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Primary 2

Language Links

    Maths Links

    • 100hunt2
    • 10pipe
    • beaver
    • bridgedoubles
    • dinoplacevalue
    • fishy2s
    • football2
    • frog
    • moneypayer
    • moneysplat
    • monkeymaths
    • octopus
    • partition
    • piratenumbers
    • postletter
    • robindoubles
    • targettakeaway
    • woodland explorer

Primary 6

International Project links

General Links

  • Flags of the World
  • World Factbook (KS1 & 2)
  • Country Reports
  • Atlapedia Online
Blank maps:

Netherlands Links

France Links

China Links

  • China Lots of links from North Ayrshire Education Resource Service
  • Chinese New Year links from North Ayrshire Education Resource Service
  • China Photos you can use
  • Ancient China - History for Kids!
  • A to Z Kids Stuff China
  • Kids Culture Center - China

Victorians Links

Primary 7

WW 2 Links

  • BBC - History - World War Two
    Information on the Home Front and the Holocaust
  • BBC - History - Evacuees in World War Two - the True Story
    Information on Evacuation with peoples experiences and feelings about their own personal evacuation. Links to other aspects of World War 2
  • World War Two - Evacuation, rationing, blackout, shelters
    An excellent site made by children with information and FLASH presentations on many aspects of the war.
  • The National Archives Learning Curve | Home Front
    Information, diaries and worksheets with activities on World War 2 - the Home Front
  • homefront
    Sites on evacuation, gas masks, rationing, government advice during World War 2
  • Women in World War Two
    Information on women's roles during World War 2
  • Famous People of World War Two - The History Beat
    Gives information on important people in the war and specific battles.
  • The Kevin Morrison Collection: Wartime Letters
    Some letters written home during the war.
  • BBC - Children of World War 2 - contents
    A site with information on what life was like for children living through World War 2. Very good information and activities.
  • Welcome to S.A.W.
    Use the A-Z Index to find out information on Scotland during World War 2
  • BBC - Around Scotland - World War II
    Take part in Spy activities to develop your knowledge of World War 2 - The home Front
  • BBC - WW2 People's War - browse the site
    Real life stories about many aspects of the War.
  • Adolf Hitler Biography
    A biography of Adolf Hitler
  • The Home Page of World War 2 Aircraft
    Aeroplanes used during World War 2
  • EyeWitness To World War Two
    Personal recounts of experiences during World War 2
  • The Home Front
    Information on the Home Front. Good graphics and questions for you to research