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Links: Archive |Entrymy baby cousin Rhys

Heís so small heís so cute
Heís so soft and very delicate.
If you go to his house you
Better watch out or else.
He might bite. If you
Donít annoy him heíll cuddle you instead.
When he cuddles youíll feel his head.
Youíll love how it feels very smooth but when you hold him make sure you donít
Drop him.

Links: Archive |EntryMy Baby Brother by Mikey

Heí s in the house and wearing his new shoes.On my arms is baby and when he wriggles I
wobble. My mum takes him off me because he needs his dinner .After his dinner my mum said that I could hold him.At night I give him a cuddle.

Links: Archive |EntryHolding my brother - David

I was in my house holding my brother and my mum and dad asked me do I want to get a photo with me holding
My brother.

It was in my living room.
I was scared because I have not held a baby before I in my life. Sssssssssh

Links: Archive |Entrymy baby brother-charli

My little brother is soft.He is delicate he is fragile when I cuddle him he is so special to me. When he was four I loved him more and he is so special to me because he was my first little brother

He is beautiful and when I hold him I wish I had more brotherís and sisterís my wish came TRUE.

Links: Archive |EntryWeather poem - Caitlin

Weather is hot ,
Weather is cold,
Weather can Be good and also dull andVery Bold,
I love my countres Weather Because it not to cold .

Links: Archive |Entrysitting in the chair - brooke

Sitting in the chair

I was sitting in the chair . Someone
Walked in the door. As soon as they walked in
Boo went every one hidden behind me to see the baby.
Who my mum came in with, it was my baby brother.
Sitting in the chair looking at my mother. Letís have a party said my dad so we did.

Links: Archive |EntryThe way I held the baby - Bobbi

The very first time I saw my cousin she was so cute. I held her in my arm like a cute charm.

Her skin was so soft she could hardly cough.
I gave her back to my aunty jack.
She said is she light I said youíll never guess.
I sat down looking at her she was scared and nervous. I was so excited for her.

Links: Archive |EntryMy little baby cousin by Kaitlin T

First I was in my grannyís house
And the baby was a girl
It wasnít a boy what a shame
It was very hard to give her a name
She has very soft and delicate skin
And she has a beautiful chin
She has one brother and two sisters
And so far she hasnít got a blister
Oh, and she is one year old
She has been told that she is very cute.
If she is cold she gets a warm cover
And I donít think she likes corn.

Links: Archive |EntryElephant poem paul

Long trunks,
Loud as trumpets,
Prepared to deafen.

Elephant, elephant,
Oh why oh why is your trumpet so
Loud? (more)

Links: Archive |Entryedward elephant

Resting in the lagoon,
Elephant I seen you,

Dusty legs,
Like a grey warrior,
Ready to move. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryHolly's Elephant Poem

Dirty tusk,
Like two white chain saws,
Ready to kill.

Big Ears,
Like big wavy fans,
Keeping yourself dry. (more)

Links: Archive |Entryjack concrete poem

31st of
October it
Is Halloween
Night witches
Fly above your
Head and make
Noises and scare
The living lights
Out of you till
You run to your house
And the witches win and laugh all night.


Links: Archive |EntryElephant poem

Curved tusks,
A pearly white cutlass,
Prepared to protect.

Elephant I heard,
You running in,
The airy night (more)

Links: Archive |EntryThe song of the elephant-Dale

Deadly eyes,
Like a black moon,
Giving you fear.

I heard you in the night,
You were in my sight. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryThe bull elephant-Brandon

Elephant I heard you,
In the gold of the savannah,
I heard you shouting.

The tusks,
Pearly white scimitars,
Ready to rush into an enemy (more)

Links: Archive |EntryElephant poem

Elephant tusks,
Strong as steel,
Bent as boomerangs.

Elephant I heard
You, running in
The airy night. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryLee mcg Elephant poem

Elephant poem

In the green of the grass,
Elephant I heard you jumping.

Sharp tusks,
White as a ghostís cloak,
Guarding his territory. (more)

Links: Archive |EntrySong of the Elephant-Iain

Elephant I saw you in the horizon,
Elephant I felt your rumbling feet.

Grey skin,
Wrinkly like a towel,
To keep him dry. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryElephant verses dylan b

In the green of the jungle,
Elephant I heard you,

Long tusks,
Like white chainsaws,
Ready to kill. (more)

Links: Archive |Entrythe description of a elephant -Lisa

In the green of the jungle.
Elephant! I heard you

Huge ears.
A grey kite.
Prepared to fly (more)

Links: Archive |EntryElephant poem - Natasha

Elephant by waging your tail
A certain way, I know what your

Pearly white tusks,
Roman horns,
Ready to fend. (more)

Links: Archive |Entryelephant poem Jack

Walking the fields,
Elephant, I heard you roaring,
As loud as you can.

Tusk as gold like a real bit if gold,
Strong as a weight lifter,
To protect him (more)

Links: Archive |EntrySong of the Elephant - Stephanie

Stretching trunk,
Like a large hoover,
Ready to suck up water.

Linked elephants,
I felt your,
Protection. (more)