Building a Bridge

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National Construction Week

On Tuesday the 11th October primary 6 and 7 went to the Glasgow science centre to meet some civil engineers. We went to the science centre because it was national construction week. When we were there the primary 7's met the engineers first.

At the start

The engineers names were Sibeer, Sinclair, Steven, John and Chris they help us build something for National Construction Week. The thing we built was a bridge called a Cable Stay Bridge.

While p7's built the bridge p6 watched a film called the climate change and how human's are heating up the earth with energy and light. Then when the p7's were done then the p6's went and started to put on hardhats and fluorescent jackets.

Walking Above

After we had our jackets on we split up into two teams. One team at one end and the other team at the other end. To build the bridge we had to attach metal chains to metal floor panels . The metal chains were attached to metal uprights. When each teams got to the middle four people had to put screws in the middle part of the floor. When the bridge was done the engineers let us walk across the bridge. Then we had question time and then we came home.

Megan G