This is a blog for Junior Road Safety Officers at Sandaig Primary School to write about their Activities.
Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

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Scottish Blogs

Links: Archive |EntryJRSO Board

Hiya. This is a picture of our JRSO Board . We did it all ourself ( aswell as taking the old one down.)
It is outside P7S classroom so you can go and check it out. Hope you like it .

By Nicole ( Brad helped a little )

Links: Archive |EntryJRSO COMPETITION

Hiya. Its Nicole and Bradley.
We are having a competition to design a poster ( that has to be on A5 ) thats just have of a normal piece of paper. You have to make it either about, Green Cross Code, In-car safety (wearing seat belts ) or Safe crossing places.
If yours is picked and goes onto the calender then you win an IPOD !!!
The entrys have to be in for Tuesday morning so we can post it off . If someone from this school does win then me (Nicole) and Brad get tickets for the SECC.

P.S the winner of the last JRSO competition was Demi Scott from p7t and it is now on the JRSO weblog .