A poety blog from the children in Sandaig Primary.

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Links: Archive |Entrycandis bio poem

Sometimes happy, fussy, artful and a good friend.
Daughter of Lynn, sister of Connor.
Lover of animals, chocolate and a sister.
Who feels happy with cool friends interested in ds worried about violence.
Who needs more animals, chocolate and peace.
Who gives gifts, bad advice and sweets.
Who fears blood, illness and insects.
Who likes to see the chocolate factory, Paris and loads of cats and dogs.
Who lives in Scotland Glasgow Britain the world.

Links: Archive |EntryLEE bio poem

Small, smart, moany and scary,
Lover of football, movies, and dogs.
Who fells happy, excited and board.
Who needs love, money and sweets,
Who fears fire, fireworks, fire and guns.
Who gives advice, respect and money,
Who would like to see wrestling, ufc and football.
Who lives in Barlanark

Links: Archive |EntryStephanie Bio poem

Longhair, Sometimes loud, sweet and happy.
Sister of Allison, Daughter of Sharron.
Lover of Galaxy Chocolate, typing storys and animals.
Who feels happy with toys and family.
Who needs nurturing and caring.
Who fears Scary movies and being sick.
Who gives happiness and caring.
Who would like to see Egypt and Sandaig getting the Eco flag.
Who lives in Barlanark, Glasgow and Scotland.

Links: Archive |EntryHolly Bio Poem

Funny, happy, helpful and excitable.
Daughter of Wendy and sister of Victoria.
Lover of TV, movies and school.
Who feels comfortable around friends, happy when starting a new school and happy when family are around.
Who needs to know the time, family and TV.
Who fears getting older, High School and spots.
Who gives love, good advice, and respect.
Who would like to see the world, a red fox, and the London Eye.
Who lives in Glasgow, Scotland and the world.

Links: Archive |EntryHolly Bio Poem

Links: Archive |EntryJack bio poem

Sometimes moany, mostly happy, light hair and big.
Brother of Bryan son of Bryan.
Lover of computers, my dog and football.
Who feels happy out playing, computer minded and mad when brother winds me up.
Who needs every new rangers strip, games and trainers.
Who fears dark rooms, fighting and my little cousin.
Who gives games, footballs and DVDs.
Who would like to see a wild tigers, whale and nacho novo.
Who lives in Bailiston, Glasgow, Scotland, Europe and the world.

Links: Archive |EntryBrandon Bio Poem

Smart, specific,risk taker and lazy.
Son of Laura stepson of Christopher.
Lover of boxing, wrestling quite a few things.
Who feels happy, playful, and short fused.
Who needs a bit of peace and a Sky plus box.
Who fears rollercoaster’s heights and high school.
Who gives advice, sweeties and love for cute animals.
Who would like to see everything start to finish beginning to end.
Who lives in a flat bar Lanark Glasgow Scotland.

Links: Archive |EntryDavid bio poem

Happy, baldie, crosseyed and weirdo.
Son of Babs brother of James.
Lover of football and baseball.
Who feels tired hungry and happy.
Who fears death, a crushed skull and surgery.
Who gives love, respect and encouragement.
Who would like to see his future and Harry Potter 5.
Who lives Glasgow,.Scotland, Europe and the world.