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Links: Archive |EntryComic Life

Primary 6sj spent some time trying out Comic Life this week. They seem to have got a hang of the program, click the thumbnails to see the full-sized images.

Egg Decorating Day

Health Week

Dying Wool

Links: Archive |EntryEaster egg decorating day

On Tuesday it was egg-decorating day we had to decorate a egg, we all did different people or cartoons I did Elvis is alive and Courtney did two Indian characters. When its Friday it will be the egg results, it is the last week of this term in school and we will be off school for two weeks. On Friday we are going to church to a Easter service having a Easter egg hunt if it is dry outside we get do go outside for it.
Courtney and steven

Links: Archive |EntryEaster cards

Yesterday p5p were making Easter cards we had a lot of fun making cards for friends and family. We also had a lot of fun making decorations like flowers etc. This is how we made our Easter cards we choose a colour of card, then we wrote a special piece of writing for the person we wanted to give it to. We had to make sure that our card was all correct e.g. like spelling .We had to put a lot of hard work and dedication and hard work.
zoe stephen

Links: Archive |EntryMobile Phone

We recorded a report on a mobile phone. The mind map was made with publisher.

Links: Archive |EntryPollock Park

On Tuesday p5p went to Pollock Park It took half an hour to get there. When we got there we got a turn to play in the park after we played in the park we went a long walk in the forest. We were told to find something pretty, long and hard it was fun and it was hard because we had only a certain amount of time. After we looked for the stuff we played hide and seek and then we went to play in the park again we had a wonderful time.

by Gillian and Kimberly

Links: Archive |EntryComic Life

Yesterday P6sj were all doing Comic life on the Laptops. We got told to do different things because he didn't want us alll doing the same thing. Some of us did a health week comic, some of us did Egg day and some did a comic on the dying that we did. We will have the comics on the website about Friday.

Links: Archive |EntryScience

On Friday afternoon p6.m were learning science. The further we put out our rulers the slower the ruler vibrated and the more you put the ruler inwards the more it vibrated faster. We checked our test from last week about sound; you had to guess what was the loudest out of a plane, a car, a dog, someone talking on a phone and people whispering.

By Claire and Martin

Links: Archive |Entryswimming

In primary 7 we get swimming lessons .the girls have already been swimming so I will tell you about the boys. The boys get to go to swimming on a Monday at about 9:45 to 10:45 about an hour when they are away the girls go to gym and they play hockey, well at least for the first couple of weeks any way. Back to swimming.
You get to go for 12 weeks. But something was not fair when the boys went they got a free bag and we didn’t (not fair) but it is ok and personally I learned to swim

By Kayleigh and Ewan

Links: Archive |EntryOperation Kidnap Connor

Every week on Tuesday Craig and Connor have been making this animation in Flash MX.
It was a lot of fun and learned a lot about Flash. The clip is called Operation Kidnap Connor.

Craig and Connor

Links: Archive |EntryFish

We did this in Flash and it is about two fish who are playing football. (The goaly is too little.)

Links: Archive |EntryWalking in the air

Today at the computer club we made this person walking in the air. We had to use flash to make the cartoon. First we make the body the way we wanted it to be. Then we made a background. Then we had to play the cartoon to see if it was ok.

Links: Archive |EntryTechnology in our homes

Today the 2 primary sevens surveyed the technology in their homes, we made graphs with excel of the results.

In primary 7 85 percent of homes have internet access. This compares to about 60 percent in primary 6 last year and increase of more than 20 percent.

Links: Archive |EntryMiss Kelly

This term p7t have been working with Miss Kelly. We do art every Thursday but before we do art we do R.E we have been learning about The Five Pillars Of Islam they’re called Hajj, Ramadan, Zakat Shahada and Wudo.
After R.E we do art last week we made Henry Matiss pictures we hade to cut out funky shapes and we had to draw a unusual picture on polystyrene then we had to cut them out and print with ink we had to lay the polystyrene on the picture with shapes on it. And we had to get a dry roller and go over it about 9 times.
Andrew and Chantelle

Links: Archive |EntryComputer club

Yesterday we went to the computer club and made animations. First we went in flash and we created a walking person. Then we decorate the body, arms, head and legs. Then we created a background to go with your picture. After that we saved it and we made it walk in a different direction. Then we saved the picture again and shut down the Laptop. We are looking forward to going back today! And we will put the pictures on the weblog soon.

Links: Archive |EntryArt Exibition

Filmed by Charlene, Caroline and Nicole, Edited by Amy, Jamie and Lauren.

Links: Archive |Entryproblem solving.

Every Wednesday primary 5p do problem solving.
This week it was very hard because we had to find out Karnes phone number the number was 6339.

There was also a sheet were you had to divide the kitchen floor tiles but you could only use a limited amount of lines to make a certain amount of boxes.

We have a sheet called come on you reds. We had to colour in the football stripes in 5 different colours but the stripes couldn’t be the same. This is a very hard thing to do as you are not allowed to do patterns and designs.

stephen and zoe

Links: Archive |EntrySalsa

Yesterday p5p were in the community centre doing funcies. We had to go in a circle then the teacher would give you a number. The number 1s would go to 1 wall and the number 2s would go to the other wall. You would pick a partner then the teacher would show you the salsa then you would do it with your partner. After you done the dance you would go up to the top corner with your partner. You had to walk down to the other corner and shake your hips and do a wee dance.

By Gillian and Kimberly

Links: Archive |EntryI.C.T SUITE

This is the media room there is over 20 computers in here. We do research on different things like planets, Romans and many more. The first time we came in we wrote about ourselves. We do blogging every Thursday. Its hard work. We are allowed half an hour to do the blogging.

Brian and Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryBurns Cottage

On Tuesday the 13th p7 went to Burns cottage. It took us a while to get there but we finally got there. We firstly went into the museum about burns. It had all his stuff in it. A man told us about Burns and that when William Burns died (Roberts dad) they took the e out of burnes. Next p7s went to his cottage. We saw a movie about Roberts’s dad William Burns and when he married a beautiful woman called Agnes. Robert was one of many children but unfortunately most of the children died because of many problems. Later on in Roberts’s life he died of heart failure but his wife jean could not make it to his funeral; because she was giving birth to their 9th child who unfortunately died as well. And when all Burns family died they got buried together.

Ashleigh and Megan

Links: Archive |EntryHealth Week

This week is health week. All of the children around the school are taking part in different activities such as: food tasting, bringing their water bottle and doing gym activities. On Monday the children got to take part in food tasting. They tried different kinds of fruit and vegetables such as: celery, tomatoes, cress, melon, plum, apple juice and yoghurt drinks. Yesterday Funcise came to teach us Combat and Salsa. Some children went to the gym hall and some went to the gym hall in the Community Centre. At Combat we learned different types of Combat moves such as: Upper cuts, Front kicks, Skipping ropes, Jabs on the move, Sit-ups and punches. In Salsa you had to learn different dance combos and join them all together to make a long dance routine.

Josh & Amy

Links: Archive |EntryComic life Art Exhibition


Links: Archive |EntryWeaving comic

by steven and kris

Links: Archive |EntryRobots Movie

Filmed by Jamie and Edited by Jamie and Nicole.

Links: Archive |Entrybusy afternoon

Yesterday Ms. Park came to primary 6m to do gym. We done warm ups and then we played rock, paper, scissors after a couple of games we went back to class to change out of our gym kit. After gym we went to assemble to practice for our Easter assemble in church. Next the whole school tasted some fruit and veg and got new water bottles.

by scott and stephanie

Links: Archive |EntryWeaving

Yesterday we where weaving.
First we wrapped the string round the cardboard very tight.
Then we got wool wove it in and out the string in till we finish it.
We hope they will look very good.

Melissa Shaun

Links: Archive |Entryp6m art time

Last Friday we did art. First thing we did in art was drawing your partners face. You had to draw it on a piece of paper and then copy it onto press print paper. The next thing we did was making mothers day cards. And finally we were doing get-well cards for Agnes.

By Matthew and steven

Links: Archive |EntryLe club

Yesterday p6s/j were watching a French video called Le Club. There were real French children in the Le Club. The children in the Le Club were talking about them selves in French. There was a cartoon staring Globo, Globo was an alien. Globo went to France and was trying to learn the French language. When he learned something his brain would pop up. Globo was a green alien with the top of his head cut off.
Jamie and Amber.

Links: Archive |Entryred nose day

On Friday it was red nose day and we got to wear somthing red like a t-shirt or a suit you had to pay 50p to wear it. You could also get your nose painted for 50p aswell. People also got to wear red noses if they wanted.
The money we raised is going to charity. P5p andP5m organised red nose day.
By kimbelrey and courtney

Links: Archive |EntryWeaving - kris - steven

Yesterday p6s/j did weaving with paper, we had to draw a line across the paper about a width of the ruler. Then we had to cut out all the lines until there were no lines to be seen, then we got pink strips and we had to put the pink strips on the paper over and under. If you start by going under then the one after that has to start over with pink strips.

Links: Archive |Entryhockey

In gym yesterday we played Hockey.
We were split into three teams me (Connor) and Chelsey were in a team with Steven, Scott and Karen. We won twice and we lost once but we still had a lot of fun.
Before that we warmed up and we had some practise.
There were two cones chelsey was partnered with Amy and I (Connor) was partnered with Mathew.
And from cone to cone we passed to each other.

By Connor and Chelsey

Links: Archive |EntryCircle Time

Yesterday in circle time we were making up a story and a sentence each person. We passed round sandy that person could talk. Then we played a game, someone sits in the middle and they close their eye’s, and the other people pass round a tambourine or a maraca, then they pointed were they thought were the noise was.
After that we closed our eyes for 2 minutes and after 2minutes we said as much things as we heard.


Links: Archive |EntryDrama

On Tuesday p6m went to the dinner hall to do drama. First we moved all about the dinner hall and when Mr Mc Master said freeze we had to go into a statue like a super hero, lost in the desert, if we were in the royal family and if we were an old person. Then we had to act out a story about an old man called Mr Grim who owned a shop. We all got into groups all the characters were: Mrs Cheer, a customer and talking furniture. Every group acted out and they where all very good. Our favourite part was when Lewis kneeled down pretending to be a chair and when Mrs Cheer (Ryan) wasn't looking Mr Grim (Steven) walked up and slit his throat and Ryan fell over Lewis and tumbled onto the ground and then all the furniture ran out the door screaming aaaaaaahhhhh!
Chelsea and Ryan

Links: Archive |EntryEco otter notice board

The Eco Otters have a new notice board to inform everybody in the school about all of our activites. it also has Barry Blue Bin . We would also like to say that it makes Barry Blue Bin sick if you put crisp packets, sweetie wrapper, lolly pop sticks, poporn packets and bottles with lids on them in him, and we don't want Barry to feel sick. This is what we do want him to eat plastic bottles (without the lids!), paper and cans.

Links: Archive |EntryEco School Committee - Ian

Iain is a member of the Eco Committee. He wrote about the things that we have been talking about over the past few weeks.
Eco School Committee

We have been having loads of meetings about electricity, waste and litter.
So all the Eco committee are talking about litter busters to help our school to get the BIG GREEN FLAG and to show others that we are a healthy school.
So please help us to stop litter going on the ground because it makes me sad and Colin too.




Links: Archive |EntryEco School Committee

Iain is a member of the Eco Committee. He wrote about the things that we have been talking about over the past few weeks.
Eco School Committee

We have been having loads of meetings about electricity, waste and litter.
So all the Eco committee are talking about litter busters to help our school to get the BIG GREEN FLAG and to show others that we are a healthy school.
So please help us to stop litter going on the ground because it makes me sad and Colin too.




Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 6 SJ Blogs Update

Over on the Primary 6 SJ blogs the children have been busy, they have been writing about the country that they would like to visit and '5 things about themselves' with a twist on of the things is fake.
There is also a new P6sj blogger: Skippy who is a long way from his home in Australia.
So if you would like to know what is going on in the minds of p6sj or just a good read pop over to the p6sj blogs.

Links: Archive |EntryGym

On Wednesday p6s/j went to gym. First we did our exercises. We had to start of by jogging then high knees can can, spotty dog, star jumps then jogging again. After we worked hard at doing the exercises we got to play a game. The game was called rock paper scissors. This is how to play it:we get divided into two groups and we all decide if we are going to go rock, paper or scissors. Once we have decided we go rock, paper, scissors.If we had rock and they had paper they would win. So we would run to the wall. If they caught us we are in their team.
Caroline Charlene

Links: Archive |EntryART

On Friday Primary6M had done art. We had to go in partners then take turns each
Drawing each other on a bit of paper. We had to draw every little thing from head to your neck. If you had glasses you would have to draw them.


Links: Archive |EntryStarry Night

This is a comic strip of Miss Muir last day in p6sj class, before she went to p5m.
We did art and then we had one hour of fun time.


update you can see all the pictures Starry Night.

Links: Archive |EntryPositive steps

Yesterday afternoon Positive steps came to talk about a girl called Susan who has 2 brothers called Gary and Jason and 2 sisters called Casey and Stacey. We talked about Susan making friends when she starts school. At the end we got 16 cards so we could play a game about what a good friend would make. You could either put the cards in good friend column, a maybe column or a bad friend column.
Amy and Jamie

Links: Archive |Entrybasketball

This week p5p have been learning how to play basketball. We have learnd all the passes of basketball there is a over head pass, chest pass, shoulder pass and a bounce pass. We play mini matches of three on three. It is very hard beacuse there is only two people to pass to and also the net is very high up and is hard to get the ball into. It is very fun at the end as we a big game of basketball.

zoe and stephen.

Links: Archive |EntrySpelling

This is our spelling we practise every day. We do a crossword every so often. On Friday we practise our spelling for a test. We get different words every week. We get ten words every week.

Jamie and Brian

Links: Archive |EntryArt Exhibtion

Today Mr Cohen came into our school because we are having an art exhibition. Mr Cohen, Nicole, Caroline and Charlene put up the artwork and it looked really good. After that we had to frame and put stickers on the 4 that came to us because they were not in or they didn’t get theirs finished. Once we where finished that we had to go round all of the classes and give them their sticker so that they know were their pictures are. We had to video some of the children coming in, looking at the pictures and going out of the dinner hall. We also had to go outside with Mr Cohen to put up the big banner. The big banner is on the ramp outside the main door. Once we had put it up Mr Cohen took a picture of Caroline, Nicole and Charlene.
by caroline and charlene

Links: Archive |EntryP5 ROMAN

Primary five have been working on the roman army here is a bit about it and the main people of the roman army.

A roman citizen.He signed on for 25 years and could rise to the rank of centurion.

Each century had its own standard it was a wooden pole decorated with medals and wreaths awarded for bravery in battle the bearer wore bearskin over his helmet.

The romans used a very cool weapon called the turtle they used their shields to use it to make it all the romans put one shield over their head and one over their body to make a turtle shape.

Natasha and Candis

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 5 Drama

Yesterday p5p were doing drama, we had to pick a job to do. Here is some of the jobs we had to do : Guards, cooks, fishermen, fruit gathers, builders, water bearers and hunters. We had to act and mime out what we were doing, we got a treasure map and we had to make your own root to find the treasure. We had to be very quite so they could guess were we were. They had to guess were we started and ended and if they got it right they would get a turn to perform.

Gillian and Kimberly

Links: Archive |EntryKeiths books

On Wednesday an author came in his name is Keith. He was talking about the books he wrote and how he became an author. Before he was an author he had a job where he got paid to shout at other people, a money trader.
One of his books were called Lee’s Holiday Show Down another book was called Lee reaches for gold and the first book he wrote was Lee and the consul mutants.
The holiday showdown book was about lee and his friend going on holiday and finding a big cockroach in the bathroom. Lee and the consul mutants was about lee` s appendix exploding then he gets rushed into hospital.
He told us there would be prizes at the end so at the end he called out a month then some people would stand up then he called out a number like 27 or 14 if its your birthday date and month you shout ya beauty then you get a book.

by stephanie callum

Links: Archive |EntryWhere Primary 6 S J would like to go

Over at the Primary 6 blogs primary six have been writing about where they would like to go if they could go anywhere in the world, please pop over and have a read.

Links: Archive |EntryThe Amlene dolphin

Today we were in the computer club. We were making animations with flash.

Amy and Charlene

Links: Archive |EntryFlashy shark

Today we were at the computer club making animations on flash.

Steven and Robert

Links: Archive |EntrySandy and Skippy

Last Friday Sandy and Skippy met up in primary 6 S/J. Skippy was left in Sandaig by Mrs P as a present from the Allstars to Sandaig.

On Saturday Mr Johnston sent Sandy off to Australia as a present to the Allstars.
The Allstars will show Sandy round their school and we will show Skippy round Sandaig. We will post photos of Skippy in our school.

Links: Archive |EntryMy garden

Primary 5 have desigend a garden it took us a very long time to draw a very small picture. We had to put a lot of detail. We had to include somewhere for the children to play, a shady area, a small area for the pet rabbit,somewhere for gran to sit. Me and Hayley were delighted to have won a £10 gift vocher for borders.

By stephen and zoe.

Links: Archive |EntryHayley's garden plan

last week we where designing gardens.
A competion between p5p and p5m.
The winners were Zoe from p5p and Hayley from p5m.
W had to put a lot of effort into the gardens. The competition was tough, the prize was a £10 gift voucher for Borders!
Hayley was suprised to have won!!

Brandon and Hayley

Links: Archive |EntryKeith A Charters Visit

Amber, Charlene and Kimberley

Links: Archive |EntryMarbling

Last Friday we did Art with Miss Muir because it was her last day with P6S/J. We were marbling with different coloured ink. We got a bit of coloured paper and a tray of water and picked a few coloured inks and put the ink inside the water. Then we swirled the ink around and laid the paper on the water. We then picked up the paper and it was all marbled. Our picture was based on Van Gogh's starry night. We got black paper and drew an outline of a village. We cut out our village and stuck it on our marbling. We then stuck up all of our pictures on the whiteboard and sat with Miss Muir and got our picture taken. It was fun making our pictures.
Courtney and Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 6m gym time

Last week P6m went to gym with Mr McMaster.
First when we came into the gym hall we jogged around the hall then we stopped to do stretches and we did exercises, shuttle runs and dodge ball.
Team one won 2 times because of Scott.
Then team 2 won 1 time because of Ryan when we did the shuttle runs we did frog jumps, army crawls, wheel barrow race Lewis and Ryan kept on falling it was so funny. When we did the shuttle runs we did rolling and we had to roll up to the middle of gym hall and run back. Chelsey and Chelsea won the well barrow race then we had to leave the gym hall.

Chelsea and Craig

Links: Archive |EntryWork in the Garden

On Thursday we went out to the garden with Mr. Naismith and we did all kinds of jobs. We were doing raking, picking up the litter and picking up the branches that were cut down by the worker men that had come in to cut them down.
It was very hot. We ended up taking our jackets and jumpers off because we were working so hard. We had a good time at picking up the litter and the branches and we can't wait until next Thursday.

By Jodi and Dylan R.

Links: Archive |EntryAmy tapping desk experiment

This video clip shows people tapping the desk and hearing a tapping noise.
We put our head against the table and got our partner to tap the desk with a pencil so we could hear a tapping noise. Then we saw if we could hear the class talking in the background with our heads on the table.
We learned how sound travels through gas, liquids, and solids. Sound travels through solids best because particles are closer together.


Links: Archive |EntrySound Experiments

This is a video clip of children holding a piece of paper against a comb or a ruler.
All the children done this, we had to go around all of the tables and do the different actives. This is what we had to do.

At this table we had to blow against a piece of paper that was held against a comb or a ruler. We learnt that sound can travel through liquid, solids and gases.


Links: Archive |EntrySound Experiment - Liquids

We where seeing if you could hear through water.
We put our ear to the funnel and spoke to see if we could hear our self.
Sound can travel through water.