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Barlanark: Where We Live

My name is Ashleigh and I live in Barlanark. It is in the west coast of the central low lands. It is in Glasgow. I am in Sandaig Primary school. It has about 190 to 200 children in it. I am in P6. We have Lots of shops and supermarkets. we have chip shops and post offices. There is ten pin bowling. We have some leasure activities as pools. Some main shopping centres are the Forge and the Fort.

There are quite a lot of schools. Glasgow has a population of 60000 people. There is one airport in Glasgow. There are hotels and coffee shops. There is lots of transport like buses and cars and trains. There are cinemas and shopping malls. The shops are not far from where I live. The trains are five minutes away and there is taxes. There are lots of buses. There are lots of houses and there is not a lot but some green grass. There is more in the country side in Scotland.

I have lots of friends. There are lots of people I know and I am friends with. I like living in Glasgow because there is lots of things to do. Transport isn't far away and shops aren't far away as well. It is quite lucky to have every thing around you. There are big buildings and small building. There are parks for kids to play and lots of other things. I like living in Glasgow. Its big and has lots of people and every one is friendly. There is lots of people to make friends with and new people to meet.