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Links: Archive |EntryP6S/J's new topic.


The new topic P6S/J has started the Victorains. We started the Victorains yesterday, we looked at a sheet that told us lots of information and we had to put it in a timeline. Once we finished our timelines we got to look through some Victorain books to get some information from them.
By Joshua aand Troy.

Links: Archive |EntryHAPPY HALLOWEEN

Yesterday on Tuesday 31st of October Sandaig Primary were celabrating by having a Halloween party.
At first we had a parade and everyone showed off there coustiams by walking on to the start of the gym hall. All of the classes made there own decorations and hung them up. All of the school went back to there classes and had fun and games. After we had fun and games we went next door and ate party food there was cakes and drinks too. We had to duke for apples after we ate our food and then the bell went. We all had fun by Chantelle and Natasha bye bye

Links: Archive |EntryMapstart

Yesterday p6m did mapstart. We all took different routes to get from one end of the school to the other end of the school. Then we checked which route was the quickest by adding up everybodys steps. And the routes you had to take was centre, left and right. In our mapstart book it showed us
a picture of a school. We then had to count how many corners the school had. This is a picture of Matthew counting the corners of the school.
Ryan and Connor

Links: Archive |Entryhalloween pictures

We did halloween pictures it was haunted pictures of haunted castles. We drew half a castle on a black bit of paper. We only drew half a castle and we folded the paper then cut it out. We cut out window and put red tissue paper behind them. Then we put the castle on a black bit of paper. Then we drew some scary pictures on the white bit of paper. We used chalk to give the pictures effect of the moon and the clouds. After that we did some big pictures on a black or white bit of paper . We drew a grave of ghosts or bats. We used chalk a smudged it to give the ghosts a spooky effect. We used them to decorate our classroom.
We all had good fun making them.

Ashleigh and Declan

Links: Archive |EntryRadio Sandaig October 2006

The new podcast is out: Radio Sandaig.
A Halloween special, with a mix of our regular features and Halloween fun.

Links: Archive |EntryFrench with Mrs Stewart

Friday was our French lesson. We had to say our french alphabet and our numbers up to thirty one in french. Then we had to learn to say what age we were. We had to draw a picture of ourselves and write our name and age in our French jotter.
Amy and Steven

Links: Archive |Entrysnakes and ladders decorations

On friday p6m were making snakes and ladders decorations. Two groups where making ladders and three groups where making snakes. We are going to make the decorations for the gym hall. One person from Arran, Bute, Mull and Skye will be playing the big board in the gym hall on snakes and ladders day. by Chelsea and Stephanie.

Links: Archive |EntryBookmark

Primary 6 are making bookmarks so that everyone in the class can keep their place in their book.

Click on thumbnail to see full book mark.

Links: Archive |Entryprimary6m gym time

Primary 6m have been doing gym. We had a mix and match in gym. Yesterday we started doing some warm-ups for e.g we went in a big line and the teacher would say either skip, run, jog and change direction. Then we played some games, we played a game called the chair game. It goes like this, someone would go out and the teacher would cover the persons eyes with her hands then she would say go to a coloured corner on the chair there was red, blue, green and yellow. And the person out would say a colour . We played a running game, we had to get two skittles (tall ones) and put a pole in the middle of them then the teacher would shout on your marks, get set .....GO!!! Then everyone would run with a bean bag and they had to jump over the pole and the hoola hoop over them and touch the wall and give the next runner the bean bag. The last game we played mice and monsters. The game goes like this, the teacher would count how many children there were and split them into two and if she shouted monsters the monsters would chase the mice and if the mice were shouted they would chase the monsters.
primary 6m loved gym on Thursday!
matthew and karen.

Links: Archive |EntryGym

This term in gym we have been learning about balancing. We have been practising on the apparatus it is fun. Every week we do warm ups by starting with our names being called out and then we walk around the gym and when Mrs McMichael tells us a number we have to do the balance but if we get it wrong we have to do it again. When we have finished warming up we get on to the real lesson when we start we pick a partner that you think you will work well with and wont fight but it is ok to disagree with what your partner says in a reasonable way. And then you number your self A anb B and you show the class what you have learned at the end of the lesson but you only get picked if Mrs McMichael thinks it was a good balance and then you show it and she tells you if it was a good balance or not.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 6S/J Weighting

Yesterday primary 6S/J where doing weighting. We were using a text book. We had to use parcels with weights in them. We had to put the parcels into the scales. Then we had to find the right weight for the pacels. Then we had to find things in the class and find the right weight for them. This is what we will be doing for a few weeks.

Jodie and Courteny.

Links: Archive |EntryFootball

Yesterday after school the boys in the two-p6 classes and two p7 classes
Went to football trials .It is Colin and miss Bell that hosts the football. There were two teams the red team the blue team the red team won here are the people that got in to SANDAIG FOOTBALL TEAM-Kieran A, Shaun G, Lee M, Marc , Craig U, Lewis D, Declan M, Ryan F, Bradley Walker, Scott W and Daniel C.

And we all hope they do well. Watch out for the match reports.
Andrew and Emily

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 1 stories

A few weeks ago we had to write stories for our buddies. Today we have to go down and read them to our buddies. The buddies had to come up with the beginning, the middle and the ending. some wanted big monsters in their storys and some wanted themselves in the story. Some wanted princesses. The primary sevens had to write the story and draw pictures to go along with it. Today we have to go down to their classes and read it to them. I hope they enjoy their storys.

by Amy

Links: Archive |Entrybuddy stories by amy s

In sandaig we do buddies, a buddy is a primary one,the p7s look after the p1 until they know there way around the school .today were going down to there class to read them their stories.hopefully they will like there stories,I hope my buddy will like his story.We will keep going down until there
definetly sure of the school.The p1 are so cute and I want to take them all home with me.Amy

Links: Archive |Entryvictorian music

Yesterday p6m did their first music lesson with Miss McCaffery. Some of the children demonstrated how to use different instruments for eg hand drums, indian bells, tambourine, cymbals and a triangle.

Then we sang a song for our next topic the victorians.
by Martin and Scott

Links: Archive |EntryFootball training

When football training started we got put into teams I was in the blue team and some other people where in the red team. When we where in the pitch my team was getting beaten 3 2 but then I got put in the red team and we were winning 5 4. Then we went back in the gym hall then the teams got picked and I was in it.

Links: Archive |EntryLanguage with Mr Nasmith

On Wednesday the 25 of October primary 7s get language with mr Nasmith. We were talking about endings of a story by looking at a picture and getting ideas. And Mr Nasmith wrote on the board a Y and a X . The Y stands for like the ending in Cinderella when they live happy ever after so it was a closed story. But in the X it didn't have a ending that left the story open.

Near the end we looked in the writers handbook and looked at endings of story and we wrote our own ending of a story a spooky story.


Links: Archive |Entryletter writing

Yesterday we were reading a poem. It was about a little girl that went missing. There was a scrunched up letter on the fire place. Our job was to think what was on the letter. The window was lieing opened in LuLus room. We thought she jumped out the window or she got kidnapped.

Kimberley and Caroline

Links: Archive |EntryScotland Leaflet

Primary 6 S/J had to write a leaflet all about Scotland so that if anyone wants to know about Scotland they can read it. We had to have an introduction about the 3 parts of Scotland; the Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands. Then we had to have a Landscape section about Rivers, Lochs, CIties and Mountains. Then last of all we had to write about what the Cities are used for. We all had fun.
By Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryCircle Time

Yesterday P6M had circle time in class. We played games like if
I was a colour what colour would I be. We had to say a name of a colour you would like to be and why you would like to be it. Then we played another game that we had to make a sentence by each
pupil adding a word for example I went to the shops. Next we talked about things we would like to see in the future.


Links: Archive |EntryMedia Room

Today we had our first shot in the new Media Room.
We made bookmarks with Microsoft Word.
We learned how to insert a draw shape, word art, clip art and a text box.
We learned how to resize and rotate and how to format the object so that we could move them around by setting their layout to square.

Primary 6 S/J

Links: Archive |EntryEnd of Term One

We finished the term with a blogging bang this week, as well as the Snakes and Ladders blog, there has been some great posts on Sandaig Otters and even a couple of poems on the Sandaig Poets blog.
Apologies to anyone waiting for a reply to a comment here but we are off for a well earned week.

Next term we will be continuing to blog and you can look out for some interesting developments here on the Sandaig Website.

Links: Archive |EntryAn eyewitness account 2

As part of our world war 2 topic were lucky enough to be visited by Helen Mclullich who is an author as well as a retired teacher who taught during world war 2. She told us about...
Her journey to Perth and on to aberfeldy the reason she knew she was in Perth even though there were no signs or place names so the spies didn't know where they are.
Helen Mclullich knew when she was in Perth because she had been there loads of times before. When she arrived in aberfeldy she thought it was a beautiful place and the sun shined brightly. Helen Mclullich helped organise the evacuation and sat next to the telephone, which would ring and tell them when a bomber was near and would set of the sirens to warn the people. She said that the blackout was so dangerous because there were no lights and you could fall when crossing the road. Sand bags protected school windows. Three girls were taken shopping in Perth by the woman who was looking after them and they had a great time. A boy called John sat on the roof because the "Provost was gonna droon me!". She said that she was happy to be there because she made new friends. She wrote a book called lest we forget.

Links: Archive |EntryGavin the dragon - Claire

Hi my name is Gavin.I am 2 years old. I am a vegitarian. In this picture you can see me and my very best friend Suzan. Here is my profile.

Name: Gavin
Diet:fruit and veg
Address: Big cave at 42 dragon road
Breed: fierce Komodo dragon (I'm not really;-))

well thats me!! bye-bye

Links: Archive |EntryMaking a light switch

Today P6 S/J had to make a light switch out of 2 thumbtacks, 3 crocodile clips, a light bulb, a bulb holder and a battery. First we cut out a 3D box then underneath the box we made a circut. Then we made a hole through the top of the box. We put the bulb through the hole then we stuck 2 thumbtacks through another bit of the box then we put a paperclip between the 2 thumbtacks then when we put the paperclip next to one of the thumbtacks the bulb lit up.

By Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryAn eyewitness account

For this years topic World War 2 our school was pleased to have Helen McLullich who is an eyewitness of World War 2. She was evacuated with school children because she was a young school teacher. She told us about her past in World War 2 and these are some of the things she told us about...

I was evacuated with the school children and a few teachers. The only people who knew where we were going were the head teacher and the driver of the train. It was a secret location and all the signs had been taken down because of spies but then I realized that we were in Perth and I knew that because we had been there before. We passed Perth and arrived in Arfeldy.

We were taken to the town hall and the evacuees were taken to there new home. I was put in a home just across the road from the town hall in the evenings I would sometimes organise the evacuation teacher air raid warden. I was heading over to the town hall and a boy called John I said to him "what are you up on the roof. For you should be in your bath" and he said "he's gonna droon me".

I enjoyed it there and I didn't really miss my friends and family very much because I made new friends and met loads of new people.


Links: Archive |EntryMaking a switch

Today primary six S/J did a challange.The challange was to make a ligh switch using carboard, two batteries, a light bulb, 3 crocodile clips and thumb tacks.This was for our Electircity Topic. My idea was that I put two thumb tacks in the carboard, clip the crocidail clips on the bottom of the thumb tacks with the paper clips and every time the paper clips touched each other the light bulb light up.


Links: Archive |Entrymy rabbit

This is a picture of my rabbit Thumper.
He is only 8 weeks old.
He loves his carrots and lettuce.
He is very jumpy.
My mum and my big brother love him.
He is small, cute and so soft.
All my friends love him as well.

By Chelsey

Links: Archive |EntrySandaig Snakes and Ladders

We have just set up a new short term blog for our Snakes and Ladders project.
This is a whole school project focusing on values. The children are making a series of Snakes and Ladders boards working in mixed age groups, these boards will go together to make one huge whole school board.
A team of 6 Primary Sevens are blogging the projects progress over the next week.

Links: Archive |EntryFlick Flacks

Yesterday some P6s were making flic flacs. We found out about Flic Flacs on the 5/6P AllStars blog We asked them how to make them and they told us on their blog .
Here is a movie of one of our Flic Flacs.

click here to download
Jodie, Melissa and Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryHow to write a play

This week is writing week. We looked at some of the rules on how to write a play here are some examples:
  • Keep play in present tense.
  • good ending
  • use adverbs for speech and movement.
Then we got partners and started writing a play called Thin Ice. We started off copying dialog from the blackboard, then we started writing the rest off the play ourselves.

Amy and Charlene

Links: Archive |EntryBe Very Afraid Podcast

working at BVA

On Monday 2 October 2006 Two of last years primary seven pupils, using the names of Thelma and Louise (not their real names) took part in the Be Very Afraid event at Bafta in London.
The pupils were there to represent Radio Sandaig. At very short notice (they only knew about the task the previous Thursday) the girls created a great fictional idea for a podcast to create in London.
The plan was to kidnap Sandy the Sandaig otter and Radio Sandaig and take 'them' to london. This was in revenge for being sent to secondary school.

The girls had a great trip to london and worked really hard all day to produce a brilliant podcast: Be Very Afraid Podcast

They also talked to reporters from newspapers and radio, politicians, teachers pupils and educators from all around the United kingdom.

In case you are worried you can hear what happen to Sandy and Radio Sandiag on the Be Very Afraid Podcast.
Update: Radio Sandaig @ Be Very Afraid picture gallery.

Links: Archive |EntryHi from Sandy

Otter in the eye

Hi Sandy here as you can see I am having fun lounging in the eye. Don't worry I am having a blast!!!!!!!! See you soon. I hope!!!

Links: Archive |EntryRansom video

Otter Nap
click here to download

Its Thelma and Louise here and unless we get back to Sandaig NOW the otter gets it.....