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Burn's Day 2005 Pictures ||| 27 January 2005 posted by:Mr Johnston
Burn's Day 2005 Pictures
Site Updates ||| 17 December 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
I think this will be the last this year.
Primary 3 Electric Models
Primary 6: Fantastic FishThe fish too a long time to finish but it was worth the effort.
Radio Sandaig now has 2 programs, listen to the amazing Primary 7 junk band.
Have a happy Christmas and a great New Year
Site news ||| 13 December 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
A new set of pictures from Primary 3 I am happy when.
A new newsletter above and a new Healthy Target
The Guest Book ||| 28 November 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
I had some trouble with the guest book a while back, but it is now fixed. Please add a comment if you see something you like on the site.
Calendar ||| 28 November 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
The Calander on the News page has finally been updated. I'll try to add events in a more timly manner from now on.
Updates ||| 26 November 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
A trip to Polmadie by Primary 3 has been added to the class section.
The November Newsletter can be downloaded from above.
Site Updates ||| 13 November 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
This news has not been kept up to date, sorry.
  • I've just added some drawings by our new primary ones to the classes section.
  • We had a visit from our Dutch Key pals which you can read about on the Sandaig -De Rank Section of our weblog.
  • The main section of our web log has been updated regularly a lot more frequently than this page.
  • Barlanark in Our eyes gives some information about a digital video project.
  • Radio Sandaig is an experement which hopefully will lead to some interesting content this session.

I also need to give apologies for not keeping the calendar and holidays up to date, soon.
New pages ||| 13 October 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
Just added to the classes section, some great feather art by Primary four and some drawing and writing by Primary two.
Telling the time ||| 5 September 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
I've added a simple quiz to the fun section, which lets children practice telling the time. Send me any comments about the game if you try it John johnston
New Session News ||| 26 August 2004 posted by:Mr Johnston
I have just uploaded the new newsletter, but have yet to update the holidays and calendar, I hope to do so soon.
There is some new primary six and school news on the Weblog.
Classwork will be added to the Classes session as the session gets under way.