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Holland 08 Image Galleries

Saturday 24 May 2008 at 11:32 am

An index to the various galleries posted on the trip: Holland 2008 Gallery

We will add more photos next week and figure out what to do with the hundreds more and video we took over the next couple of weeks.

Efteling Theme Park

Friday 23 May 2008 at 12:40 pm

Kimberley wanted to add a wee bit about the theme park:
Yesterday we went to a theme park in Holland. When we first got there we had to go to the toilet then we walked in and we had to walk through a forest to get into the theme park. We walked about for approximately five minutes. Then we went on the rides they were the Fairy ride, Villa Vaulta, Chinese Hat, Haunted House, Pandadroom, Fata Morgana, Vulture, Python, Pirate Ship, New Holland and Pegasus. Pegasus, Vulture and the Python where all Rollercoasters. There where also some stalls that you could win things some of them where dear. It was really good and today we are going home which we don't want to but some do. :-(
xxxx :)

Last Leg

Friday 23 May 2008 at 09:14 am

Well we are safely back in the UK. We didn't get an internet connection last night. so are now a bit behind with the photo galleries. Hopefully I'll get some of them up to date over the weekend.
The children had a wonderful time at the Theme Park on what felt like the shortest day on the trip(not for our feet).

Here are some comments from the bus written on the way to the theme park yesterday.

Hello thanks for the comment. I've got Jennifer and Gary a present I'll get both of you something if you get me something good and not boring. It's great over here but still better back home. I liked going to De Rank school. Today is our last day and we're going to the fun fair I'm hoping it will be great. I miss you and everyone else so see you back home bye bye.

Last night all of us went to bowling and it was very fun. I was first with 3 points until Scott got a spare and won.
We also went to the trampolines and they were very very bouncy. I was doing lots of summersaults and backflips other other bouncy things. I have enjoyed it here in Holland. It is very sunny and hasn't rained once.


Hi mum missing u lots and smudge
Yesterday we went to the farm with the Dutch children. it was very smelly and I saw cows and sheep.
I got picked to go in a teem with Natasha, Jodi, Claire and Micheal. The first thing we done was a quiz about the farm but they were quite hard 2nd we went to the dutch lesson it was very easy 3rd we went on a tour around the farm.
4th we had to do drawing of a cow and we had a bit of cheese but I didn't like it.
Then we went to the dutch scool and had lunch it was nice. bye bye see you tommorow.

HI peeps tell Joolsy I said hi.I went to de rank school. I made new friends and had lots of fun. I wanted to stay but I couldn't. Today we are going to the theme park I can't wait. I hope to get on all of the rides apart from the baby ones.

Hi Nicole i'm missing you as well. I've got you a present. Yesterday we had to go on to a farm with the Dutch children and the smell was horrible. Caroline had to put her t-shirt over her nose but you get used to it after a while. Hope you are having fun back in Scotland. see ya soon. Byeeeee

Hi mum, mick, edd and nathan. How are you. I've had a really good time.My favourite thing was when we went to Ajax stadium but I never managed to get my strip so I got an Ajax football. Yesterday we went to the trampolines. People liked the way I landed my somersaults. We also went to bowling. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh by the way thanks for the comment.


We will see you in a few hours!!

Wednesday Reports

Thursday 22 May 2008 at 07:09 am

We are packing for our last day. It looks like the weather will be lovely again.
Here are some 'bus reports:'
de rank school
Today we went to De Rank school first we went into the class room and had something to eat then we gave the Dutch people their gift I gave my gift to Sophie she like it. Miss Patricia told us to get into group of three or four and it was to do dancing, cartoon drawing and playing in the play ground. The dancing was good it was four girls dancing to the Pirates of the Caribbean song and then three boys dancing to the Greased Lighting song they were very good. Then we played and the Dutch girls and boys was playing soccer and most of the dutch girls played on the bars and these two girls were fantastic I can do thing on the bars it was easy.


Hi my name is Kimberly C and I also went to De Rank school is was so good and all the students where great I really enjoyed myself and I also gave someone a gift but I can't remember her name. Well after we gave someone a gift we where split into 3 groups I was in group 3 it was lots of fun. First in my group did play time and after we did cartoon drawings it was cool and my one and only favourite was dancing there was a group and they did a Greece lightning dance it was the best dance I have saw someone done. After all the great dances it was lunch time and and I got chips and hot dog it was yummy and later in the day the worst thing happened ME Zoey and Nicole had to go and Sing to a bunch of people we hardly even knew and not everyone was even listening but I still enjoyed it a little anyway so that's all for now bye.

Hi it's Chelsea L I am also going to tell you about my day at De Rank school as well first of all we came through the doors and they all cheered at us then we went straight inside and sat down and the teacher/second head teacher told us what we would be doing activities the activities where Playing outside, Drawing and Dancing and and I also met new friends and i gave them my msn addie and that was my great day at De rank school.
more news soon.

time to load the bus for breakfast, I think this may be the last post until we get back to the UK.


Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 10:04 pm

We spent the morning with our friends in De Rank, half the children are at Westzann and the other half at Assendelft. At Westzann, the children are playing with the Dutch children rotating through football, art and karaoke, the events were well organised by the local children!
In Assendelft the children visited a local farm and were given a tour by the Dutch children.

A few photos:
Holland - 08 - Assendelft

Holland - 08 - Westzaan

We have many many more and will hopefully post some of them after we get home.
Tomorrow we are heading for Efteling Theme Park in the morning and then going to catch the overnight boat back to the UK.

See you soon!

A message from Miss McArthur

Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 10:59 am

Hello everyone, we are having a great time here in the Netherlands. I would like to send a message to all the parents as you should be proud of the children. They are being a credit to you and to themselves, Very many different people have been offering compliments on their behaviour and manners. Hotel staff have commented on their positive behaviour in the dining hall, shop assistants have even gone as far as offering the 'Scottish group' a discount in the shops due to the politeness they are showing They are having great fun. This evening was spent on the beach - rolling down the sand, playing games and making sand structures. Tomorrow we are off to De Rank school to meet up with the Dutch school children again and of course we are all looking forward to our visit to the theme park on Thursday.
A tired and happy Miss McArthur

On the Beach

Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 10:57 am

We were on the beach again last night having a great time with lots of games.
Here are the photos Holland - 08 - Beach

The children have been very pleased with all of the comments, the number coming through seems to indicate it is working. If you are having problems try leaving out your emial address and changing the words in your comment.

Tuesday Reports

Tuesday 20 May 2008 at 7:21 pm

In Haste...

Holland - 08 - Amsterdam

Holland - 08 - Volendam


and from the children on the bus:

Amsterdam Anne Frank
Today we went to Anne Franks house. We went up the stairs and we watched little film clips about her and her family. There was bits of her diary on the wall. Then we went behind the book case. We saw Anne Frank's room and her brother Peter's room. We found it very interesting.


After lunch we went shopping it was great I got lots of things like-lots of clogs
-a ornement bear
-a ship in a bottle
-Windmills orenment
And lots more for my family and friends i hope they like it now back to SHOPPING all girls like shopping and what's a better place than Holland you might like Paris or New-York but be leave me HOLLAND is so much better that is my advice anyway if you like shopping go there it will be great
as lots of F.U.N all you could see is lots of Sandaig children everywhere really.

Kimberly C

Hi this is Chelsea to tell you about my shopping trip all the girls loved it in volenedam all the shops where really good
because all of us where nice the man in the ice-cream shop gave us ice-cream 10% discount
I got loads hear is a list of somethings I bought.
.A new purse
.A brand new necklet for my Mum
.And 14 flowers.

Well more news next time.

Today we vistied Anne Franks house.It was really intresting becuse we got to go behind the bookcase were her and the rest of her family and the people who helped them keep in touch with the outside world stayed.The rooms they stayed in were tiny and they had to put big plack sheets over the windows so nobody knew they were there.It was really emotional for some people who's relatives died or survived and just want to rember the people who were sadly killed.Somoving experince.

By Zoe

Hi mum and gran

happy birthday! hope you like your present. You'll get some more when i come back.

by charlene

Happy birthday mum. hope you have lots of fun without me
love paul.

Tuesday Messages

Tuesday 20 May 2008 at 7:15 pm

We are back at the Hotel after a great day (well I am in McD's getting and internet connection).
Another good day, these are messaged from the bus this morning.
Monday we come off the boat in the morning and then we went to a shop it was all about football but l don't like football that much so l did not like this bit. After that we went to Clogs its was good l got you and my dad something, but I am going to get something for Michaela and Jordan and Levi. Then we went to the hotel the hotel is okay but the boat was better.
After that we went on the beach. then we went back to the hotel and it was bed time. l am really missing you. Tell everyone I said hi.

Write Back Soon. Chloe Lyle

Hi everybody !!!

Its Claire , Im just here to tell you about what we did on Monday (yesterday)
On Monday we came off the boat, I didn't get much sleep that night, I felt dizzy and sick. Then we went to the ajax, (i-ax) stadium, we got to go in the shop and museum, we didn't buy much, just keyrings and stuff. Then we got a tour off of a man called Simon, he told us all about the stadium. There's only 5% of the stadium for the other teams fans. We then got to ask questions. After that we went to a clog makers. We got to see the man making clogs, it only took 2 minutes. We then got to buy something for the people at home (yes mum I did buy you something!!) Finally we headed for the hotel!! We got off the bus and got our cases, we went to our rooms and at last felt a real bed !!. Then we went for our dinner ! It was delicous. After dinner we went to the beach. It was really fun!!! Me, Connor,Amber and Charlene got buried in the sand. We wanted Connor to stay at the beach so we put LOADS of sand on him.

P.s Mum, Alex,Lyndseyanne, Iain, Ged and wee Ceolan
I'm missing you loads !!!! Can't wait till I come home so I can cause MORE mayhem !!!
Love you all loads xxxx
Love Claire (Auntie Claire to you Ceolan !! )

Hi Mum and Dad its Jodie!

Just gonna tell you what we've been doing so far!!
On Sunday Night we got on the boat and got our room. Me and Claire were sharing with Chelsea and Kimberly. (p6)
Then we went for dinner. It was lovely! Then we went up to the top deck! It was really scary because we were high up! After we came back down there was a Youth Disco! It was Fab! When we were up dancing at one point the boat started to sway and Lewis fell! It was quite funny!
On Monday we got off the boat and went to Ajax Stadium. It was Good!! When we came out there we went to the Clog makers. The guy showed us how to make them. He only took about two seconds to make them! Then we went to the Hotel. We got our cases and then went into our room. Once we had unpacked everything we went down to have dinner. It was nice. Once we had our dinner we went down to the beach. We were going to go to the trampolines but they were closed. I had a really good time at the beach. We buried Amber, Connor and Claire in the sand. I've got pictures of all of them so I can show you them when I get home.
When we came back we went into our rooms and got showers. Then we went to our beds.

Today we're going to Anne Franks house. Then we're going to look at the buildings in Amsterdam.

Missing you all loads ! ! See you when we come home ! !
Jodie XxXxXxX

I am afraid that the girls are keener to type on the bus, but the boys families can rest asured that they are having a great time too.

Monday Galleries

Tuesday 20 May 2008 at 10:29 am We are standing in a cue for Anne Frank house, using public wifi, so this is a quick one.

Thanks to all the folk who have left comments, we have been reading them out on the bus.

Here are the pictures that we took on Monday.

Holland - 08 - Ajax

Holland - 08 - Clogs

and here is the audio

Mini Holland, Ajax and Clogs

Monday 19 May 2008 at 5:48 pm

A really busy day, we went to Madurodam, Ajax and Ratterman the clogmaker.

Here are some messages from the bus:
Hello today we went to Madourodam (Holland in minature ). We saw lots of little buildings moving around, and people, we also saw Anne Franks and the Ajax stadium in miniture. After we saw Anne Frank's house and the Ajax stadium we went on a train on the road that took us round the buildings. Then we went to the park.
The park was very good because there was a chute and see-saws. There was also a boat and a train. I liked Madorodam because I liked being bigger than the buildings because it made me feel taller.
by Amy

Hello, this is Karen here to tell you about our day at Medouredam.Medouredam is Holland in miniature so there were loads of tiny buildings of the Holland. I'm so small there was some buildings bigger than me and they were miniature! It was really funny because there were loads of little boats,cars,trucks etc. moving around.The boats were actually in the water and there were Carp (a type of fish) in with the boats and the Carp were chasing the boats!!! We also got a little trip in the children's train it was really fun!

Then we went into the park. It was really funny because there was a huge chute- like the water slides you get at Easterhouse Swimming pool-and I went down it and the people in front of me were stuck at the bottom of it so I crashed into them, then the person behind me crashed as well!!!

From Karen
P.S hi mum and dad miss you loads and I hope you are missing me as well!

Hello today we went to Ajax stadium It was really cool because we got to look at the museum and my favrouite part
of the museum was when it showed you all the different teams Ajax played the one team I can think of was Celtic they bet Ajax 1-0 and then Ajax bet Celtic in another game and the game ended in 3-0.

The tutor was called Simon he told us all different things like they have a concert season in Ajax and a football season
When we where they where putting a ground down for a concert it will take about four days to fix right and then to set up all
The lights and everything else.

They have to redo the park every year because for the concert they had to cover up the grass for the concert and the grass will only last up to 5 days and then redo the grass and that is a lot money and the shops where really dear.
well more news tommorw.
From Chelsea.

Today we went to the clogmaker.We seen a demostration of clogs being made ,he used a demostrationclog so that the machine knew were the wood needs carved it was intresting to watch ! Then we had a look around to see the clogs and get gifts. The gifts were all differnet kind of clogs and wooden flowers . On the plain clogs you could get a message put on it. So our time at the clogmaker was very fun !

By zoe.

Today we went to the Amsterdam stadium and it was very fun.we also went to a clog place were we seen a man making them from scratch.we also went to madooradam it had a small version of the Netherlands. After dinner if the weather is good we will be going crazy golf, trampolining or to the beach.

from steven

Today we all went to a clog maker and he showed us how to make clogs. I thought it was really cool. I got 2 clogs with my little cousins names on it, a ornament flower, tiny clogs which where key rings and medium clogs. We all got to get something and got names curved into it we could get what ever we wanted. It was fabulous and I wish I stayed here
from Kimberley xxxx

Photos from Madurodam More from the rest of the day later.
We have just arrived at our Hotel and are settling in to our rooms before dinner.

Sunday Media

Monday 19 May 2008 at 5:39 pm

Here are the pictures that we took on Sunday. Holland - 08 - Sunday
And a small podcast have a listen to find out what we were up to.
The quality is not too good as some of it was recorded on the bus but have a listen.

From the Boat

Sunday 18 May 2008 at 9:07 pm

We have had a great day and are safely on the boat. We stopped off at Gretna Green and then visited the fish at THe Deep in Hull.
On the boat we have moved into our luxury cabins, had dinner, visited the shops and are now on the Sun Deck. A visit to the disco is planned.

We have taken some great photos and recorded some messages which will be posted to the website as soon as we have a good internet connection.

Some of the children had time to type wee message on the bus, you can read them below, getting cold now so we are off to the disco.

You can see a few more photos on the moblog

mum and wee sister having a great time hope you are having a good time too.
We where on the bus for a while and then we stopped at the service to have something to eat.
After that we got back on the bus and our second stop was to have our lunch.

love from tash x x x x x x x x

Hey, everybody as you know we are going to Holland and we have been on the bus for ages.
We are going to deep sea world before we go on the ferry to go to Holland. We are going to visit a De Rank school when we got there. We have lots of other trips to go and we have fifty pounds to spend and some for on the ferry.
We will all have fun.
Bye Kimberley XxX

hi everybody,we have been on the bus for a long time.
I have fallen asleep.
we have to bring 50 pound and 10 pound for the ferry, we will have a good time that what my brother said.

from Lewis

Hi everybody,having a ok time just on the bus for very long missing you all and smudge of course we have had
our tuck and lunch nearly at the fairy but first were going to the sea world i cant wait mum give smudge a kiss for me
have to go bye bye love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sandaig to the Netherlands 2008

Friday 09 May 2008 at 6:08 pm This is the plan:
Sunday we will visit The Deep Aquarium in Hull before we board the Ferry to Holland - Hull to Rotterdam.
Monday: Madurodam Holland in miniature; Ratterman the clogmaker; Ajax Stadium; we are staying in the town of Noordwijk at Hotel Aan Zee.
Tuesday: We got to Amsterdam to visit Anne Frank House go for a canal boat trip and then visit the period fishing village of Volendam.
Wednesday we will visit CBS De Rank School in the morning and go to Zaanse Schans in the afternoon.
Thursday we will spend the day at Efteling Theme Park before catching the boat back to Hull.
Friday we will travel back to Glasgow and should arrive at about 3.00pm

You can get a flavour of what to expect by visiting the blog from last year: Netherlands 2007 Sandaig Primary Visit the Netherlands 2007 or browsing the Sandaig Netherlands 2007 Photos.