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Links: Archive |EntryNumbers for Voices of the World

This for this month's voices of the world February task.

We can't see the February's Tasks at School in Sandaig, but we can check them out at home.

Links: Archive |EntryMichael came to visit

Michael came to visit

Michael came to visit Sandaig he went to Russia to give them money.
He told us a story about wee Tom the story was about health and exercise.

Wee Tom wanted a running machine but they were seven hundred pound.
Wee Tom wanted one but Uncle Dan said no they are seven hundred pound.
Wee Tom said lets make one so they make one. They made it with cardboard tubes and rubber bands. Uncle Dan went out for a jog and put wee Tom in his pocket.
Wee Tom couldn’t flush the toilet he had a little seat when he sits on it and it goes boiing. He fell asleep and he was counting gold coins in his dreams.
The primary sixes tried some of the things wee Tom did. We are going to make some art work for children in Russia based on the story.

Lee and Edward

Links: Archive |Entryp6 Project

On Tuesday we finished our cds. We had made our own tunes on Garageband and our own covers. Then we celebrated with some crisps, fruity water and sweets.

You can see our covers and hear our tunes on the wiki.

by Thomas and Ryan B

Links: Archive |EntryRespect assembly

The children of Sandaig Primary were taking part in a project called The Mix. The Mix is about the children from p1 to p7 mixing up into different classes. We learnt about our five values, Cooperation, Caring, Attitude, Manners and Respect. We had a special assembly about Respect. We had a bunch of letters and Hayley went up and sorted them out and it spelt Respect.
Scott and Abbie

Links: Archive |EntryThe Teddys

Our teacher, Mr Johnston,
Went to McClure middle school in America and got two lovely teddies given to us as a present. As thanks we are going to give them the most beautiful otter teddies. If we go any trips we will take the teddies with us and take pictures of the teddies so keep watching here to see if any are posted.

Look out in the post McClure middle School!

Iain and Abbie

Links: Archive |EntrySound and Light

On Tuesday primary 6 were learning to make instruments loud and soft.
We where using a triangle, cymbal, guiro, ocean drum and a tambour.
To make the triangle loud tap it hard or hit it with a metal stick. To make it soft you could hit lightly or use your hand to tap it.
To make the guiro loud rub the stick fast up and down the bumps. To make it soft you cover the holes.
To make the cymbals loud you tap it with the stick. To make the cymbals soft you hold it by the edge.
With the ocean drum you had to move it side to side because al the little metal balls inside will bang against the sides
To make the tambour loud bang the tambour hardly. To make the tambour soft bang it lightly or you could place it on a floor or a table then bang it. Try doing this to a couple of instruments. What are your results?

Stephanie and Holly

Links: Archive |EntryThe good samaritan

On Friday we were putting the good Samaritan into our time.
We were working in partners.
We also had to discus who would be down on the ground and who helped him.
When we were in partners we got split up from our groups.
In my group we had David Becham a church owner and Michal Owen.
And in my group I had a women and who helped her was a couple.

By Hayley and Iain

Links: Archive |Entryeco commitee

This is the Eco commitee I am the one wearing glasses.We were talking about things in the garden like growing veg and fruit.
We are trying to get our green flag which is an award for eco friendly schools.

Links: Archive |EntryMaking Smoothies

The other week P7m made smoothies, we planned how to make it first. Then we all helped make Mr McKean smoothie. We first prepared our ingredients which were juicy strawberries, sweet honey, 2 glasses of lovely white milk, rocking raspberries and a sour lemon. We then chopped and sliced the juicy strawberries, next we crushed the rocking raspberries, then we poured all our ingredients into a blender, next we squeezed the sweet honey in, and then we poured 2 glasses of milk in the blender and then we squeezed the lemons in. At last we got to start to mix it all. Finally we got to relax, sip and enjoy.

By Claire and Karen

Links: Archive |EntryBear friends from USA

Yesterday was our first day back with Mr Johnston he was in America. Here we are with two teddies from Mrs Fuller in the USA. He was in Georgia Atlanta he was in McClure Middle School.
We had been writing allot of poems which Mr Johnston took over to America for the children to finish them off then Mr Johnston took them back here so that our class could write a wee bit more.
We are wrapping the world in poetry.
You can see some of our on line poems on the Solutions blog.

Dale and Brandon

Links: Archive |EntryAn Interesting Start

Today the Sandaig pupils posted some of there Solutions poems and some 5 word poems to the Poems blog.
I was delighted to see that the McClure students has replied with posts of their own on the Poems blog and adding lines to the Solutions poems.

Here is a great example, first David from Sandaig:

Austin from McClure posted:

without a frown, no one would know what happiness is, no one would ever know the difference. without the cold, there could be no warmth, else how would we know what we've got, unless we know what it feels like to live without it
my name is Austin, im thirteen, and tall for my age, i have an interest in poetry and music, [songs and ting like that] so this should be interesting...

Yes it should be interesting.

Links: Archive |EntrySolutions poem for the USA

Yesterday we were doing solution poems on a big piece of paper.
We used different kind of colours of pens. We recorded the poems.
The first line was a problem, the second was a solution, the third was another problem and so on.
Lost your child?
Knit another one!
What if you run out of wool?
Different people do different lines, Mr Johnston will take the poems to Sammy McClure Middle School in Georga, USA for the student there to finish.
Read them on the Sandaig McClure Poem blog

Lee and John

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 4 Name Art

Today Primary 4 were in the media room using paint. You can see one of the pictures.
Caitlin and Rebecca wrote these great instructions:
1. You go to start then go to paint.
2. Then go to the text tool and click on it and you would drag it across the screen.
3. Write your name in capitals and a big font.
4. Go to the select tool and select your name.
5. Copy it and paste.
6. Go to Image - flip Rotate to turn the second name upside down.
7. Line the names up and colour them in.
8. Then you would select it all.
9. Copy paste until you have covered the page with your name.
10. Use flip rotate to rotate the whole picture onto its side
11. Use Image -Invert colours to invert the colours and save.

Caitlin, Rebecca, Declain, Iona, Allan, Jack and Amy recorded the instructions:

Links: Archive |EntryThe glass elbow

2 years ago John H in p6 s/j fell and cut his two elbows and got a bit of glass in his left elbow. Just yesterday the bit of glass made its way out of his elbow and then he went to the doctors and the hospital and had to get it pulled out and get a plaster over it.
Abbie and John J

Links: Archive |EntryVictorian People

Yesterday we finished our Victorian people.
We were adding details to our finished pictures with charcoal pencils.
Some of the pictures were out side and some were inside.
We added cobble stones and for and gas street lamps to the out side ones.
After people finished their small Victorian people we worked to finish our big Victorian family.

By Stephanie