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Learn to imporve your typing, lots of fun.
how to make scoubidou, scoobies
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Animal of the day - It's fun and educational - TheWebsiteOfEverything.com
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Looks interesting. Nice simple fairly easy to read.

Scottish Learning Festival


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Links: Archive |EntryHungry For Success

On Wednesday the 27th of September we saw a play called Hungry For Success. It is about how you should eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and also to drink lots of water to refresh our brains but also to refresh our skin.
In the play there are three school children named Willy, Freddy and Lexie ,they are the main characters.
At first Willy was always late to get to get the bus stop.
Here is two reviews from two pupils in primary six.
1. I like the part of the play where Willy and Freddy kept getting Lexie's name wrong.
2. I thought the play was good fun but it was also educational at the same time. And it had made me think that I should try and eat more vegetables and drink more water.

Kimberley-Jayne and Megan G

Links: Archive |EntryWeight

Yesterday in maths we have been weighing stuff. Including books, rubbers, pencil cases and lots of other things.
We were using a balance.
We, were using a 500 grams weight which is half a kilo.
We had to find things that were less than, more than and the same as half a kilo.
Then we got plasticine and weighed out 500grams.

Daniel, Jay and Kieran.

Links: Archive |EntrySchools, Schools, Schools

Schools, Schools, Schools
Our new Radio Sandaig podcast. Gets a mention on the blog and in the ipodcast.org.uk podcast they play a snippet from our show!
congratulations to the Radio Sandaig team.

Links: Archive |EntryBuddies


Sometime last week we got our buddies. The reason p7s get p1 buddies is so they have a good role model. And help them through there first year of school. We care for our buddies.
In p1 (which is there class) We stuck red and blue patterns.
Time before we made a post box.

David M Thomas B

Links: Archive |EntryBoys Vs Girls

Megan and Lucy started a competition for radio Sandaig to find out who are better boys or girls.
Every month we do one challenge. This month it was wrapping someone from each team in value toilet paper. The boys’ team is Jack the captain, Craig, Stuart, James and Jordan. We wrapped up Craig. The girls’ team is Lisa the captain, Carla, Stephanie, Meghan and Ashleigh. They chose to wrap Ashleigh up. The boys won. Jack and Stuart were the best at wrapping Craig up.

We know what the next challenge is but we won't tell you.

So who do you think is better? OBVIOUSLY THE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The score was boys 1 girls 0.


Stuart, James, Jordan, Craig and last of all Jack

Links: Archive |Entrycoments

Hi this is primary seven and thanks for your coments. We have buddies now because we are primary seven. We are doing a chat show called radio Sandaig. Its cool and you will like it.

Links: Archive |Entrycocktail fun

For the forth week Dave came GEAAP came in for our last session.

Dave made alcohol free cocktails. Dave made diesel and sunset these were other alcohol free drinks. You were to think of what alcoholic drink it tasted like.

Ashleigh, Megan G.

Links: Archive |EntryGlasgow Clipper Competition 2

Primary Six are entering this competition. Following the clipper '05- 06' race. here is the
competition website

Links: Archive |EntryRadio Sandaig

Hello! This is Radio Sandaig!
Hey! Wait a minute! This is the Sandaig otter’s web log!
If you want to hear our chat show, pop over to Radio Sandaig. Soon!
It hasn’t been finished yet, but it’s coming!

There’s lots of


And lots of Toilet roll

And lots of


By Megan M, Emma B, Stephanie and Lauren.

Links: Archive |EntryScobies


The latest hobby in primary six is scobies.
Scobies are multi coloured plastic strings. You can make things from the scobies by weaving them in criss cross patterns. You can make square, circle and chinese stair patterns. With these you can make lots of things, like, bangles, key rings, and pens.
You can buy scobie books to help.
It can be quite tricky and challanging, but is is great fun.

Primary Six

Links: Archive |EntryFire Safety

Jim from Easter house fire station came to talk to us about how fires can be dangerous

He told us not to do prank calls because if you do a prank call there might be a real fire. A prank call is a call that someone has for fun. Hydrants can cause death if you set them off. Firemen can’t use them if they’re set off.

Some gangs attack firemen when they are in action. Jim was injured went someone threw a brick at his arm.
Setting fires can cause death. Jim told us about a boy who set off the fire alarm to get more time outside. This slowed the fire brigade up going to another fire.

Written by Kieran B and Ewan, typed by Megan D. (more)

Links: Archive |EntryHi From Primary Seven

P7 with Miss Smith

Primary Seven start blogging again.
We have a new teacher Miss Smith. We are excited about going to see our buddies today.

Links: Archive |Entryp6 weighing

The squares have been balancing things on scales. We had to go in pairs. We had to find the weight of mystery objects. We were measuring the weights of objects on balances. We were measuring in grams.

by Ashleigh, Kayleigh, Megan G.