have also been busy filling up the wheelie bins with lots of rubbish.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary Three Families

Primary three made some characters. First we drew the people, then we thought about their names, age and what they liked. We made houses we used paper, crayons, glue sticks and scissors.
We made a road for the houses to go on.
We have been talking about how much rubbish the people have put in the bins.
We want to keep the street nice and clean.
Come back soon and find out what happens to our street.

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Testing, testing