This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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Links: Archive |EntrySummer Fun, Songs and bubbles

We ended the year in traditional Sandaig Style today:
Sandaig Sandals and Shades 2008
Sandaig Bubbles 2008 End of Term Fun!

Have a great Holiday Everyone!

Links: Archive |EntrySandaig Garden Party

Yesterday afternoon Sandaig Had a Garden Party to celebrate 3 majors successes this session: Winning our GREEN FLAG for being an Eco School, our Diamond Enterprise Award and our International Award.
did we Have a good time? Look at the Sandaig Garden Party 2008 Gallery to find out.

Links: Archive |Entrygreen flag

When we heard the news of the green flag we could hear cheering and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
All over the school even though it is the last week and Mrs Stewart and Mrs Kennedy are (hankies ready) leaving we will remember them forever in sandaig primary.
As you may have guessed we……….GOT THE GREEN FLAG YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry about that just got a little OVEREXCITED!!!!!!!
Cos we got the green flag as you may have guessed.


Links: Archive |EntrySports Day Movies

P6 are making movies. We used movie maker and made movies about sports day. We imported the pictures that we took in to it. Then we added affects and transition to give the movie a bit more life and also added music a title and credits. Last we moved them on to the wiki.
You can see some of our movie on thw wiki, more to come soon.

Links: Archive |EntrySports Day Comics

Some primary 6sj pupils made these comic with photos from the sports day: Sports Day 2008 Comics

Links: Archive |EntryOn the Street Where You live

We have started a new project On The Street Where you live. This is a one week poetry project with students at the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project in Georgia, USA.

Both sets of bloggers will be writing poems and commenting on each others work. We started today, here are a couple of examples:

Hedgehog in the
Long green grass did you
Enjoy your burgers

One haunted house
Freaky thorny mossy mouldy madness
Two brothers

Read more on the On The Street Where you live blog.

Links: Archive |EntryGarden Lunes

Primary 6 sj have been writing lunes inspired by the Sandaig Garden. A lune is a simple form of poem with 3 words in the first line, 5 in the second and 3 in the last. We decorated the garden paving slabs with the poems, took photos, recorded our voices and made this movie.
Credits: Poems Primary 6sj
Audio Recording: Abbie
Video Editing mentoring: Brandon
Background music: David (garageband)
This is the first cut of the movie, we may make some changes if we have time next week.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Day

For the last few weeks we have been trying relay hard to get our eco flag.
Out in the garden we have been litter picking. We wrote lunes on the garden slabs.
Me and my partner did our lunes on a really big slab.
I wrote mine in different colours and after that I decorated some slabs.
Mr Johnston took lots of pictures of us.
The day after we wrote our lunes we got the eco flag!

Here is my lune

The power flower
Makes me want a shower
Under a tower


Links: Archive |EntryEco action day

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com

We have some pictures from our eco action day on this movie and the music is from John j i hope you enjoyed the movie and leave a comment.

Links: Archive |EntryGarden temperature

Yesterday primary 6 went out to write poems on the slabs.
When we went out Mr Johnston picked 2 people to take the temperatures and put them in the shade and in the light.
In the light it was 17cel and in the shade it was 15cel.
Then we put them on a Google spreadsheet and looked at all the other schools that have done it.

Lee Mcg and Holly