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Links: Archive |EntrySandaig summer sandals and shades singalong

Summer sandals and shades singalong
On the 27th of June children in Sandaig had a Summer Singalong to send the Primary Sevens on their way followed by a bubbles party in the playground.
Amy and Kimberley Jane from Primary Six were the official photographers.

Good luck and best wishes to all the Primary Sevens, don't be strangers!

Links: Archive |EntryBute wins the battle of the islands

Today we had the inter house quiz, so that ment that the battle of the islands is now finished, but now the question is who has won the battle has won the battle of the islands�..could it be Aran�. Or Mull but then maybe it�s Skye. It could possible be Bute. So now to announce
The winner���.And the winner is � Bute. The team captains for Bute had to collect the shield because
Bute won. The house team will get their name carved into the shield and it gets displayed at the school
Entrance. The picture above shows the Bute house captains getting the shield.

by Amy and Daniel

Links: Archive |EntryTaekwon-do

Today the whole school went see some of the children from our school do Tae kwon-do. Andrew, Steven, Stephanie and Louis showed us some moves they had learned.
Michelle is their teacher. Michelle taught them to kick, punch and defend themselves.

Links: Archive |EntryGlencoe Movies

The children finished editing the Glencoe movie a couple of weeks ago, I have finally compressed it and divided it into sections to make it suitable for the website:
Glencoe Movies
The Primary Six children did all of the editing working in small groups, this took a lot of discussion and cooperation which they managed very well indeed.

Links: Archive |EntryNatashas Review of P6

I have really enjoyed primary six especially language work writing instructions and instructional text.
I had a tough time at maths work but Mr Johnston helped me and Mr Naismith.
Enjoyed my topic work about Victorians and our trip to Scotland Street.

Also in primary six we had a trip to Glencoe that was a blast we had a range of activities we went skiing that was really hard it took me a little while to learn but I soon picked up the pace.
On our second last night we had a Disco.

Primary six has been different its been more interesting than any other class.
Primary seven will be a bit more challenging.

Primary six has been a blast and I feel a bit sad that I am going to have to leave Primary six and go into Primary seven.
By Natassha

Links: Archive |EntryP6 TO P7

At circle time with Mrs Burke we talked about what we wanted to do and achieve in P7.After having a talk about it we came up with a list of good ideas of what we would do in P7 (or try) (more)

Links: Archive |EntrySports Day 2006

sports day thumbnail

Just added:
Sandaig Sports Day 2006 Gallery

Links: Archive |EntryActivity Day

On Tuesday 20 June Sandaig and Barlanark primary joined together for three activities. The activities were hip-hop, team combat and circuit. The hip-hop dancing was funny and tiring. The women who was teaching us to do hip-hop dancing was called Leeann. The teacher who was teaching us team combat was called Colette. The team combat was great, Colette showed us how to defend ourselves. The teacher who was teaching the circuits was called Scottie. In the circuits there were different exercises we had to do like star jumps and hopping on one foot for 10 seconds. We all enjoyed the day and thought it was tiring.

Kimberley and Kieran B

Links: Archive |EntrySports day at Sandaig

On Monday 19th June it was sports day. There was all sorts of different activates to play; hopscotch, hop jump skip run and lots more. There are different teams Bute, Arran, Mull, Sky. Every team has a house captain I�m in Bute we have house captains mine is Steven and he is in p7, you have vice captains to help the captains and they are all from p7. We have sports day every year and the aim of the game is to get as many points as possible. If you win a race you get money tokens for the tuck shop.
All the points you get go towards the house shield.
The team with the most points and gets the name of the team on a shield and that�s what happens at sports day.
Andrew and Nicole

Links: Archive |EntryThe Community Centre

Primary five are doing a topic about The Community Centre. We are going to tell you what we have been learning about. Our task today was to design a Community Centre.

We chose different activities for all ages in the Community Centre. For example: Dancing, Drawing and Bowls. We chose different activities to help all ages. We had to choose different activities for different kinds of people.

We decided on the activities then slotted them into the timetable. Then we decided what room, what time and what day it was on. We decided that some days that the centre is going to be closed.

We had to decide what staff to use in each activity and what skills staff needed .We also had to decide what staff could work together. Finally, we had to decide how many teachers the centre would be.

The next job is to design a Community Centre. We had to think about activities and equipment. What kind of spaces we needed for each activity.

We had to make a logo for our Community Centre. We had to make our logo attractive. The logo has to show what the Community Centre is about. We chose a piper for our logo because it is Scottish .

Links: Archive |EntryDream Dragon Movies Scenes 2 to 7

Well, we finally have acted out some of the Dream Dragon Script.
The production is pretty lo-fi, no costumes or scenery, only a few props. Focusing on the performances and how to stage it. The children are shooting the video taking turns at being cameraperson, director and gofor.
They came up with some pretty imaginative suggestions for how to frame and stage scenes. I've uploaded a quicktime movies of scenes 2 to 7 to the internet archive. I hope we will get a chance to record the other scenes next week, but as the end of term nears time is short.
dream dragon still
Scene 2(4.5 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 3(3.0 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 4 (1.9 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 5 (1.8 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 6(3.0 MB)
dream dragon still
Scene 7 part 1 (1.0 MB)

Links: Archive |EntryWorld Cup 2006

We have a new blog:

Sandaig World Cup 2006
Check it out and see what you think!

Links: Archive |EntryThe dream dragon play

Today we have been filming the play of the dream dragon. We have about 10 scenes in the play. We have been filming scene by scene. We have been practicing our lines and doing the actions and movements, them we have would have a practise and after the practise we would film it. We got the scrip and the equipment from Carol Fuller in America. We also got the script from Carol Fuller. We are looking forward to acting out our scenes. We hope to be finishing the play by this Friday.

by Jennifer and Amy

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary Six Technology

Here is a spreadsheet and graph of the technology that primary six have at home.

Links: Archive |EntryBio Poems

Get to know next years primary sevens from their imaginative bio-poems
Update:A little explaination, next years Primary Seven will be made up of this years primary six and many of Barlanark Primary primary sixes. Barlanark is closing down at the end of this session, the poems were written when the Barlanark Primary Six class was visiting Sandaig to work with the Sandaig Primary Six.

Links: Archive |EntryFire&Rescue;

Today A fireman called Jim came and talked about fire & rescue. He talked about fire safety. He talked about abuse on firemen , fire hydrants , Prank calls and deliberate fires. He showed us some video clips. Some of them were Quiet disturbing and they just showed us what fires can do. We got free wristbands then at the end he showed us a burned down room. We all enjoyed it.

By Ashleigh , Kieran , Shaun, Daniel d

Links: Archive |EntrySandaig at Troon

We had a great day at Troon today. Sandcastles were built, kites flown, crabs caught and ice cream eaten.
Primary Six were let loose with the digital cameras you can see the pictures Troon 2006 Gallery

Links: Archive |Entryweetom's bad day

On Tuesday Michael Kerins came he was excellent. He told us about weetom he was the height of our thumbs.
When we went in we had to go under a tunnel. It was a great laugh until we got shouted at but apart from that it was all great.
The story was about his Uncle Dan was away to Cairo in Egypt. weetom was in a bad mood with his Uncle Dan for not being back for him. So it was time for his bed so he went to bed reading a ghost story book and he fell asleep he had a nightmare and he screamed and screamed, his uncle dan heard him and he paid the taxi and ran up the stairs and went in the house and saw him sleeping.
Shaun was griting his teeth together and Mr Johnston had to hold his jaw and he did not like the feeling we all think Michael Keirns was amazing