On Monday 2 October 2006 Two of last years primary seven pupils, using the names of Thelma and Louise (not their real names) took part in the Be Very Afraid event at Bafta in London.
The pupils were there to represent Radio Sandaig. At very short notice (they only knew about the task the previous Thursday) the girls created a great fictional idea for a podcast to create in London.
The plan was to kidnap Sandy the Sandaig otter and Radio Sandaig and take 'them' to london. This was in revenge for being sent to secondary school.
The girls had a great trip to London and worked really hard all day to produce a brilliant podcast: Be Very Afraid Podcast
They also talked to reporters from newspapers and radio, politicians, teachers pupils and educators from all around the United kingdom.
In case you are worried you can hear what happen to Sandy and Radio Sandiag on the Be Very Afraid Podcast. Click on an image below to start a slideshow.