Sandaig Primary Six at Glencoe 2006

In April 2006 the primary six class from Sandaig went to Glencoe outdoor Centre for a week.
You can read about what happened in the Glencoe 06 Weblog, and listen to the podcast we made when we came back on the Radio Sandaig page.
We also took a lot of video of the activities, when we got back to class we begain to edit the videos into one movie. It is too big to put onto the website as one movie, so here are small versions of the six parts of the movie.
All the editing was done by children in Primary Six.
Click on a wee picture or link to see the movies, they will open in a new window, QuickTime required.

Glencoe 2006 Part 1

Glencoe 2006 Part 2

Glencoe 2006 Part 3

Glencoe 2006 Part 4

Glencoe 2006 Part 5

Glencoe 2006 Part 6

Glencoe 2006 Part 7