Building a Bridge

Kieran B
Megan G

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Cable stay bridge

On the 11 of October 2005 p6 and p7 went to the science centre. The p7's went straight to building their bridge while we saw a show of how our climate changes. Then we went upstairs. There were so many exciting things to do. My friend and me played with a mega size ear and a cockroach camera and a spin around trick. Oh and don't forget the skeleton bike.

I had loads of fun but then it was time to go and make our bridge. Before we made our bridge we were to sit and talk for a few minutes. There was a big board, which had pictures of things that engineers made and they were shaped in jigsaw pieces and all different kinds of bridges were on it including buildings, homes, skyscrapers and many more.

So Chris started to talk about what kinds of bridges you can get. Then we were finished talking and started to make our bridge and the uprights were already made.

On goes the screws

So all we had to do was make the floor. So bit by bit we clicked the platforms together and clip the chains on to the platforms and the engineers helped us.
When we started we had to put on a hat and a fluorescent jacket and at the end we were aloud to walk on our bridge. The reason we did this is because it was national construction week.
And it would also be fun. It would also be Educational.