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Sandaig Keepers, National Poetry Day 6 October 2005

On National Poetry Day 2005 Sandaig Primary Celebrated by writing a Keepers Poem.
The poem was inspired by The Keepers Poetry Project which is inspired by by .
During the last hour of Thursday afternoon, all the children in primary two to seven tried to write a Keepers verse. Some primary seven pupils typed the verses up as fast as they were written, and we added them to our Sandaig Poets weblog class by class.
These are all the 150 verses collected on one page.

On Friday we recorded just a few of the children reading their verses for Radio Sandaig whey you can hear then now!

If you enjoy any of the verses please let the children know by commenting on the entries on the Sandaig Poets weblog.

Primary Seven

I keep the brains.
I keep the jokes in.
Sometimes I shout them out!


I keep a dog
I play with him when he's in
Then I have to take him out.

Emma b

I keep a football,
I keep it out,
Usually I bring it in.

Jack B

I keep dying my hair,
I put the colours in...
And hope my hair doesn't fall out!

Megan M

I keep my brother,
I keep him in...
But when he cries I lift him out.


I keep the cat,
I keep the cat in,
Never should it pounce out!!!!!!


I keep the wisdom,
I keep it in my head ,
Often it explodes out.

I keep the stars,
I keep them in,
Often they twinkle out.


I keep the baby,
I keep she in,
Often he crawls out.

I keep a game,
I keep the markers in,
But often they jump out.


I keep the pond,
I keep the water in,
Often it seeps back out.


I keep a bunny,
I keep it in,
Sometimes it runs out.

Meghan s

I keep a snake,
I keep it in,
Hopefully it doesn't slither out.

I Keep the bells.
I keep the bells in
Often they go ringing out.


I keep the ball,
I keep it out,
Often it comes swirling in.

I keep the quiz book.
I keep the questions in.
Sometimes they slip out.


I keep the speakers,
I keep them plugged in,
But sometimes they boom out!


I have a dog,
I keep him in,
Sometimes he wants to go out!


I keep stickers,
I keep them in a book,
Never will they fall out!

I keep my shoes
I keep them in
They sometimes get out

I keep my hamster
I keep her in,
Sometimes she jumps out


I keep noise,
I keep it in,
But it shouts out!


I keep a monkey,
Often he jumps out,
I try to hold him in.


I keep my pencil
I keep it in but some times
I have to take it out to write

By Kieran

I keep the sea.
I keep its marvellous beauty in.
Every glittering drop I regret I let out.

I keep friends.
I keep my happy thoughts in.
And memory's in time I will let out.


Primary Six

I keep my gameboy with me,
I take it out.
But my teacher tells me to put it in.


I keep my family's love in.
But when I get angry.
It all bursts out.


I keep my teddies cuddly.
I keep my teddies clean.
But somehow they get dirty again.


I keep a cat,
I keep him in,
Some times he whizzes out.


I keep a toy,
I keep it in,
But I know I'll take it out.


I like to keep hair gel,
I always keep it up,
But I hope it never runs out.


I like to keep my hair up,
I make sure nothing gets in,
I keep all the dirt out.


I keep a dog,
I keep the dog in,
But you know it has to go out.


I keep a photo,
I keep the photo in a box,
But I love to take it out.


I keep a total 90 ball,
I keep the ball in a basket,
But sometime I kick it out to play.


I keep a dog,
I keep the dog out of my room,
But sometimes it sneaks in.

I keep the sharks,
I keep them in an aquarium,
But they sometime swift out!

I keep the snake,
I keep them in a tank,
But they always slither out.


I keep my gameboy with me,
I take it out.
But my teacher tells me to put it in.


I keep my Xbox,
I keep the disk in,
But my brother takes the disk out.


I keep a cupboard,
I keep my favourite toys in,
But usually my brother flings them out.


I keep my secrets,
I keep them in,
But I blabber them out!


I kee my pets,
I keep them in,
Occasionally they slip out.


I keep my childhood memories,
I keep them all in,
I never will let them sneak out.


I keep a MP3 player,
I keep it in my room,
But my sister takes it out.

Megan D.

I keep two dogs,
I keep it in,
But sometime I have to take them out.

Megan D

I keep my little sister,
I keep her in my house,
But she has to get out for a walk.

Megan G

I keep the football,
I keep the football under my bed,
But sometimes it rolls out.


I keep the planets,
Nobody should visit them,
But people do all the time.


I keep my toys to myself,
I keep my cuddly cute toys to myself,
I keep them in my sweet home.


I keep a gunnipig,
I keep her in,
Sometimes I need to get her out.


I keep money,
I keep it in,
Sometimes I give it out.


I keep my shoes shiny,
I keep them tidy,
But sometime my big brother messes them up.


I keep my Xbox,
I keep my disks in,
Sometimes I take it out.


I keep my love out,
I keep my hate it.
Never shall I let it slip out.


I keep my goldfish in,
I keep taking it out,
Some times to clean out the tank.


I keep my brother out my room,
In case he plays my Xbox,
But sometimes he creeps in!


I keep my friends in my hand,
I will always feel my friendship inside,
I keep our special secrets together even though I might blurt them out.


I keep my cat Coco,
She has soft black fur,
I keep her in my house,
But sometimes she wants out.


I keep my hair tidy,
I keep my hair high,
But some times it goes whizzing up!


I keep my chewing gum,
I keep it in,
But sometimes it spits out.


I keep a rugby ball,
I keep it under the bed,
It sometimes rolls out.

Rhys F.


Primary Five

I keep a hamster
I keep letting it out,
Occasionally it nibbles it's way in.

I keep the poems.
I keep them in.
Often they slip out.

I keep my painting.
I keep the colour in.
But the brightness hops out.

I keep a pen
I keep the ink in.
Occasionally it all slip's out.

I keep a water bottle.
I keep it in.
Sometimes it comes out.

I keep a hamster
I keep it in
But it bites its way out.

I keep a pet.
I keep it in,
But some times it breaks out.

I keep the clean ball in.
I keep the dirty one out,
Occasionally the dirty one slip's out
Lewis D

I keep a hamster
I keep letting it out,
Occasionally it nibbles it's way in.

I keep playstation games,
I keep the new ones in,
But they usually fall out.
Scott w

I keep a box.
I keep it in,
But it gets back out.

I keep a shiny book.
I keep my shiny book in.
I throw my old book out.
Steven m

I keep a rabbit,
I keep it in,
Sometimes it hops back out.


I keep a PS2,
I keep the game in,
Sometimes it comes out.


I keep the fast car,
I keep the bad car out,
Occasionally the bad car slips back in.


I keep thoughts,
I keep the bad ones out,
Occasionally they slip in.


I keep a dog,
I keep it in,
But it sometimes runs back out.


I keep my cat,
I keep it in,
Unfortunately it slips out.


I keep the games,
I keep the good ones in,
Sometimes people take the bad ones out.


I keep my cars,
I keep them in,
My little sister pulls them out.


I keep the soldiers,
I keep them in,
But sometimes they march out.


I keep a dog,
I keep it in,
Occasionally it might run out.


I keep doing dancing,
I keep my good leg in,
Occasionally the bad leg slips out.


I keep pictures of Orlando Bloom,
I keep the best one in,
And sometimes I take them out.


I keep my dad,
I keep the nice dad in,
I don't let the mad dad out.


I keep my worries,
I keep my tears in,
But occasionally they burst out.


I keep my boots shiny,
I keep the nice ones in,
Usually the bad ones slip out.


I keep a football,
I keep the good one in,
Occasionally it keeps rolling out.


I keep a dog,
I keep it in,
Sometimes it sneaks back out.



Primary Four J

I keep my cat in
But it just pops out
And says Meow!


I keep the ball out of the goal
But it always goes in
I try my hardest to keep it out but it still goes in!


I keep friendship
I keep it inside of me
But sometimes it wriggles out!

I keep happiness
Sometimes it gets out
But most of the time it's in!


I keep secret messages and portraits in my diary
They should stay chained in
Never should they escape!


I keep my toys in the cupboard
But sometimes they get out
It's hard to catch them!

I keep my dog in the house
I let it out
He plays with my toys!


I keep my games in my game box
I keep them clean
I have fun with them!


I keep a dog
I never let it out
Sometimes it gets out!


I keep my bird
Hopefully it won't fly away
If it flies away I will jump up and catch it!


I keep my dog in
But sometimes he annoys me
So I took him to training but he ran away!


I keep the dog in
But it just keeps getting out
Sometimes it gets on to the street!


I keep my scoobies
I keep them in a packet
But sometimes they wizzle back out and I see them dancing!


I keep my dog and my toys
I keep my cat and my snake
I play with them!


I keep my toys
I keep them in the box
But often my brother pulls them back out again and I have to put them back in.

I keep teddies locked up .
I keep memories locked up too.
Never should they get out!

I keep secrets.
I keep diaries
Never should the words pop out!

I keep my dog in.
But sometimes it gets out
But it is hard to get back!

I keep my lightsabers in.
But sometimes they walk back out and start fighting.
I have to stop them!

I keep Sandaig
I keep coming out
But I keep coming in!

I keep the dog out.
But it runs away and
Comes home again!

I keep the soccer in.
I try to keep the goals
Out but the ball just whizzes past!

I keep football boots
I keep them in my bag
And sometimes they run out!


Primary Four S

I keep a pillow
I keep it in
But sometimes the case will let it out.

Jennifer F

I keep a motorbike
I keep it in my garage
But sometimes it tries to drive back out.

Brian J

I keep secrets
I keep a lot
But sometimes they slip back out

Dylan B

I keep my dancing shoes
I keep it in
But sometimes it sneaked back out.

David C

I keep my unfabulous thoughts out.
I keep my good ones in.
Occasionally the good ones slip out.


I keep my secrets
I keep them in my diary
I never let them out

Lisa W

I keep my secrets
I keep them in
But normally run out.


I try to keep my models
I keep having to stand them back up
Often I keep them standing up.

Paul D


Primary Three

I keep the camera
I keep the battries in
But sometimes they run out.


I keep the parrot
I keep the ball in
I keep the parrot out.


I keep the dog
I keep the bone in
The door opens and the dog runs out.


I keep the football boots
I keep the ball in
Often the ball rolls out.

Rhys Walter

I keep the Barbie doll
I keep the dresses in
Sometimes I keep them out.


I keep the tennis ball
I keep the tennis ball in
Sometimes it bounces out.


I keep the xbox
I keep the games in
Often they fight out.


I keep the learning computer
I keep the mouse in
The learning words dance out.


I keep the scoubes
I keep the Chinese staircase in.
My sister usually pulls them out.


I keep the dog
I keep the ball in
My dog goes walking out.

Leigh-Ann Stewart

I keep my cat
I keep my cat food in
My cat even runs out.

Brooke Vans

I keep the doll
I keep the dress in
I leave the hat out.

Kaitlin T

I keep the football
I keep the goalie in
I leave the players out.

Daryn F

I keep the brats doll
I keep the hair in
Sometimes the bobbles fall out!


I keep the dog
I keep the ball in
But sometimes it throws it out!


I keep the football
I keep the boots in
My ball usually runs out!


I keep the guinea pig
I keep the food in
All the time it escapes out!

Taylor- Jay

I keep the teddies
I keep the bowties in
When they get old I put them out!


I keep the brats girl
I keep the Barbie in
Sometimes they get out!


I keep the books
I keep the stories in
Sometimes Gary lets them out!

Maryann Scott

I keep the dog
I keep the dress in
But my dog sits on it!


I keep the hamster
I keep the toys in
I keep the hamster out!


I keep the kitten
I keep the toys
But my little cousin throws them out!



Primary Two

I keep my medals out,
I keep my smile in,
I always like to win.


I keep my lizards,
I keep them in,
Sometimes they get out.

I keep my dollies,
I keep them in my toy box,
Never should they get out.