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This is the weblog of the eco schools committee of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

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    sports hall challenge

    On Thursday we went to sports hall challenge to race other schools to go through to the final.So, we raced other schools to see who got through to the finals. there was 5 schools but one school never came, but we just go on to doing the events. There was some events like javelin ,running hurdle jumps ,and others. We had a great time and we came 3rd but our teacher said as long as we enjoyed our self ! And we were talking about it on the bus on the way back to school and we had fun.by Debbie and Emma,p7

    Litter Picking

    Primary 4 go round all the classes every playtime and lunchtime to tell all the classes how much litter they dropped. Sometimes classes drop litter and some classes don’t. At the end of the week on a Friday the class with no litter dropped gets an extra playtime in the afternoon.

    Trees in the garden

    Digging Hard!

    T J digging and working hard.

    Working hard!

    Planting Seedlings

    We are working hard planting the seedlings. ]]>

    Eco Committee 2008-09

    Here is the new Eco Committee 2008-09


    green flag

    When we heard the news of the green flag we could hear cheering and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
    All over the school even though it is the last week and Mrs Stewart and Mrs Kennedy are (hankies ready) leaving we will remember them forever in sandaig primary.
    As you may have guessed we

    Eco Day

    For the last few weeks we have been trying relay hard to get our eco flag.
    Out in the garden we have been litter picking. We wrote lunes on the garden slabs.
    Me and my partner did our lunes on a really big slab.
    I wrote mine in different colours and after that I decorated some slabs.
    Mr Johnston took lots of pictures of us.
    The day after we wrote our lunes we got the eco flag!

    Here is my lune

    The power flower
    Makes me want a shower
    Under a tower

    Lee ]]>

    Eco action day

    We have some pictures from our eco action day on this movie and the music is from John j i hope you enjoyed the movie and leave a comment. ]]>

    How does our Garden Go

    How does our Garden go is a new picture gallery at Sandaig. Each day one primary six goes to the Sandaig Garden and takes a few photos. They choose one to post to the How does our Garden go gallery.
    Hopefully this will let visitors to our site see how the garden changes through the season and it will also let the children experiment with photography.

    You can leave comments on the photo and let the children know what you think. ]]>