This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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Links: Archive |EntryThe Romans Podcast

p5 podcasting

Sandaig Primary Five's first podcast. The children wrote and recorded this podcast based on their topic from last term. Roman facts and interesting information. All the children in Primary five took part in writing and recording their podcast.
Listen at Radio Sandaig

Links: Archive |EntryProven Hall House

On Wednesday P.6 went to Proven hall house. It was raining and the other schools weren’t there so the man told us about some ghosts. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryRadio Sandaig on Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland: Podcasters
Mon 29 May, 11:30 - 12:00 30 mins
Muriel Gray unpicks fact from fiction behind the latest buzzword, and finds out how Scottish podcasters are sending home-made radio programmes across the world.
Don't miss it!
You can listen BBC Radio Player
Or on the Radio: 92.4-94.7 FM or 810 MW

Links: Archive |Entryour record

When the childern from Holland came over they did handstands against the wall a different way from us. They had 3 people on top of each other but doing the handstands.
When they left some girls took that further and did a tower.

As you can see we didn't even get the people on the top but it was good fun!.
In the picture we had 4 people on the bottom and then 3 then 2 then we tryed 1 but we failed!.


super sandaig tower

Links: Archive |EntryBBC Scotland visits Radio Sandaig

BBC Radio Scotland producers came to Sandaig today. They came to interview some of the members from Radio Sandaig. Muriel Gray was asking us questions about recording and editing, the other girl called Lucy was recording. Muriel was very nice and full of laughter she thought that what we where doing was amazing. We let her say hello and answer a Question. We asked her were would she rather work on radio Sandaig or BBC Scotland and she said she would work on radio Sandaig if she had a chance. Our podcast will be on the website soon so if you would like to hear what Muriel said and if you would like to know any more about it you should check it.

Amy, Kimberley and Sam

Links: Archive |EntryTrip to Aberfoyle

Yesterday primary 6 and class 6/7 from Westzan in De-rank went to a place called aberfoyle. Class 6/7 came over to Sandaig primary school to meet us, so we went on a trip to Aberfoyle with them. We each had a partner from de-rank to talk to. When we arrived at Aberfoyle we went up a hill called the Fairy hill. We climbed the fairy hill with our partners from De-Rank. When you looked at the hill you see a special tree that people that people put wishes and coins on. Our partners had to write a wish on a peace of cloth and then walk around the magic tree with there eyes closed. We all had to write a wish on the same cloth and walk around the tree with our eyes closed too.on the way back we stopped off at the David Marshal lodge for a drink. A Dutch teacher gave everybody a lollypop; I thought that was very kind of her. I think we all enjoyed ourselves and made lots of friends with the people in de-rank.

By Amy.

Links: Archive |EntryChina link

I found a great website to help you find information about China.

Links: Archive |EntryTrip to Aberfoyle with the Dutch

On the 10th May 2006 the Dutch children came over from Holland and they picked a partner and gave them a present. I got a partner and her name was Naomi and she got me a cool colourful pen and a wicked chain. They talked with us for a while and finally the bus came. Then we got on the bus with our partners.
We lined up and started to head for a bridge.
We finally got to the top of fairy hill and we got a piece of cloth and we wrote on 1 side of the paper and our partner would write in Dutch on the other side. Then we would tie it to a tree and walk backwards once with our eyes closed. Then we headed back down fairy hill and when we got top the bottom we headed back to the bus and got on the bus and headed somewhere else. When we got to our destination we stopped and had a lolly and had a drink. Then it was time to leave so we got on the bus and headed to the school and we all had a great time.


Links: Archive |Entryscotston

At Scotston Sandaig p7+p6 were number 33. We competed in 3 events cricket , ball throw , really and 80 metre sprint. Jay and Megan Sinclair won a certificate for cricket ball throw. Bradley and Jack won a bronze medal for the 80 metre sprint and in the rating of 50 schools and the Sandaig boys came in 4th .

Bradley and Declan

Links: Archive |EntryConductors and insulators

P6 have been doing a project on Electricity. We found out about conductors and insulators. We have tested objects to see if they conduct electricity or not
We tried taking objects and clipping them to circuits and if it did not make the light light up it would be put in the Insulators list.

Metal bit of pencil
Clip of bulb
Bulldog clip
Table leg
Super Sony battery
Copper lantern
Metal bit of bobble
plastic pen
wooden pencil
plank of wood

We have enjoyed these experiments and we hope that we use them further on through primary 6

By Sam and Shaun