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fairtrade chocolate
fairtrade chocolate video by Dingwall primary in the Highlands. Primary 6m should be interested in this.
Victorians - Homework for kids
Victorians - Homework for kids Part of a great school website with lots of other resources. This page should be good for Primary 6 m & sj
Attack of the Sprouts
Attack of the Sprouts a bit early for this Christmas.


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Links: Archive |EntryVideo Conference tomorrow

Tomorrow Primary 6 SJ will be talking to a primary Six in Dean Park Primary in Edinburgh.
Click on the map above to open a google map marked with the two schools or Click here.

Links: Archive |EntryRadio Sandaig November 2006

Report On the Snakes and Ladders Project, French, poems and more. Credit to Kimberley and Amy from Primary Seven who finished editing this lunchtime in double quick time to get the podcast out just in the nick of time.
Download or listen to this months podcast from Radio Sandaig

Links: Archive |Entryp7s beep test

Yesterday p7s went to the gym hall. We jogged around the hall in and out of the spaces then we did the beep test.
A beep test is when you here a beep, then you run to the other wall. The beep is repeated and gets faster.
We spited into two groups girls went first Shannon got about 43. Then the boys went next and Marc got 93 runs and Jay doubled his score. We did stretches then we had two games of tunnel tig. By Shaun and Gamma.

Links: Archive |EntryVideo Conference Practise

Yesterday primary 6sj were practising our video conference so we can talk to a school in edinburgh called Deen park primary school. We are telling them about our school and they are telling us about there school, we got put into groups so we could learn words for Friday.
kimberley and amy

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 6 S/J MS Paint Art

Over on the Primary Six S J Blog the children have been posting their art work:

Have a Look

Links: Archive |EntryNon-Uniform Day

Today is a Non-uniform day. We had to bring in a bottle. The bottle we brought in will go to the christmas fayre for the raffle. Next friday will be a non-uniform day as well. The raffle will be drew at the fayre. Everybody loves non-uniform days.

by Josh and Troy

Links: Archive |EntryWorld War 2 people's Palace

On the 20th of November p7s and p7t went to the People's Palece with F.A.R.E to see the World War 2 stuff. We got to see the World war 2 kitchens and bomb shelter. We saw the cheese shop(rations)
then we saw the different sized skirts. We then saw a World war 2 t.v and we saw a world war 2 cell.
We all saw a memorial. We saw powderd milk, powderd eggs, power potoatos and ration chocolate and at 3pm we arrivded at Sandaig.

by John and Megan

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 7

Dream Dragon scene 7
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 6

Dream Dragon scene 6
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 5

Dream Dragon scene 5
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 4

Dream Dragon scene 4
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Scene 3

Dream Dragon scene 3
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryP6S/J Health

P6S/J were doing health. We had to say about the healthy drinks and food and the not so helthy food and drinks. Then we did a worksheet about 3 people who were not healthy they were either new to a school, a broken leg or asthma we had to write about what we could do to help them. On the back of the sheet we drew a picture of our own person who was not healthy and write about them.We learned about what happens in our body when we eat to many sweets and sugary food. You could be in hospital for a long time if you eat to much unhealthy food. We all had fun thinking about all the different things we could do to help people stop eating sugary food.
By Courtney Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryMy uncle's bible from world war 2

When world war 2 started in 1939 my uncle was a solder in it and my gran gave him a bible for good luck, but it wasn't that much good luck. When he was fighting he got shot and the bulit went right through the spine of the bible and he got shot and it was very unlucky because he got shot in the heart and died.


Links: Archive |EntryEastmuir Visit

The Eastmuir visit
On Tuesday 14th November 6 primary twoís went to Eastmuir. Eastmuir is another school in Barlanark. They children from Sandaig Primary only went because some of the children from eastmuir came to our school. Only 6 of them could go. We interviewed them to ask them what they did and this is what they said:
When they got there the went to see the children and meet them they all got into partners and walked about the school and they told them what each room was for. Some of the ones we can remember them telling us were The Busy Bee Room, The Kitchen, and the Soft Play. They all said that they went in the Soft play but was not allowed to play but they got told stories and more
I personally think this is a great idea for both schools to get together and meet each other then they will have more friends.

Kayleigh and Emma

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Movies Scene 2

Movies from the 2006 Dream Dragon project. Movies filmed by Primary Six.
click on the pictures to view the movies.

Dream Dragon scene 2
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryBridge Movies

For National Construction Week (NCW) 2005 Primary Six and Seven went to the Glasgow Science Centre to build a bridge. You can see some movies edited by the children by clicking on the images below.

Bridge Movie 1
click here to download

Bridge Movie 2
click here to download

Bridge Movie 3
click here to download

Links: Archive |EntryChinese New Year

Back in 2005 to celebrate Chinese New Year on February 9th P3M made lion masks and learnt a special lion dance.

Chinese New Year

click here to download

P3N made a dragon costume for three people and practiced a dance accompanied by Chinese style music using drums and cymbals.
Both dances were performed at the whole school assembly that Miss Murdoch and Miss Neilson gave about traditional Chinese New Year celebrations and customs. Everyone enjoyed them immensely. Chinese people do lion dances at New Year because they believe it scares away any evil spirits or bad luck. This means they will have good luck for the coming year.
According to the Chinese calendar 2005 is the year of the rooster. Anyone born in this year is believed to be a pioneer in spirit. They are devoted to work and quest after knowledge.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The video was filmed and Edited by Emma, Lauren and Steven from Primary Six

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 4 Assembly

On Friday Primary 4 had an assembly. We were talking about Glasgow to the rest of the school.
Differnt people talked about different parts of Glasgow and different times.
We talked about St. Mungo who founded a church in Glasgow. That is how Glasgow started off. We talked about Glasgow's coat of arms, The tree that never grew, the fish that never swam, the bird that never flew and the bell that never rang, we sang a song about the coat of arms. We sang a song about the river clyde.
At the start we held up the letters to spell Glasgow. Later on we held up the famous Glasgow's miles better sign. We held up the names of famous Glasgow streets.
When we talked about the time when lots of ships were built in Glasgow. Two people held up a blue curtain and Rhys and Jamie held up ships to make it look like ships sailing on the sea.

Our teacher ,Mr Macfadyen, played the keyboard while we sang.
We really enjoyed doing the assembly the rest of the school gave us a big cheer.
Some of the primary seven's videoed or assembly. We might have some of the video on the school website.
Bobbi and Robert.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 7 S Check patterns

Yesterday Primary Seven S used Microsoft Paint to make some abstract black and white pictures.
Picture Gallery
We learned to make shapes, to use the Shift to constrain the drawing tools, for example make the lines vertical or horizontal.

Links: Archive |EntryMrs Barr

Yesterday Mrs Barr came in and told p6m how to listen and have a good talk. It was really fun all of the class enjoyed it. We played brain games and partner boxing. She asked some people to come up and tell the whole class about myself. Martin and me got picked. Martin didnít feel embarrassed but I did.


Links: Archive |EntryTalking and listening

Yesterday Mrs Barr told us we are doing listening and talking. Mrs Barr told some children to about different things like their hobbies and their familyís. The first one to go up and talk was Charlene she named the teddy and she called him Tom. She told us how to be good speakers you have give eye contact and a loud and clear voice and lots of other stuff.
by Amber and kris

Links: Archive |EntryBanner Launch

Yesterday we went with Mrs Moore to the Glasgow Fort Shopping Center to hang up our banner. Our banner was about Glasgow, Primary four's topic is about Glasgow.
This was to launch a partnership between schools and the Glasgow Fort.
There was 15 school banners. We had to answer questions like 'how long did it take to make the banner?', 'who we were?' and 'were we excited about making the banner'. We said we enjoyed it.
There were lots of people taking photos.
We got a t-shirt, a certficate for the school a pen and some pads.

Amybeth and Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryPeople's Palace

On the 16th of November P7s and P7t went to the People's Palace. We split into 4 groups of 12 and sawa World War 2 rifle and a mirror which saved a solder's life.
Then saw Billy Conilly's Banana Boots and jail which showed bats, hand cuff, cases which you decided if it was life or death.
After that we seen a shop, which had cheese you could smell
Finally we saw women's dresses from the 1860ís. When we were leaving we saw an amazing fountain, with Queen Victoria on it.

By Shaun and Kieran B

Links: Archive |EntryLanguage

Primary six sj were doing reading and language skills. We had to fix the spelling mistakes. You had to use a thesaurus to think of the meanings of the words. Once we finished the page we went onto S.R.A.

Caroline Lauren

Links: Archive |EntryHelp Primary 3!

Primary 3 are collecting plastic bags for our recycling topic.

Can all the children in Sandaig please bring in plastic bags and send them to primary 3.

Links: Archive |EntryGears

Primary 6 s j where making gears out of lego for our topic. Some of us used the lego to help us with our worksheet about how gears work.
In a gear train there is a driver, a idler and a driven.
When you turn the driver clockwise the idler turns anticlockwise and the driven turns clockwise.
If the driver is big and the driven is small the driven will go faster.
After we did our work sheet we had to sort out the lego into its trays.

by Charlene and Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryWet intervals

It has been raining for the last few days, so we had to stay in for playtime and lunch time. During a wet interval we drew some pictures in our busy books. A busy book is an old jotter that we can draw in. We got to play board games and play with the construction games. We also got to go on to the computer and play some games. Even though we had to stay in it was fun. by Jay and Amy

Links: Archive |EntryThe fair-trade game

Yesterday p6m had a fun game about fair-trade.
First of all we split three groups into three countries they were called Kenya, Tanzenea, Guatamala.
There was also two companies called scrumptous and delicious.
Miss McCaffery was the shopkeeper in the game. We had to make some chocolate products
that the two chocolate companies had to sell to the teacher.
The teacher bought the chocolate and paid the company that gave the shopkeeper
the chocolate to sell the chocolate at the shop.

by Connor and Amy

Links: Archive |EntryWhen Fingal Faced a Bully

On Monday 13th November p7t got Mrs Darub for reciprocal teaching and we did visualisation with her we visualised a story called 'When Fingal Faced a Bully' we took pictures of groups to show you more of what we were doing.
We used different kinds of media like paint, collage, pastels, pens and pencils
We had a splended time here is a photo:

by Liam & James

Links: Archive |EntryGears

Click on the picture to watch our movie:
Primary 6 SJ Gears Movie
click here to download
P6S/J were making gear trains. There were 3 parts the driver, the driven and the idler. We found out that the smaller the gear is the faster it goes. We got to make our own board to put the gears on. We had to make lables to put on our gear train saying about what direction it goes and if it is the driver, the driven or the idler. We then had to make a report about how we made it and the directions. Then we made a movie about it which you can look at.
Nicole and Troy

Links: Archive |EntryReciprocal teaching

Today Mrs Cameron came in we looked in a dictionary. We got to be the teacher for a while. We put the meaning of a word up on the board from the dictionary and the rest of the class had to guess the word.
We look at a plate, which had the story of the willow pattern. Then we went and readed the story of the willow pattern. We are going to get a paper plate to make are own willow pattern plate. We are going to have lots of fun making the willow pattern plate.

Courtney Melissa

Links: Archive |EntryMrs Cameron

Yesterday Mrs Cameron did reciprocal teaching with us. It was all about Clarifaction. We were reading through a story called The Willow Pattern. We had to search for words that we didn't know the meaning of. Then we had to look it up in the dictionary. We then gave as clue and see if they knew the right word. We had to go around like teachers and see if they had it right.
Claire and Ryan

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary Six SJ Blogs

We are trying a little experiment. Primary Six SJ have got their own individual weblogs. There is a class blog that has all the posts and individual blogs for each member of class: Primary Six SJ - Blogs.
The children have each posted one or two entries and hopefully more will follow.

Links: Archive |Entryprimary 6 m mapstart

Yesterday p6m studied mapstart with Mrs Laird. This is what we learned. We were looking at oblique and vertical views. Oblique is an diagonal photo and vertical is a photo looking straight down. We did a mapstart sheet and we got instructions to follow different routes of the school and we had to coulor in the routes orange, red, blue, brown, yellow and green.

Martin Karen

Links: Archive |EntrySnakes and Ladders roundup

I've now added photos from the last two days of the Snakes and Ladders project to the Snakes and Ladders Gallery.
The images tell the story of the project but you will get a better understanding from the children's Snakes and Ladders Weblog.
The children will also be putting together a video of the project but that will probably take a few weeks to edit.

Links: Archive |EntrySafety

We are doing a compaction on safety in a car, green cross code and safe places to cross. This picture of safety in a car and it trying to encouraged adults and children to wear seatbelts and if children need boaster seats to use them so they are safe in a car. Other children made pictures of safe places to cross and that is to encourage people to cross at the traffic lights, zebra crossing and the lollipop lady or man. You should always look both ways before crossing roads and not just run a cross as that is dangerous and you could get knocked down and could get killed or seriously injured. So be safe at all times!
Lauren and Daryl

Links: Archive |Entryparents night

On Thursday the 9th of September was our parentís night. We were tidying out tray out all day. We had loads of things in our tray at the end of the day so the parents would be busy looking at all of the work. My mum and dad came to my parentís night I was at my grans house. My time that my mum and dad were to come was 5:00. I was at my grans for about 2 hours. My mum and dad were only about 10 minutes it was not that long. My teachers name is Mr Torrance he is a very good teacher and he is very funny. I got a good report so did most of the people; well I think everyone got a good report hopefully. I have never had a bad report for seven years and I hope when go into secondary school I won't have a bad report. My mum and dad were pleased that I got a good report again and so was I because I would not want to get a bad report.

Links: Archive |EntryGym Time!

On Wednesday the 8th of November P7S went to the for their Gym time. They do different exercises for their fitness weeks. They did exercises like spotty dogs, shuttle run, sit-ups and push up. The P7ís went in partners and kept each other scores. P7s have been working on their fitness and will be doing the beep test again at the end of it. The beep test is when the girls verse the girls and boys verse the boys at how long you can go.
Kieran and Carlie

Links: Archive |Entryhandwriting Chloe and Steven

Yesterday primary 6m were doing handwriting; we decided to choose the best ones to do a picture to go on the web log. They were all good it was hard to pick.
We were joining to tall letters but you might see some ticks on the page as we were self assessing. Self assessing means that you write comments of your own and other

Links: Archive |EntryThe Victorians Objects

P6m are learning about the Victorian the objects.
The objects we are learning about are for e.g Kettle, Chamber Pot, Carpet Beater and a iron .
We were learning how all the different objects in Victorian times worked. The chamber pot is used for doing the toilet in it is also used for keeping under your bed at bedtime. The Carpet Beater is used for making your carpet clean.
By Paula and Scott

Links: Archive |Entryvictorian objects

Primary 6 sj were there victorian topic and we found out about the iron, chanty and lots of other victorian objects. We found out about the carpet beater it is used to get all the dust and dirt. The iron in vicotrian times is a lot smaller than the one we use now and you had to put a hot block of coal into the iron.

by Charlene and Jamie

Links: Archive |EntryPlayground pals

Yesterday p6m did playground pals in the gym hall after a little while we went out side and played a couple of games. Like sharkatack, cattapiller, head catch and ice cube we loved it.
Our favourite game was shark atack.
Then we went in to class and talked about some more.Playground pals is primary 6s help the little ones to play more carefully at play time and lunch time.

Links: Archive |Entrychanges, changes and more changes

In Sandaig we have had alot of changes the biggest change is the media room. This means we have more technoligy to do more things for the website.Some other changes are the new meal choices for lunch and the clubs that are now going to be on through out the year. I can't wait for the new clubs to begin.

by Amy s

Links: Archive |EntryArt

We done art on Friday and we had to do road safety posters for a competition to win an ipod and for our junior road safety officers to win tickets to the secc. The design was to be on the a5 bit of paper and it had to have a topic. We had to write a slogan. Then a big snake and a big ladder and we painted the snake.

Links: Archive |EntrySnakes and ladders paintings

p6m were doing painting of snakes and ladders. Primary 6m where doing big snakes and ladders for the gym hall. we did five snakes and five ladders.The whole school will be playing the snakes and ladders board. Some people will be counters.
We put different designs on each snake and each ladder the design we put on them were spots, zig zags lines and different shapes.

Links: Archive |Entryworld war 2 newspaper

P7t world war 2 newspaper
This term we are learning all about World War 2. We have learned about Hitler 1 September and more. So we know all that and then we were thinking how did everyone know about World War 2 how did the news get around. Then we thought newspapers so we all went away and made a World War 2 newspaper it was fun and the rules were no colour, only use pencil, and make the title catchy and bold. Then after we made them all Mr Torrance (our teacher) got same tea bags and paint brush and put all the tea on our newspaper to make them look old and wrinkly. It was fun and I want to do it again soon. You will probably here more about World War 2 soon from p7t and p7s.
see some more of our pictures here
By Kayleigh

Links: Archive |EntryF.A.R.E.

Yesterday we got a visit from a group of people who came in to talk to use about anti-knife crime. There were six or seven people. We had to make a poster so that they could take it away. They said they were going to pick the best and draw it on a big bit of cardboard. They will bring it in next week.
Megan G and Lee

Links: Archive |EntryFrench

On Thursday we had French with Mr Naismith. We revised the numbers from 1 to 30. Then Mr Naismith asked our birthdays in French and we had to reply in French. This is how you write Claire's birthday in French, le treze (13) julliet (july).
Mr Naismith wrote a list of presents in French and he put on the sterio and we had to guess who got what. We could have had a game of bingo but there were no time left.

Claire and Chloe

Links: Archive |EntryF.A.R.E

Yesterday all of Primary 7 T and S had a visit from some people in a group called the f.a.i.r .
They were teaching us about how gang fighting is wrong and how Glasgow is the worst city in the World for knife crimes.
We were also taught the history of Glasow like how they talked about Provan Hall actually is the oldest house in the whole of Glasgow but people didn't notice because it used to be in North Lanarkshire.

Links: Archive |EntryHalloween

Happy Halloween! Oopís sorry I forgot it was on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon we all got changed into our costumes. After we got changed we were lined up and taken to the hall and we paraded around the hall and showed everyone our costumes. After that we went back to class everything looked so different.

When we went into the classroom all the desks had been moved and sweets, cakes and juice covered the table but it was sad really because we had to wait. Then we went into Miss smithís class, which is p7s and played some games. Then finally we were aloud to go through to p7t and have our sweets, cakes and juice and then we went back through to p7s and played some more party games and after that it was time to go home and everyone had a good time.
please leave a comment if you wish!
Demi, Sam

Links: Archive |EntryGears

Primary6sj has beaing doing things on gears. we have learned how to make a train out of gears.
The train has to have a driver for it to work. If the driver does not turn the other gears don`t turn.
There is all kinds of different kinds of gears there is a Driver, Driven and a idle.
The idle is the gear in the middle of the train. The driver turns all of the gears. The driver turns the idle and the idle turns the driven.Shaun, Kris p6sj

Links: Archive |EntryHalloween

Yesterday on halloween we had a display. It was in the gym hall and the parents could come . There was millions of cool costumes . After the display the classes went back and had a party . Some classes had their party in the gym hall ( after the people went ) and some had it between their two bases . We got to play lots of games then we went into the other base and had the food people brought in . Then we could do some apple dunking if we wanted to . Everyone had a great time .

By Nicole and Kieran