This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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Gilham third grade blog
Gilham third grade blog A class blog from Origon USA.
Science Toys
Science Toys Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids
south street studios
south street studios has some animation made in the same way the some Sandaig children did the plasticine ones: dragon movie and on the beach


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Links: Archive |EntrySandaig - De Rank

Sandaig - De Rank

We have started another weblog. This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School in Scotland and De Rank Primary in Holland.

A small experiment in the use of a weblog between two primary schools.

Links: Archive |EntryRE Links

Our RE topic this term is an Islamic Wedding here are a couple of links to websites with information on Islam:

Virtual Mosque

Islam for Children

Links: Archive |EntryPhotos of Barlanark

photograher and us

Yesterday, we went out to take pictures of Barlanark. First we took photos of houses along Burnmouth road. Then we went to Greyfriars church. On the way back from the church we met two newspaper photographers they asked if they could take photos of us in the park. So we had to go back to school to ask our head teacher if we could be in the Evening Times. She said yes so we went to the park to get are photos taken.

We probably will be in the papers sometime this week. Then we headed to St. Judes chapel to take more photos and passed the station a couple more houses. Then we went back to school.

Megan M and James

Links: Archive |EntryBarlanark 50th Aniversary

march past school

On Saturday we had a march to celebrate Barlanark's 50th birthday. It started at the Robert Bennie centre and ended at the Barlanark Community centre. Children from schools in Barlanark, along with some other groups where in the march. We planted a tree and buried a time capsule. We had a carnival it was brilliant.

Stuart, Lucy, Steven, Ryan and Lauren

Links: Archive |EntryNew Primary Sixes Will start Blogging Soon

We have a new set of bloggers, this years Primary Six, stand by for news from them soon.

Links: Archive |EntryMrs Kennedy with the European Space Agency

Mrs KennedyESA - Human Spaceflight - Education - European teachers collaborate with ESA in development of Primary-level ISS Education Kit Mrs Kennedy spent some of her holiday helping the ESA.