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Burns Day at Sandaig 2005

On Burn's Day this year Sandaig held their usual celebration. All the class contributed a Scottish Poem or Song and The Primary Sevens told us a lot about the life of Robert Burns.

A piper piped in the haggis and Mr Naismith gave a great 'address to the haggis'
We all went back to our classes and enjoied some haggis, tatties and neeps, followed by Irn Brue and shortbread.

Christopher and Emma from Primary six organised the photos and created the web pages.

Click on the images below to see the fullsize images.

full school

P 4 perform Wild mountain Thyme

sair finger

twa legged mice

twa legged mice

3n mice




address to haggis

stabbing haggis

yum yum, warm reeking rich

piper and haggis

burns , 2 pupils