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Barlanark: Where We Live

My name is Kimberley and I live in Glasgow,which is a town on the east end of Scotland. I am in primary 6 and I go to Sandaig primary school. I have no sisters or brothers but I live with my Mum, Dad and Gran. We live in a flat in Barlanark. The population of Glasgow is about 600,000.

My mum woks as a team leader in Tesco and my Dad works as a diesel mechanic and there is lots of other jobs but in Glasgow there is no fishing, farmers and other things like that.

Our nearest supermarket is just after Budhill it is 1 miles away. The leisure facilities are very good there is a gum and swimming in Tollcross also in the church there is some clubs and in a hall beside the church there is clubs. A bus runs every couple of minutes and a train every 15 minutes.