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Links: Archive |EntryMerry Christmas

We ended the year with our traditional Sparkly Sandaig Singalong.

A Very
Merry Christmas
to all our readers.

Links: Archive |EntryThe S Factor

Se more of Ian and Hayley's Photos on the Sandaig 2007 S Factor gallery.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 7 Dance

On Wednesday we had our primary 7 dance. It was in the hall in school.

We danced to the Gay Gordens, Canadian Barn Dance, Circle Waltz and many, many more. The accordion player was brilliant and so was Miss McArthur’s singing.

There were games, prizes and pizza too.

It was a great night and we loved everything about it.

Merry Christmas Everybody.


Links: Archive |EntrySandaig jingle

Make photo slide shows at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Our entry for the Voices of the World December task
Photos and Singing by children in primary six.

Links: Archive |Entrythe nativity play

the nativity play
This page is about the birth of Jesus.
It lets you the move the people around until you are happy with the way they are. I enjoyed the way the game was set out and the fact that you can make your own.
I enjoyed playing the game.
There are some animals and there are people like the there kings.
Dylan b

Links: Archive |Entrysnowflake designer

snowflake designer
I think this website is good because it is not that hard to use I think anyone from primary one to primary seven could use it because it is quite a fun game and it is not that childish also I think this site is to learn about Christmas and a little about maths because there is one angle that you draw on and it will make it symmetrical just like above.

Links: Archive |EntrySanta's advent calendar

Santa's advent calendar

This is Santa’s advent calendar. You click on the window with the date on it. It will show you an animated picture or movie. It has music and it lets you email Santa and lots, lots more. It tells you about Christmas in other countries. I think this is for older children. I enjoyed looking at the site.


Links: Archive |EntrySearching for Santa - Website Review

Searching for Santa
This webpage is about playing thinking games online. I liked it because you can play games and is for ages 7 to 10. But there was one thing I did not like and that was there were not enough games. I think this would calm you down. I think the wepage would help you calm down because it is thinking games.


Links: Archive |EntryThe Gay Gordons

For the AllStars.


Links: Archive |EntryStars

Links: Archive |EntryBack to the past

Links: Archive |EntryTrip to the past

Links: Archive |EntryStepping Stones School Advent Calendar 2007

The Stepping Stones School Advent Calendar 2007.
The Stepping Stones School have an advent calendar with a difference, behind each date is a piece of multimedia created by children from schools around the world.
See if you can spot the Sandaig entry.

Stepping Stones School Advent Calendar 2007

Links: Archive |EntryOur good and bad influences

On the fourth of December p6s/j went to the ict room. We were making mind maps about good influences and bad influences on the computer like if people told you to light a fire they are a bad influence. So after we typed it we added pictures. I and Lisa took some photographs of peoples work.

Lee and Lisa

Links: Archive |EntryChristmas animations

Today at the Computer club the children made some Christmas Greetings:

Or see the animations in their own window

The Children used Geoff Dellow's Christmas template from Video Tutorials for Macromedia Adobe Flash.

Links: Archive |Entry

Radio Sandaig November 2007 is out. This is our second podcast of the session.

Radio Sandaig November 07. A little late this month. T.V. and film reviews, music and a trip to the past. New this month to Radio Sandaig are some new jingles. And a shout out for some of the people leaving comments on last month's show.

Radio Sandaig

Links: Archive |Entrygears

First we made a train gear.
We used three gear wheels and we put them in a row of three.
The three wheels are called the driver, idler, driven. If you turn the driver clockwise the idler will turn anticlockwise.

Then after we made the train gear we made the speeding up gear we had to get two wheels a big one and a wee one and put them together and spin them . the wee one goes faster than the big one. To slow the big gear you have to put the wee one in front of the big one then turn them.
So that is how we made the gears.
By Caitlin and Kami

Links: Archive |EntryOur visit to Scotland St School

by Jack