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Ever wondered what happens to the newspapers you take to the paper recycling bins in Tesco? Ever worried how we make sure steel cans don't get mixed up with aluminium cans on their way to be recycled? Or ever been curious about where your recycled plastic bottled go? Well...

In October, as part of our "What a Lot of Rubbish" topic, P3M visited Polmadie. We found out all about how our rubbish is separated and sorted before being recycled. Here are some pictures and some information from our trip that might answer your questions.

Click on the images to see a bigger version and some more information.

On the way

The Trommel

The magnet

The eddy current 1

The eddy current 2

the plastic bottles

The paper

the steel can biscuit bale

the aluminium can biscuit bale

the plastic bottle biscuit bale