2005 -2006

Flash Walkers

This is the third piece of flash work, again we used a template from SoJo Media
See if you can see how we reused some of the fish! .


Flash Fish

This is the second piece of flash work the children in the computer club have tried.
We used a template from
We have learned more about motion tweens and using layers, see how the fish go infront of some weed and behind others.



The Primary Six computer club has been learning to use flash for animation.
These are the first ones we have produced combining the two main types of annimation in flash, shape tweens and motion tweens.
Clicking on the links below will open the flash movies in a new window. You need the Flash Plugin to see them.
We will be creating some more movies soon.




Dragon Movie

Flash Animations

These animations are made with Macromedia Flash and need the Flash Plugin.
The walking figures use a template from Geoff Dellow's Flash 4 in Schools CD ROM (although we use Flash 5) Check out his inspiring site Multimedia Educational Materials in Flash

Antony Rocket [in a new window]

Cool Dude [in a new window]

Homer By Gary And Grant [in a new window]

Johnny Gary Neo [in a new window]

Johnny Rocket [in a new window]

Lauren Lorna Mr Johnstion [in a new window]

Mummy By Ant And Chris [in a new window]

Vampire Gary [in a new window]


Computer Club 02 03 [in a new window]

Fran Dog [in a new window]

Jordan Shape Tween [in a new window]

Lauren Motion Tween [in a new window]

Lauren Toon

Steffi [in a new window]

Steffi Shape Tween [in a new window]

Stephanie Star [in a new window]