The Press Visit Sandaig!

Sandaig Primary School is officially the best school is Glasgow!

Yesterday the press visited Sandaig Primary. They arrived at about 10:30. Amy Johnson and Michael Gardiner and children from other classes, were chosen to get their picture taken for the newspapers such as the Evening Times, The Glasgow Herald and several more.

The press were here because Sandaig got four Excellents and one very good from the HMIE, which made us the best school in Glasgow. No primary school in the whole of Scotland has achieved more! We are so proud!

By Amy J and Lisa

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  1. You always were the best school, it is nice that the HMIE agree.

    Well done to all of the pupils and staff at Sandaig.

  2. micahelgardiner

    Well done we are the best!

  3. chelsea

    It was a really good day when the press were in our school!

    by Chelsea

  4. I enjoyed that day I remember the press where in our school

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