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Former pupils, please write in english;-)

posted by:john mcgeorge 2 October 2006
yo i to go 2 sandaig primary school even though i didn,t go that much but i regret it because i keep thinkin on all the good times i had and i miss it even though im in high school i thought it was f pretty cool school

peace :)
posted by:David McDade (the best) 17 September 2006
hiy its david member me teachers you werent realy right you say that theyre unbeliveably strict there strict not as strict as you said though :) miss this skool :( heard you are gettin an award for radio sandaig mr johnston would you be able to recomend bannerman for think.com
posted by:karen sharp 15 September 2006
hi mairi
is my pen pal if you are wondering who she is
bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
posted by:dqskm@mail.com 14 September 2006
mqgrsualc gyndwfqp xqsynb hxncam bvyzdgl eidalgrt dkoi
posted by:emma, kayleigh and darren 14 March 2006
hi ppl me nd darren dnt want to leave can we stay and kayleigh want to cum bk oh and kayleigh ses BIG SHOUT TO taylor jade and karen sharp
BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by:mairi mcanena 11 March 2006
hi to karen again
and i love this website
posted by:mairi mcanena 11 March 2006
i would like to say hi to karewn sharp
my best friend
i love this website
even though i go to a diffrent school
posted by:karen sharp 4 March 2006
hi bookfarye was good i liked the coustumes espesilly mine ha ha ha i like sandaig web bye
karen p.5
posted by:jacob 21 February 2006
sandaig is a reall great school and a want tae stay at it
posted by:Rachel 14 February 2006
cool site i like the radio station!!!
posted by:lizzy 5 February 2006
hiyahmissin eh skool loadz xxx bye xxx
posted by:Jennifer McDade 28 January 2006
Hiyah everyone x a was just lookin through the site there looks really good x well thats me half way through me 4th year at bannerman it feels like just yesterday a was leaving sandaig just to let you know were all doing really well and were al missing sandaig and all our fav teachers well am gonna go know try and come in and visit love from jennifer x x x x
posted by:claire coyle 28 January 2006
hey everyone a would just like tae say hi tae mrs mcarther and mrs burke and everyone else ill catch yes ow after x
posted by:gary bryant 16 January 2006
hey peeps how r ya all doin keep up the great work nd say hi to ma pal craig meffan nd daniel cameron and ma lil bud shaun hendry
posted by:Lorna Mills 12 January 2006
heyy evry1 hope you all had a gd crimbo n a hapi new year.
n hiyah 2 ma 2 wee cuzns Nicole n Gillian n ma wee budi taylor.
posted by:david johnstone 11 January 2006
hello sandaig can u tell craig meffan i said hi please thank you and have a gd year bubi
posted by:X JACQUELINE WILSON 10 January 2006
posted by:Mrs M Moore 5 January 2006
Wishing all the staff and children at Sandaig a very happy new year
posted by:pharmacy 24 December 2005
awesome site, you've got the skills to go far!!! keep up the great work!!
posted by:Kayleigh 14 December 2005
do you know if you go on google and type in sandaig you will get some pictures that are on our weblog
posted by:grant holmes 17 November 2005
what up
posted by:Diago 15 November 2005
I think the web games are fun,i only just got the hang of rommy robot which i think is the most fun game in all.

posted by:zoe p4j 8 November 2005
hi everyone hope you all are ok i would like to say hi to natasha and candis and hi to miss mcarther bye.
posted by:Deirdre Arnott 25 October 2005
Hi everyone
Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed looking through your school web site and learning lots of useful information. It was especially good to see the drawings of the school staff.
If I ever come to visit your school I'm sure to recognise everyone from these great pictures !
Deirdre Arnott
SENICT Service
Glasgow Education
posted by:East Oakland Community High School 20 October 2005
Hi there!

We have been enjoying listening to your latest podcast. We also have a podcast - www.eastoakland.libsyn.com

We love your poems.

Yesenia, Diana, Eric, Daniel, Glenda, Jose and another Diana.
posted by:steven bennie p.6 16 October 2005
i used to be at sandaig and now iam at wellshot i would like to say hi to all my friends who know me. i would also like to hi to all the teachers especially mrs burke and mrs mccarthur. i miss you all very much and i will keep in touch speak to you all soon.
posted by:shannon mcquillan p.6 16 October 2005
how are you all are you enjoying your holidays?
posted by:Amanda Adair x and x Jacquline Wilson 14 October 2005
Hi everyone !
How are you all then , well we're fine if your asking. well we hope to visit soon. the websites lookin very good keep up the good work. well we're away
buhbi everyone !
posted by:Kiera Campbell 12 October 2005
Hi All,

How are you all doing, especially you Miss McArthur? Over in Florida the weather is very sunny and hot. I know you are all working hard but so am I in all the theme parks and water parks. I have got all the disney characters autographs can't wait to show you. I miss every one and can't wait to come back to school. Hope you all enjoy your October break.

Love Kiera P4J
posted by:meghan 9 October 2005
Sandaig is cool and Miss Smith is funny and i hope when we go on any more school holidays no one will come back with injures
posted by:megan P6 17 September 2005
hi carly. how are you. hope to see you soon. get in touch.
posted by:lauren fae easter hoose 17 September 2005
aright sandaig. like yer website keep on standing dude
posted by:sylvie 17 September 2005
Bonjour Sandaig. j'mappelle sylvie. Dans ma maison il ya une douche, une salle de bain et l'ordinateur
posted by:carly's ex-best pal 17 September 2005
hi carly. how a r u i am fine. miss u loadz, wish you'd um back. take care. luv ya loads. bye xxx
posted by:David Sharp 15 September 2005
how you doing, high school is alright and hope the football is still winning, beat them all cye soon cye
posted by:aileen & james 9 September 2005
Hay there were from Rhu Primary and we like your web site. So keep on grooving!!
posted by:connor 9 September 2005
your website is good because robot runny
posted by:linda 1 September 2005
hi all it is great to see email from miss burnett hope she is doing well in new job good luck xx
posted by:Elizabeth 27 August 2005
hi every one Bannerman,s great, how are your all doing
posted by:i am not telling you!!!!!!!! 26 August 2005
hi everybody i hope that p6 freshens this web site/web blog
posted by:Daniel Cameron and Deklan McKee 26 August 2005
hello everyone looking forward to finishing primary 6, hope everyone is having fun. We are the cool gang in primary 6. Mr Johnston please put better games on the site. I hope Colin picks dec and danny camoron
posted by:Miss Burnet 24 August 2005
Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying being back at school. I hear you went to the Safari Park, I hope you all had a great time. I hope the former P7s are getting on well at Bannerman. Bye for now!
posted by:jodie mckay 21 August 2005
hi people in sandaig/teachers. High school is great. hope you all have a great year
Mr.J put better games on the syt plz. love jodie
posted by:megan miller 9 August 2005
hello sandaig!
I'm in McDonalds internet cafe right now.
Can't wait for primary 7. Wonder who my budd y will be. my meal is here.
Double cheeseburger and banana milkshake! YUM!
posted by:jamie lunn 1 August 2005
hiya am on holiday livin large in ibiza c ya ttroopz
posted by:ryan mcgougan 26 July 2005
I'm a former pupil im going into p7 now can't wait to get out of school. I miss my mates (not)but i have to go. see ya later troops
posted by:Darryl Adair 24 July 2005
Oright troops gon in tae 3rd year noo dreadin it but the sooner a dae it the faster i can get oot tae work.Special orights tae Mrs Kennedy,Colin,Mrs Burke and Mr Naismith.
posted by:megan 7 July 2005
mr johnson please put better games on the fun!
posted by:jordan kyle 6 July 2005
im going into my sencond year at bannerman. i wish i was still at sandaig coz i just had to walk round the corner
posted by:Thomas Kyle (former pupil from 1983/84) 6 July 2005
Howdy, this is Thomas Kyle, I was a pupil at Sandaig for a year before i moved to Newcastle, I just looked at your website for the first time with my little cousin Jordan Kyle, checking out his and my little brother Jay Kyle's work. Anyone out there that remembers me, give me a shout and I will get back to you. x x x x x (fur the ladiez)
posted by:Angela Barker (former pupil) a long long time ago. 29 June 2005
Hi,everyone at Sandaig.What a great site you have,wish we had computers when i was at Sandaig, how things have changed,great to see what you's have been up to.Have a lovely summer break.Hope to read more next term.
posted by:jack reid p1 29 June 2005
p1 has been great miss johnston and mrs burke are great teachers , cant wait to be a p2
posted by:zoe p3n 28 June 2005
their is only 2 days of school. i am really exsited about fun day miss neilson got us presents i opend mine. i am going to miss my mates a lot i really like playing with my mates
i will miss miss neilson she is a good teatcher
.my team won skye i am going to go now by everyone.
posted by:Ryan O'Donnell 18 June 2005
I herd all about the Holland trip but the 1 last year was the best
posted by:jacqueline wislon 2 June 2005
hiya everyone i am missing everyone from the school expecially mrs mcarthur and mrs burke i hope everyone is doing well hi to paula ellis and cheryl reid if they read this
posted by:craig 1 June 2005
im going to new york today for a day because i have a football match
posted by:zoe P3N 20 May 2005
Hi missneilson and missmordoch and my frinds
natasha candis jodi gillian kiara halay leigh.
I hope all my frinds are well.Today in school
i did strucher play.I bet my skipping chalange.
I am going to play with my ropes with my frend.
And thanks to jance for allways helping.
I am going to go now bye.
posted by:Jack & Dan from the BCPS 19 May 2005
I am sorry it took so long to reply to you' it happened because of difficaltys with my self and my teachers.

We thought our poem up charge of the nit brigade in one lesson (30mins). We used nits beacause we wanted to think of someting anoying to people, also we needed some thing that would out-number people and we wouldn't die, (and for humer).
posted by:ryan mcgougan 15 May 2005
my email isn't working so I can't email an message

i better pack for my journey to France with the school. Enjoy France Ryan, we are off to Holland soon.
posted by:NICOLE REID 12 May 2005
posted by:paula ellis cheryl reid 12 May 2005
Hi people how are you its Paula here l am missing all of you expecially Mrs MCArthur, Mrs Burke, Mrs Kennedy love ya loads. XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxL would like to say hello to jackqueline wilson,wee lizzy,kirstylee,Emma,Stephanie wilson,write back love paula ellis XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
posted by:TONI CRUICKSHANK 10 May 2005
posted by:Jon Short 10 May 2005
hi ppl, nice to see that the school is doing well, just looking through the site, its looking great and brings back alot of memories!! i would do anyfin to have just one more day at sandaig!!! i have now left secondary for a year now and i'am working my way through my apprenticeship as a plasterer for a company called Richardson & Starling, i've almost completed my first year so i will be moving into my second year now. well sandaig keep up the good work!!!! bye For now!!!!! PS if anyone is wanting to conact me you'll get me at Jon@cliffhanger.com
posted by:ryzaa mcgougan 7 May 2005
is anyone here? nobody sends things to me responce please anyone
This is not a chat Ryan, just a place to leave comments about the site. send me an email and I'll ask P6 to write back, Mr Johnston
posted by:Jennifer Callaghan (former pupil) 6 May 2005
hey to mr j, mrs kennedy, mrs mcarthur and mrs burke. well i'm at the end of 4th year now and i'm doing my exam hope i do well and i hope my lil bro Andrew has been good. i hope to come and visit soon.
posted by:Lordo 3 May 2005
hey sandaig primary loving p.5 nightscene pitcures i liked megan g's as that is carlys pal! cherrio
sya efter have a nice day

bye lordo in carly
posted by:NICOLE MULLEN 3 May 2005
posted by:Jacqueline wilson Kirstylee wynne 3 May 2005
posted by:lorna mills 22 April 2005
sandaig is the best school ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by:hailey 12 April 2005
i think the site has got better!!!!
posted by:ryan mcgougan 3 April 2005
hello im a former pupil to the school emm its better than my old school but just a little bit though.
posted by:formerpupil 1 April 2005
does anyone know the address of the bannerman website
It should be : http://www.bannermanhigh.glasgow.sch.uk/ but it was not responding when I tried. BTW this is a guestbook, if you want a reply please use email. I'll delete this in a couple of days.
posted by:123 thats me 25 March 2005
are the easter egg decoration contest pictures going to be on the website soon. Yes, I emailed them home to add them to the website , but they did not arrive, I'll try to have them on the site on Tuesday evening (Mr J)
posted by:Derek Robertson 24 March 2005
Hello to everyone at Sandaig PS. I must say how impressed I am by some of thw ork that is featured on your website. I am particularly impressed with your Flash animations. If you don't mind I am going to show them to my students (I teach student teachers) just to let them see what can be done in a Primary school. Very well done...your work is excellent. Thanks!!!
posted by:david mcdade p6 24 March 2005
hi it is just the easter hollidays today i am just here to say thank you for the chocolate egg and the egg deco kit thankyou enjoy easter everyone bye
posted by:נ σ я ∂ α и к у ℓ є 23 March 2005
ι ωσυℓ∂ ℓιкє тσ ѕαу α gяєαт вιg нι! тσ αℓℓ тнє ѕαи∂αιg ρяιмαяу ѕтαff єѕρєï¿½ιαℓℓу мяѕ м�αятнυя αи∂ мιѕѕ вυякє fσя тнє gяєαт тιмє ι нα∂ ιи ѕαи∂αιg ρяιмαяу! נυѕт σиє qυєѕтισи тнσυgн... ωну ∂ι∂ мιѕѕ нєи∂яу ℓєανє؟؟؟ нαρρу єαѕтєя тσ αℓℓ σf тнє ѕтαff αи∂ ρυριℓѕ ιи ѕαи∂αιg, αи∂ ι ωσυℓ∂ ℓιкє тσ ѕαу нι тσ му ℓιттℓє �συѕιи ℓαυяєи ιи ρ2!!!
posted by:α fσямєя ρυριℓ!!! 23 March 2005
ѕαи∂αιg ρяιмαяу ѕï¿½нσσℓ ιѕ тнє иυмвєя 1 ѕï¿½нσσℓ ιи тнє ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂!!!!!
posted by:jordan kyle bannerman s1 23 March 2005
just seen the radio sandaig, its quite good, i take it it was mr johnstone tht made it, the 1st day at school 1 was funny
posted by:karen sharp 23 March 2005
hi sandaig
just wanted to pop onto your web to play the games and stuff. My kitten bit me on the lip it wasn't sore and he scrachted me on the face too, that wasn't sore eather it just nipped and bit on the finger.so, i will see you tommorow at the egg commpation.seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
you later.
posted by:Nicole mullen and jack wilson 23 March 2005
Hi to everyone in sandaig we miss everybody and wish we could come back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love nicole and jack
posted by:ZOE P3N 17 March 2005
hi Miss Neilson and a big hi to megan ligh and jenifer .The sponser walk was great fun I would like to say hello to.Charlie in p2. I really like math strucher play and art I.C.T
posted by:linda, david and doreen 17 March 2005
Hi guys! We are a group of teachers looking atsetting up our own school websites, so we had a look at yours. We are VERY impressed!
Keep up the good work!!
posted by:Jim Elder 17 March 2005
Visited your site.

Cheers J
posted by:Karen sharp p.4 14 March 2005
i have kitten i called it donnie i might be sponsering a dog at dogs trust my faveourite website is neopets.com my cat is tiny he is soooooooooooooo cute best wishes karen sharp p.s iwould liketo say hi to all the teachers and my friends.
posted by:steph wilson n stacey dowling 14 March 2005
hiya every 1 the websites good all the wee pics tht p1s drew are very cute hiya to my wee brother jamie stewart in p1
posted by:Emma b and Kayleigh M 7 March 2005
Hi we really like the website lots to do and see. Hi to Tayler-Jade in p1 from Kayleigh.
bye from Emma b and Kayleigh M.
posted by:Mrs Burke 4 March 2005
Great to read messages from all of you big ones at Bannerman. I hear there has been a really good residential weekend and more to follow. have fun!! Hi, Ryan. I'm really pleased you are settled at your new school. Kirsty says hi. Have a relaxing weekend. See you on Monday.
posted by:RYAN MCGOUGAN 2 March 2005
i used to go to sandaig it was alright but i like it at my new school at Greenock called OVERTON PRIMARY SCHOOL.I moved because of eeeeeeemm...........,,, .
posted by:scott 3m 25 February 2005
hi great site could do with more primary pictures and work now scott will speak i would like to hi to my freinds and big hi to cameron keep up the good work and i would also like to say miss murdoch is a great teacher take care scott 3m
posted by:Lisa Dearie n Ashley Gardner 21 February 2005
Hi! just thought we would come on n see the website!! The pictures are good but put more on when we were there! Missin u all loadz bannerman isnt as good as sandaig! we will come up n see you soon luv lisa n ashley xxx
posted by: Sarah Mclaughlin 18 February 2005
Hiya I miss all my pals at Sandaig, secondary is realy good but i miss you all!!
posted by:*lauren,chrissy and jamie* 17 February 2005
hi dudes the site is groovy byeeeeee
posted by:jamie and lauren 11 February 2005
hi to all sandaig pupils and teachers, we are missing you much, but we are having a great time at high school. we have had alot of hard homework and the moans and groans of moany teachers but we have coped and on the 25th of February Jamie is going to Newcastleton for the weekend and I am going on march15th for a weekend!

byeeeeeee dudez
posted by:A Nolan 8 February 2005
Like your website - keep at it.
posted by:Ailsa MacKintosh 1 February 2005
Congratulations, Sandaig. I am Head teacher of a small 2 teacher school in the North-East of Scotland - Netherley School. I am trying to update and modernise our school website so i came online, looking for some ideas and I found your site highlighted as School Website of the month on the National Grid for Learning site.

I can see why! I have enjoyed seeing your art work and reading your stories and I am really impressed with the design of the site. I only hope I can do half as well.Thanks for the inspiration, Ailsa MacKintosh
posted by:kayleigh lafferty p5 27 January 2005
hi mrs moore have you had your baby
posted by:Mrs Moore 21 January 2005
Just a quick note to say thank you for all the gifts I received at Christmas. I am having great fun eating all the chocolate that I got. It is only 3 weeks until the baby is due and I am getting so big that I nearly fall over when I stand up!!!
Primary 5 - your cityscape pictures look fantastic on the website. I hope you are all getting along well and learning lots.
See you all soon. Mrs Moore x
posted by:David McDade p6 13 January 2005
hi every body school is more boring by the minute but p.c club is more fun by the minute
posted by: Jamie and lauren 12 January 2005
hi miss we miss sandaig but we like secondry better lots of love jamie lunn and lauen alexander
posted by:kiera p3m 7 January 2005
Hi everybody I hope you enjoy school as much as me. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Barlanark 50 yr found me,mum and dad in them.. Scarry.
Bye hope you all enjoy the web as much as me.
posted by:Emma B and Sophie D 7 January 2005
Hi everyone we think the website is very very cool. We like playing the games and looking at the pictures. Hope you all had a nice Xmas and a happy new year. A special shout to Dylan in p1 from sophie D
posted by:Kimberely P5 2 January 2005
Hi to all at Sandaig and a very Happy New year to everyone. I am sad that Mrs Moore is left and I hope she has fun with her new baby when it comes.I am looking foward to the new term and I am very excited because I like Mrs Stewart and I cant wait to get back to learning things with Mrs Stewart.
posted by:kayleigh p5 21 December 2004
hi I can't wait untill Wednesday when we are off. for a while our teacher is leaving we are getting Mrs Stewart
posted by:lauren alexander 19 December 2004
hi i miss sandaig loads secondry is great i miss the work in primary but. see ya soon MERRY XMAS
posted by:Reece Sutherland 10 December 2004
To Miss Neilson P3N. Just to say hello iam at home on mums computer having lots of fun see you at school on Monday.
posted by:amanda adair (ex pupil) 10 December 2004
oright every 1 how u all getting on i'm missing u al sooooooooooooooo!!!! much but a really like Bannerman and have met loads a new pals well g2g c ya aw soon
when is the talent contest because I would like too come see it?
posted by:naomi mcleish 10 December 2004
hiya every1 hows things at sandaig? well seconary is gr8 and i'm realy enjoying it!! hav a gd christmas every1 ............bye xxxxxxxxxx
posted by:Elizabeth calder 9 December 2004
Hi every one this website is realy good I like playing the games and looking at the guest book and have a merry christmas and a happy new year to all the staff.
posted by:james calder 9 December 2004
alright am at bannerman now its ok but most of the time its boring shout out tae ma little sis ceya
posted by:Miss McArthur 30 November 2004
Helo everyone, I am out of school this week at a computer course and I am using my new computer to add to our guest book. I hope everthing is going well at school. I will see you all on Thursday. Be good!
posted by:kayleigh p5 14 July 2004
hi its is great to be on holiday i am enjoying it love kayleigh.
posted by:amanda adair 1 July 2004
hi sandaig im missing u all already and i havent even started 1st year just to say the site is comming on gd keep it up and i cant wait to come back and vist
posted by:Mrs Burke 1 July 2004
Is it summer?? It has been raining the whole week!! Despite the rain I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays. Just think... a nice rest from maths and language ...and getting up early in the morning. If you are staying at home or if you are going away, have a great time. HAVE FUN AND KEEP SAFE!!
posted by:Scott Watson 28 June 2004
Hi, In Alcudia, Spain. Really sunny and good fun.
Hope it is not raining there, ha ha. Scott primary 3
posted by:jij 26 June 2004
posted by:james mcg 25 June 2004
Just want to say bye to all teachers in sandaig and have a good summer and to colin the best manager
posted by:Lauren(now an ex-pupil) 25 June 2004
hi all the girls were crying today and im very sad that we left.
posted by:Tracy Sharp (ex-pupil) 18 June 2004
Hey, It's Tracy here! I just thought i would write a wee message. The website is cool! I'm in 4th year now! Scary stuff. I'll b sitting my Standard Grades soon, Prelims are in November. I've done my 3rd year exams n got really good marks. Also I'm getting an award at the award ceremony this year for Maths and French and i'll be playing the violin at it. Anyways i best be off. Take care! God bless! Hope to see you soon. Luv Tracy xx
posted by:Lisa (3rd year) 15 June 2004
Hi again!! Hope the p7s had a good time in Bannerman today, hope you all didn't get lost!! The message posted by Lauren about James's aftershave made me laugh!! Was that Lauren Pharro (sorry if I spelt that wrong) in p6 who sent that?? Luv Lisa
posted by:Ashleigh Mcmillan p4 6 June 2004
I will miss going to sandaig primary when it closes down for the summer holidays.
posted by:william callaghan 1 June 2004
hey sandaig
gr8 site wish i was back at sandaig and a big hello too mr naismith and mrs burke <<< best teachers ever
posted by:Miss McArthur 29 May 2004
Hello to everyone who has posted on our guestbook or has visited without posting. It is nice to hear from people present and past of Sandaig. Our website is building up especially the weblog, it is an easy way of finding out where people have been going and what they have been doing. Great work P6. Look forward to hearing from many other people through our website. Take care, enjoy the weekend.
posted by:lauren 26 May 2004
thats comeing from the heart j
posted by:????? 25 May 2004
the pizzas were brill and v tasty. i hope that maybe one day we would be able to go back there
posted by:princess conswela banannahammock 24 May 2004
its nearly the end for the p7s in sandaig and i would like to say that it is the best primary ever and i will miss it when i go to bannerman
posted by:Lauren 24 May 2004
hers a note for james calder when you put in your aftershave in the morning dont put the whole bottle on
posted by:???? 24 May 2004
p7 are going to make pizzas tommorow and they will be scrumptous but everybody else will be stuck with the school food oh well cant win them all can
posted by:Megz P.5. 21 May 2004
Hello to Loobz Caz Liz Emzo Aleiz.
Can`t wait for Holland.Better go ,LYNDSEYS TRYING 2 GIVE ME A CAKE!AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by:Lauren P6 18 May 2004
hi i just want to say a very well done to every one who went to scotoun on Monday we got lots of medals and certificates bye Lauren P6
posted by:Kyle P1 (With help from his mum) 16 May 2004
Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the shy. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

(I would like to say hi to the people at my table. Hi Darren, Kaitlin, Greig, and, of course me! Also hi to Miss Johnston!)
posted by:Jordan Kyle (P7) 16 May 2004
Hi. The website is definetly gettin better. I can't wait to go to Bannerman somehow. We're nearly at the end of P7 and I really don't want to sing like last year's P7's did. Can't wait for the summer holidays... goin to Bannerman soon!
Jordan K
(P.S.) Went to M&D;'S yesterday... it was brill!
posted by:David McDade primary 5 14 May 2004
id like to say hi to all my friends
ps make the games harder
posted by:Kyle p4 14 May 2004
posted by:Emma barker 13 May 2004
Want to say hi to Lucy F and friends in p5
posted by:Charmaine p5 + Lauren p6 8 May 2004
Hi we want to say good luck to the p7 and 6's who are going to scottston for the runing and the ball throwing. Welcome back Chantle cos on monday she is coming back to sandaig cos we are the best and she missed all the great fun we have at sandaig
we are going out on our bikes now even thow it has been raining
bye Chazza + Lolly
posted by:paul dockrell p2b 30 April 2004
hi everybody in p2 , thank u for putting my picture on the sandaig site my gran loves it.
c u all at school bye paul.
posted by:lucy 22 April 2004
A big thanks to Megan M and friends for being supportive and helping me.
posted by:Lisa Dearie (ex pupil) 17 April 2004
Hi sandaig! Missing you all loadz, especially Miss Mc Arthur, Mrs Burke, Mr Naismith, Kirsty and all the other teachers I've had too! Hope u all have had a gr8 easter break and loadz ov easter eggs. Hope u had a gr8 egg decoration day 2!! C u all soon Luv Lisa xXxXxXx
posted by:Lauren 8 April 2004
Having a great easter holiday and getting tons of easter eggs bye
posted by:Carly murray 7 April 2004
hiya no how the message i sent recently it was funny one i was half a sleep bye i got ur message Mrs Burke
it was good.
posted by:charlotteP7 7 April 2004
posted by:Mum (Aunt Angela) 1 April 2004
A big hello to Mitchell and Rhys (P1) and Bradley (P4). Your pictures are excellent, keep up the good work!
posted by:lauren sarah and naomi 31 March 2004
we are in school and we are stuck at a bit of the challenge
posted by:sarah lauren and naomi 31 March 2004
we are doing glasgow challenge and i know we shouldent be on this website bye
posted by:kimberley paul (p4) 30 March 2004
A special hello to Lucy Fleming who has broken her arms hope you get well very soon and we see you back at school take care love Kimberley x x x x x x x x x x x x
posted by:sarah 28 March 2004
just want to say hi to mrs henry and my best pal naomi and i cant wait till friday as me naomi lauren and amanda are signing a new commandment so to all parents be there!! kidden on
posted by:Christopher Dixon p5 27 March 2004
this is the best school ever and I will cry when I leave!!!!!!!
posted by:Jane Paul 25 March 2004
Dear Mrs Burke, I hope you have a lovely Easter break too, and I wish all the staff at Sandaig a happy Easter as well. xxxxx
posted by:Kimberley Paul (p4) 25 March 2004
Hi to all at sandaig especially primary 4, I have really enjoyed playing the games and reading all the great comments from everyone. I hope that I will see some of my pictures on the web site soon and so does my Mum.
posted by:Mrs Burke 25 March 2004
Hello to present and former pupils. Annette - are you the sister of George and Marion?? Nice to hear from Carly, Jack and Nicola - glad you had a great holiday. Say hello to your mum and dad.
Hope everyone has a good Easter break - children, mums , dads, grans and grandads.
posted by:scott 2b 18 March 2004
hi everyone
why is there no primary 2 work on here come on get our work up for everyone to see
hope to see it some soon from and scott and my mum
posted by:Reece Sutherland 18 March 2004
Reece Sutherland
Hi everyone me and my mum would like to know why there is none of primary 2 work on the web site?
posted by:elizabeth 17 March 2004
we are writting from the science centre and having a great trip.
posted by:lorna p6 16 March 2004
i just want to say hi to all my mates and that the games on the website are getting easier and easier
posted by:Amy ward 6 March 2004
hiya this web is fantastik and i lpv it amy p4
posted by:reece sutherland 2k 5 March 2004
hi everyone just want to say hello to all
my friends.
posted by:Kiera P2B and Mum 4 March 2004
I think the site is great. I have enjoyed seeing some of Kiera's work from P1J. Keep up the good work. Now Kiera would like to to say something. Hi to all my friends in Sandaig School and my bestest friend is called Gillian she's in P2K and Jennifer she's in P2B. Miss Burnett is the bestest, bestest teacher in the whole wide world.

Love Kiera Campbell xxxx
posted by:Nicole Dearie 4 March 2004
Hello! I am using my big sisters computer because I wanted to see this website! It is good and I liked seeing all my drawings and work. I would like to say hi to all my friends in sandaig and to primary three. Love Nicole
posted by:Amy ward 4 March 2004
this it a billyent web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lov Amy
posted by:Mr Weir 29 February 2004
Hello to everyone at Sandaig and especially P6. The work that you have on the website is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Same goes for the football team. It is good to keep up with the results and goalscorers.

Hope everyone is well and I hope to see you all very soon.
posted by:jacqueline wilson 27 February 2004
wee have reciently sent a message and wee made a mistake so hi too all the teachers expecially mrs hendry mrs burk and mrs mcarthur. luv yees all fae jacqueline nicole and kirstylee
posted by:jacqueline wilson 27 February 2004
hiya everyone hello mrs hendry u were the best teacher EVER i miss u i wish i could come back but unfortiunately i can.t se ya me nicole and kirstyle will come and visit soon fae the mad girls xxxxxxxxxx
posted by:kirstylee wynne 27 February 2004
hiya everyone i hope use are all gettin on fine
posted by:jamie stewart 27 February 2004
i am looking forward to coming to the school in august
posted by:Carly murray 19 February 2004
Ijust like to say i will COME AND SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iwould like to say hi to all my freinds

posted by:Lisa Dearie (ex pupil) 17 February 2004
Hi!! Enjoying not being @ school? Bet u r! lol! I think u should put up photos of Holland in 2000, wen i went, it would bring bak loadz of memories!! Hope my little sis Nicole (p3), my little cuzn Gillian (p2) and my ova little cuzn Lorna (p6) r workin hard and getting loadz of stars! Luv lisa xxx
posted by:lorna p6 14 February 2004
thank you mr johnston for teaching us at the fab computer club.
posted by:lorna p6 14 February 2004
hi everyone in p6
posted by:Lauren p6 +Charmaine p5 8 February 2004

posted by:Lauren p6 7 February 2004
i want to thank mrs turner and mrs finch for teaching us about growing up and thanks to mr J for the website and the computer club

bye Lauren
posted by:Edward Wallace (Former Pupil) 6 February 2004
Hello. Quite an interesting website you have here, seems that you haven't lost the IT skills Mr Johnston. I went to Sandaig from P2 untill I left in 2000. I'm now in my fourth year of Bannerman. It's good, but workload has greatly increased in the run-up to the examinations in May. I send my regards to the teachers, staff and Mrs McArthur. Au revoir

Yours sincerly

Edward W Wallace (Sandaig pupil from 1994 to 2000)
posted by:primary three 4 February 2004
We think the Sandaig Website is brilliant and we loved seeing our pictures and stories on the website. Thank you Mr Johnston.
posted by:Mrs Stewart 2 February 2004
Thanks for the P.3 photos and stories Mr J. They look great.
posted by:John spencer 2 February 2004
Nice Site and greetings from belgium! Please visit us at www.centrumschool.be! Thanx!!! :-)))
posted by:Lisa (ex pupil) 2 February 2004
Hi, happy new year! It's hard 2 believe that it's been 2 years since I was in sandaig! It seems just like yeaterday that I was 1st startin p1!! And now I'm picking my subjects! (eek!! And I hav 2 pik them by thursday!!) Every1 who was i p7 2 years ago is doing ok (I think!!) and I hav met loadz of new friends, in fact, none of the friendz that i hang 'bout wif nemore went 2 Sandaig! Oh well, c-ya xoxoxo Luv LiSa
posted by:allan wilson 28 January 2004
allright sandaig i miss u all i hope i wis still there but i am not i am not at bannermann any more
posted by:hannah (ANNETTE) HALL 22 January 2004
posted by:amanda ward 2nd year bannerman 20 January 2004
hiya! how is every1? hope 2 see u'se soon
posted by:dylan b p2b 11 January 2004
Hi i would like to say hello to all my friends.
posted by:Sophie C 9 January 2004
Just saying thanks again for teaching me how to weave.
posted by:Jack Murray 9 January 2004
Hi everybody I hope you got your postcard I sent youfrom Australia. And seeing as it is almost my birthday I will be inviting some of my old friends up to my house. And if there is a new person called Jane I hope you will treat her like you treated me, well bye.
posted by:Hailey+Sophie C 8 January 2004
We gust wanted to say thank you for teaching us to weave
posted by:Susan Paton 8 January 2004
Hello Sandaig,
My name is Susan, i went to Sandaig Primary from 1986 to 1993. I really enjoyed my time there, but it has changed a lot since i was there! My primary 1 teacher was Miss Burke (i can still remember playing in the sand with my friends).
When i left Sandaig i went to Bannerman High School, it was much bigger than Sandaig and i got to make lots of new friends from other primary schools. I am now at Strilng University where i have just finished a very difficult course called Sociology after 4 years! I graduated in June with a 2.1 Honours degree. I am now doing a postgraduate diploma in housing studies - which is also very hard but a lot of fun too.
I really like the website, and i really like reading the poems and looking at the pictures.
Susan xx

posted by:Mrs Kennedy 8 January 2004
Great to hear from all our "old" pupils and our current ones. I'm looking forward to reading more comments. Well done Mr Johnson for your hard work! See you all tomorrow but at least its Friday!
posted by:Jack Murray 7 January 2004
Hi to all my old teachers and friends from Australia
posted by:Nicola Murray 7 January 2004
Just wanted to say hi to everyone from Sydney!it's really hot here (40 degrees)to bad i need to come home to the cold.Hope everyone had a great xmas and new year especially Mrs Hendry and last year's primary 7
posted by:Lauren p6 2 January 2004
hi to all my friends at sandaig. Haveing a pure quality holiday we should have some more often I like going to bed at 1 o'clock in the morrning and geting up at 12 (lunch time)

see ya all soon
p.s. love the snow on the home page ta Mr Johnston.
posted by:Mrs Quinn 1 January 2004
Love your web site. Ms McArthur told me about it and I'm very jealous! Mr Johnston has been working very hard!!!!
Maybe you could come and help us to set up our school web site.
posted by:dylan b p2b 1 January 2004
hi i realy like this website it cool!
and i like the games!
posted by:kirstylee 21 December 2003
hi carla hi ryan hope you are doing well at school and not doing anything bad have to go see ya
love kirstylee
posted by:naomi 21 December 2003
just like 2 say mrs Hendery is the best teacher ever
posted by:naomi 21 December 2003
Hi every1 just like 2 wish u all a very merry christmas.The sing-a-long was great.
se ya after xmas holiday.
posted by:Mrs Burke 20 December 2003
It's great to be on Sandaig's website!! I love the snowflakes. It's great to hear from former pupils as well as children at school just now. I hope everyone has a great Christmas - children, parents and friends of Sandaig.
posted by:Emma barker 19 December 2003
This website is the best.I really like the new game
posted by:Lisa Dearie (ex pupil-S2) 19 December 2003
Hiya! Im in computing listinin 2 music!! Just thought I'd wish every1 a merry chrisrmas and hope every1 gets loadz of prezzies from santa!! Anyway I betta go, byeeeeee
posted by:Rachel*C*(ex pupil) 18 December 2003
hi everybody!
posted by:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 17 December 2003
the games get easyer by the day!!!!!!
posted by:ashley gardner 16 December 2003
am in school just now in business studies listening to music.how are p7 enjoyin blairvadach. i will come in and see you sometime.
Merry christmas
posted by:elizabeth c 11 December 2003
not long too xmas holiday yeees
posted by:Ali 6 December 2003
School is so fab I wish I could live in it.
posted by:Antony. Kelly 6 December 2003
Sandaig is the safest school in the U.K all thanks to our fab head teacher.
posted by:pupils mum 3 December 2003
The website is really good, glad to see some of the pupils taking an interest and adding their own notes. I would like to see a parents section set up giving info to parents.
posted by:Ashley Gardner (S1) 2 December 2003
Hi every one
I really miss every one especially my buddys Jennifer and John. The work at bannerman is pure hard and the teachers are moany to. I will come back and visit if I ever get a chance!
See you soom
posted by:Iain 27 November 2003
Just want to say I love school
posted by:Hailey 27 November 2003
just saying hi this is a cool web site
posted by:amanda p7 7 November 2003
hi my name is amanda and i go to the school and it is very good i like it very muchand i also lke my buddy amybeth
posted by:jolo 1 November 2003
hi my name is jolo you need more games
posted by:Lisa campbell 30 October 2003
who is jitter ??
posted by:Lisa (ex pupil) 30 October 2003
Hey again! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!hope u hav a gr8 time at the sandaig disco, the bannerman ones r so differant! bye bye
posted by:Laura Campbell ( Ex Pupil) 30 October 2003
Hey, Cool Website!! I went to Sandaig all my primary years and it was a great school! i am now in 4th year at Bannerman High, and my brother Francis is now in 1st year. Lisa's still there at sandaig though in primary 5, lucky her. LOL, any ways i just wanted to say hey to all the teachers that i had during my time at sandaig and hey to Ms McArther and Ms Burke. So HEY PEEPS!! Xxx Cya xxX XxxLauraxxX
posted by:samantha cameron 22 October 2003
I just want to say sorry about the coke incident I will come and visit soon and I achieved mrs burks challenge I have had 5 praise slips, doing well at bannerman thanks a bunch for not puting my picture on the internet
posted by:jitter 20 October 2003
de games are easy!!!!!!!!!!!
nice website
from de rank nederland
posted by:Alison Rodger 19 October 2003
I think your web site is great. I was at Sandaig many years ago and I am happy to see Mr Naismith is still there. I hope you find him to be as good a teacher as I did. Keep up the good work
posted by:Karen Sharp p3 16 October 2003
Hi folks,I am having a super HOLIDAY. I like watching cartoonetwork and the power puff girls on TV. I Like the Sandaig website it is wonderful. On October the 26th it is my birthday I can't wait. It is time for me to go now. Bye bye to you all.

posted by:David Duffy 10 October 2003
This website rocks. I like the games but I want more clubs to see. Here we GO!
posted by:antony primary 6 7 October 2003
hi just to thanks to mr johnston for giving us this chance to do this website it is fun and interesting thanks Antony
posted by:scott primary 2b 7 October 2003
hi guys website is great keep up the good work from scott
posted by:jodie sinclair 6 October 2003
Hey this website is cool Sandaig is a great school enjoyed going to Scotland street and the hand writing there was great I loved it
posted by:Ashley Gardner (ex pupil) 21 September 2003
Hi Sandaig!! Missing you all lots, working hard in Bannerman. This website is really good, I was quite surprised to see my egg in the egg decoration(eggs-ucution) I'll pop in for a visit soon, bye xx
posted by:Lisa (again!!) 20 September 2003
im sorry but i thought id better my little sister Nicole (p3), my little cousin Lorna (p6) and my other little cousin Gillian (p2) hope u all are working hard!!
posted by:Lisa Dearie (ex pupil) 20 September 2003
Hi sandaig!! I think should put more things about when i was there (2 years ago), it would be fun to see our old and really fun years at sandaig. Hi to all the (old) and new teachers, especially miss mcarthur, miss burke and not to forget colin. Bye
posted by:P7 20 August 2003
posted by:Mr Weir 11 August 2003
Hello to everyone at the 'pure quality' Sandaig. Hope you all had a great summer. I'll hopefully be visiting soon so i'll see you all then.

Good luck for this year. Hope you enjoy it.

posted by:james c 3 August 2003
schools out for SUMMER
posted by:james c 3 August 2003
this website rocks i like the games but i want more clubs to see
posted by:Mr. Football 27 June 2003
Good score on the football! Come on the Sandaig!
posted by:Jordan K 27 June 2003
Summer holidays are here! FREEDOM!!!
posted by:Jordan Kyle 27 June 2003
The website is getting better, but only three games! GET MORE GAMES ON! NOW!
posted by:Mr. Football 12 June 2003
Well done to the Sandaig Football team for putting in a 'pure quality' performance in the recent end of season festival.

Sandaig 2 - 0 Sunnyside
Sandaig 2 - 0 Garrowhill
Sandaig 3 - 1 Rogerfield (after going 1 - 0 down)
Sandaig 2 - 0 Milncroft

posted by:amanda adair 11 June 2003
this website is very cool but i think you should get more games on
posted by:sarah mclaughlin 9 June 2003
this website is great i go to sandaig its great wooohoooooo
posted by:Laura (ex-pupil) 2 June 2003
Hey this is Laura Viola who use to go to Sandaig but left nearly 5 years ago. I just want to say hi to all the staff especially Ms McArthur and Ms Burke it was a great school and always will be. I miss you all and wish I was still there, so much easier than Secondary. I have just finished my exams and hopefully did okay. I will pop in sometime to say hi
Luv Laura Xx
posted by:?????????????????????????? 17 May 2003
The games are sooooooooooo EASY!
posted by:Jordan Kyle 11 May 2003
This Website is pretty cool. Better hurry up and get more stuff on it! I want to see some STAFF!
posted by:jack 7 May 2003
hi this web site is great from jack primary4


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